Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nice day

today feel so happy..
first, my boss approved my leave for next week...Im going to my friend's wedding
We're planning to go to SF first since its only 1 hour away from SF..so we'll stay in SF 1 night, then on Sunday going for the wedding reception.
I just cant wait to eat the crab...its sooo good....nyummy...
Anyway, today was not really that busy at the end of day...managed to finish up inventory, even thought still not in excel report yet, but at least i catch up with the documents already..
And the final nice thing happen is when I got home...I got a present..a nice short poem and nice pics, nice shirt, and bookmarker!!
God how much I love those...thanks a lot!!! mucahh
I straight away use the bookmarker and put the pics and put on the new shirt and hat...hehehe
Miss the happy happy times..=(
but memories are memories..just treasure the memories, and pray to God that it wont be memories only, but like dream come true? hehehehe

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