Friday, December 15, 2006

Bul-bor ~ New Year 2007

New year is about 2 weeks to come... Is it too early for me to fill up the following bul-bor below???? Hope not... =D

In the year 2007, you will be turningwhat age?
*Hm... still 20+++!! kekekekekeke..... XP

in what month?

How do you feel about turning that age?
*Hm.. I feel like.. I'm still the same.. unlike other people in my age, who has been more successful w/ their career.. Anyway.. different people has different choice on how to live a life.. so this is my life and I don't feel ashamed w/ my life at all...


Do you want to...Lose weight?
*Lose weight is not the right thing to say.. perhaps maintaining what I have now would be more reasonable.. =)

Excercise more?
*My ankle and leg are painful these past few weeks.. perhaps b'cos I walk too much from home to home.. so.. I don't think I'll do more exercise nxt year.. somemore.. I always lazy to exercise.. hehehe...

Get a better job?
*No plan at the moment.. But as time changes... things may change too.. environment might be different... and it may change my current decision... =D

Go to school/college?
*Yup.. continue the part that I've stopped.. just for fun and make myself busy ;P

Quit smoking?
*Hm.. I'm not smoker...

Quit Drinking?
*Errr.. someone asked me not to drink beer too much.. but my feeling might be the same when I asked all the smoker to stop smoking =)


Have any other resolution?Or No resolution?
*Haven't thought about it yet.. but I guess I'll have one.


Are you going to:
Get married?
*For a second time??? XP

Have a baby?
*I really wish that I could have another one.. but it depends on lots of things... :(

Buy a house?

Move out on your own?
*Hehehe.. can I?

Graduate from school?
*Still a long way to go...

See your child graduate
*Graduate from K1? =P

Any other major things going on?
*No plan on major things at the moment.. But I'm a very impulsive person.. so.. who knows something may happen next year..


And Lastly...
Do you have any hopes for 2007?
*I guess everyone has new hopes in every new year..

What are they?
*I hope everyone can go through the difficult year next year w/ all ups and downs.. and blessed w/ good health and always full of love =)

Anything you want to declare about 2007?
*Not at the moment...

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