Wednesday, October 18, 2006

O2 Atom

Yesterday nite my sis-in-law, who works at handphone's shop, smsed me that somebody sold his O2 Atom and asked me whether I want to buy it or not 'cos last time I mentioned it to her that I have interest of buying it - a second one - 'cos buying new is bery3x expensive. She told me the price is very very good. She brought it home last nite but only this morning I got a chance to check it out and so far the function was ok (perhaps b'cos it's empty inside, not downloaded w/ anything yet). Then this morning I checked the users' reviews from the internet and on average, the score was given only 5.3 out of 10, and lots of users complained about it. Mainly, first, the camera is not good although it was said the spec is 2 Megapixels. Second, the voice to listen radio and mp3 is very soft. Third, it works slow and often hang. Forth, the stylus is very soft and many users spoilt it at their first day of using (bad quality), and most reviews said that the after sales support was damned dissapointed!!! To upgrade the memory, you need to pay an additional amount of money, which is not cheap.
Lucky I did some research before deciding to buy or not. Can say that.. the price is very attractive.. but.. lots of users regreted of buying the models and the phone only gave them headache and heartache (the price was about $1.3k when they first launched it out). So... I've decided not to buy it.. hehehe.. and even to tell others not to buy it as well.. =P
You can read the review by yourself if you're interested on it:,39001703,39095540p,00.htm
I'm still loving my current mobile very much... =) It functions very well and so far never gimme any trouble... 'cos it was bought w/ loves.. hehehehe.... XD and used w/ loves too.. XD
Few days to Deepavali & Hari Raya. How time flies... Well.. half an hour to go for lunch.. hehehe.. cya....

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