Thursday, October 12, 2006

This week

Sleepyyyyzzzzz..... Hehehe.. This week goes very slow. Everyday the hour walks soo... slow... really different with what I felt last week.. why ah???? *hem... (thinking...)
Btw today is my bro-in-law b'day.. Hepi B'day!!! *I don't think he reads my blog anyway.. hahahhaa... Tomorrow I plan to have a dinner w/ my 3rd sis @Bugis. She said the Thai food next to Burger King is nice. I've never tried it before, and perhaps we can eat there tomorrow nite. It's been some time since I met her out for lunch/dinner outside 'cos she is also busy working at the airport *She works w/ STB (Singapore Tourism Board) and she also brings local group tour sometimes. It's been her vocation since she was young *and still young, though.. hehehe...
I have no plan at the moment to spend my Saturday, but on Sunday afternoon, I might go out to visit my friend. She will celebrate her baby girl's one month's b'day (or man yue in Chinese).
The rest of the time.. I may spend it in my room sleeping OR going out somewhere.. hehehe... OR makan.. OR anything.. see how my mood is.
See? Thinking like very slow the time walks by.. It's only 10.21am now!!! =(((( Still a long way to go to 6.15pm.. hahahaha.... haiyahhhhhhhh...... after writing this.. I still can't get rid of my sleepiness.... hiks hiks hiks... Ciao!!!

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