Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Good day??

What a good mood you have today!!!
Some people really have a good mood today.
- One doesn't need to go to work for more than 2 weeks, but still get paid.. ;P Entitled for lots of day off some more...
- One has finished doing their job that were bulky!!! Well done!!
- And another one has won a lottery and I just came back accompanying her from taking the cheque... wow... *btw, thanks for the lunch!! We had lunch at Suki Sushi just now during lunch break.
As for me... there is nothing special today.. haiyah.. I even got more work to do!! Supposed not my responsibility, and now it's becoming mine.. =((
Hm.. congrats for all happy people of having happy things to celebrate.. while me.. I'm happy seeing you all happy too... =) When will my turn come??? hahaha...
Btw, just glance through the calendar. This month, there are 2 public holidays in here. But one falls on Saturday, so no effect at all.. and another one falls on Tuesday.. How nice it will be if government decided that Monday will be off too replacing the off that falls on Saturday!! hahaha.. Daydream la!!! =D Yup, Hari Raya Puasa is coming soon. Now it's time to shop buying new clothes, new shoes, new 'peci', etc. But at the mean time, they have to fast first before celebrating.. and it really need lots of effort to make the fasting fully accomplished. As for me, I don't think I'll be able to fast even only for a day.. All my sickness will come out.. hahaha... Gastric la, flu la.., sore throat la.. etc... So.. those who fast, Jia You!!! You can do it!!! And I can only support you all from afar... =) Good luck!!! Ciao!

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