Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Today is Wednesday!
Yesterday was Tuesday and all Muslims were celebrating Hari Raya Idul Fitri. I like to see them walking together, wearing the same colour of baju Kurung between mom and sisters, also between dad and brothers. I like to see this type of atmosphere. Even in Indonesia, I seldom see it, 'cos I live in the big city and days before Hari Raya itself, they already went back to their hometown and celebrate the Hari Raya there w/ their families.
In S'pore, the group of people will take a car, van, lorry, or taxi to go together from one place to another. Too bad I couldn't have a chance to browse around Geylang Serai this year 'cos you can see the crowds, the atmosphere, the joyful of people to shop for their things. Hope that I still can see it next round. =)
Few years ago, my colleague made her own biscuit and brought it to the office for me to share w/ other colleagues.. This year, nobody is giving any biscuits to eat... hahahahaha... too bad... 'cos I like to eat home made biscuits rather than buying it on the shelf.
Aniwae, two more days.. is payday.. XD Recently the money usage is quite tight and I have really used up my last month's salary this month.. hiks... while there is still another week to go for this month.. *sigh.... Must endure... hahahaha....
K'lah.. Selamat Hari Raya for those who celebrate and Happy Deepavali too (hope it'll never too late.. =)). Ciao!

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