Thursday, October 05, 2006

My thinkin'

This afternoon my hubby called me and he thinks that he won't take the job 'cos working on sprinkle things, he must climb so high and he is afraid of being in greater height... =(( I thought he will soon be occupied w/ new job and new things to do.. at least situation becomes stable.. but he changed his mind and I can't do anything 'cos he is the one who does the job and not me... Never mind lah.. let him find his way... Hopefully he's getting other things that suit him better.

Today I am in good condition. Mentally and physically good. Still a bit flu, but not as bad as yesterday. Perhaps, a good health is the key of the happiness.. These few days I wasn't feeling very well, that's why I didn't have any good mood to work or do things either..
Today, despite of any things asked, I take it all positively and I might feel different if they asked it few days ago.. =) Think positively!! It's very important!! Again, everything happens for a reason..

Now I'm getting busier at work. More things to do than usual, which would be regular things to do. Take it as learning to the better =D

Btw, I miss my friend back in US very much. Hope that she misses me too.. hahaha.. The time and money spent was all well worthed. Thinkin' of going there again next year.. hahaha.. during X'mas??? Hm.. if there is a fare promotion like what I had last July, perhaps I will consider it =) And this year, Northwest is having a promotion again for flying between October 1, 2006 to February 28, 2007. Hm.. can I?????? =))))) I don't mind taking unpaid leave this time.. hehehehe... 'cos it's been my dream too to feel the atmosphere of X'mas in US *too bad they don't have snow back in LA. Maybe I can ask her to take leave and bring me to Canada??? I'm sure there is snow over there during winter time... kekekekeke..... Aiyah, stop daydreaming.. see how first la.. Hopefully monetary wise, I still have enough to live.. and if I have more.. then can consider lor.... =D

Ok, ok.. now back to work... hehehehe... still got work to do... Ciao!

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