Sunday, December 30, 2007

2 more days to New Year 2008

Wah... time flies... really fast!!! Another year has gone... In just two days, the year has changed into 2008. Calendar is changed... organizer is changed... Hmmhh...
Year 2007
It's been the year, in which I traveled most. I've fulfilled my wishes to have holidays in Japan, a country that I went before when I was only 11 year old.. then to Bangkok, the near country that I'd never been to before that... I also had been given a chance to have holiday w/ my both parents in ancient country, China, whereby we went to join the 13th time gathering for all people w/ Zhong clan, and I went to few places that I'd never been to before, such as Fu zhou, Mei zhou, Cong Qing, Wu Han, seen the Three Gorges Dam, and most importantly.. to the hometown of my ancestors.. from both parents' sides.. My grandfather's house from mother side and my great grandparents village from my father's side. I really want to thank God for all the chances given. And this year, I've even traveled to Hong Kong twice.. thanks for my 2nd sis who has allowed me to stay in her house and accompanied me during my whole stay there.. I also had a chance to Macao, the place I'd never been too.. wah.. so many places I'd gone this year.. I really love to see new place.. new country.. still few places in mind though... but no money, time and chance yet...
I've been changing job too this year.. and now going through hard time adapting w/ new job. I don't know if I can survive long in this line... Haiz.... Really 'xing ku'...
I'm sleepy now.. still can't think much.. but that's what I felt just now... Just want to thank God for what I've been given...
Btw, today it's my first time to go back to work on Saturday... 'cos we need to finish our works for month end report... And after that I met my hubby and son, then w/ all my kuku n cousins, also my cousins' friend and her sister at AMK MRT. We went to eat dinner.. steamboat.. yeahhhh.. hehehe.. So good.. The weather was cool too.. The place was so crowded.. so we had to sit separately into two groups.. so.. younger one sat together, while older one sat at one side.. hehehe... So great! I bought durian ice potong after that.. hahahhaa....
Otw to bus stop, we stopped by at Bossini.. They were having GREAT sale!!! The t-shirt is sold for only $6.40.. I bought 3 tshirts.. and it costs less that 20 bucks! What a great deal! My hubby also bought 2 shirts... They also bought some shirts.. hehehe..
Ok la.. gotta sleep now.. 12 am plus liao... Good nite.. Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry X'mas 2007

Yeyyy!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
I had a great time on X'mas eve.. together w/ my ex-colleagues who are currently still working at my previous working place. Before that.. at work.. we had lunch @Finance office.. They prepared pizza n pasta from California Pizza Kitchen, sandwiches from Subway, and turkey from the goodies' house. We ate until very full.... Then exchange gift began.. followed w/ choosing the Best Performance Staff for Quarter 4, and the welfare coordinator for 2008. Don't worry, I was not listed a single name... hehehe.. but my 2 colleagues did... The FC and Accountant gave us X'mas present, and so did my CC.. nice pin.. right for my hair.. hehehe... Thanks all!
We finished at 2.30pm and I went back home at 3pm. Then packed my bag, went out again... this time to Fairmont Singapore, previously Raffles The Plaza. I met my friends in the room. Nice view, high floor... but too bad.. no fireworks at all... Haiz..... We chit chat while waiting for other 2 friends. We went down to Marketplace buying some food for our dinner.. 4 different soups from Soup Spoon, Bratwurst, sushi, salad, etc. We ate inside the room. Just nice, the 2 friends came so we had our dinner together... followed by photo session.. gift exchange.. played cards... drink session.. and countdown... but no fireworks lor.. too bad...

Enjoy some pics below...

One of friends shared her feelings w/ us related to Christmas.. a bit sad though... then... at 2am, half friends went back home.. I 'tumpang' staying in the room.. left 3 of us... Watched the Mission Impossible 3 from HBO before sleeping.. while my friend had a bath tub at 2.30am in the morning!!! Hahaha.... We slept at about 3.30am and woke up this morning at 9. Then my turn to have a bath tub.. hahaha... We had breakfast at Din Tai Fung at 11am and checked out at 12pm.
Now I'm at home. In a while, I'm going to Bishan to meet my relatives who are coming from Jakarta... Well.. gotta prepare myself soon... Merry X'mas everyoneeee....

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Busy days

Have been busy recently... Hm.. continuing from 19th Dec... After work... purchasing and CC staffs went out together - actually we 'tumpang' the purchasing manager's car - to Downtown East. The multi-storey car park has been done and it really changes the Downtown East's appearance from outside. If you've not been there for quite some time.. you might not be able to recognize the place anymore... They're going to build the cinema too beside the area...
We reached there at about 7pm 'cos the PM has turned to the wrong exit so he has to go another way round to reach the place. They rented 2 rooms and both were located at 2nd floor. We put our bags there and went down looking for food as we were quite hungry liao... They also catered some food from catering provider beside having the BBQ stuffs. We ate the food from catering and at the same time eating the chicken wing, bbq shrimp, fish ball, cheese sausages, sotong w/ chilli, fish w/ chilli, sweet potatoes, satay, etc. The shrimps were very fresh and nice.. I ate quite lots of it... Chicken wing was also nice... waah... I didn't know how much I've eaten liao... plus 2 cans of Carlsberg. Then I helped up bbq-ing the food lorrr... took turn mah... at the same time I got to know some other staffs from finance and catering sales. The weather was cooling.. and in the middle of the session, it was raining too.. so we moved out to the sheltered area temporarily until it stopped then continuing our makan and chit chat session again. Someone brought the Absolute Pears too.. so I took 2 cups of it mixed lil' bit w/ Sprite.. hm..... hehehehhee....
I went back at 10.30pm, not too late.. and reached home about 11.30pm. Not bad la... at least I can get to know some people closer.

20th Dec, Hari Raya Haji. It's a public holiday in Singapore.. I was at home and went out at 2pm. Like what I wrote in previous blog, I met my friend. But instead of meeting him in the hospital or his rented apartment, we met up at the Centre Point, Orchard. He said his parents and parents-in-law were going to buy some presents for the doctors.. so we met up there lor... My friend, Yenti, also came together w/ her sister. We chat for a while before going back home...

Friday.. work like usual... After work, I went to AMK Hub to walk around before went back home. Oh ya.. I had lunch on Friday w/ Shelly. She was calling me and saying that she'd go to Orchard and just nice.. we were having our lunch @Subway in my working place area. We chat while eating and she passed me a ginger bread man chocolate and x'mas tree chocolate for Reever.. Thanks, Shelly... And I told her that I would like to go to Batam in January and want to have facial there.. then she offered to do facial for me as she has learnt on how to do it some times ago.. So... yesterday, she came to my house and did the facial to me using the all things brought by her.. wow... it was really comfortable. She took out the dead skin from my face. Cleaned all over my face. She mixed the ingredients for mask and did it on my face.. Kinda interesting that making me want to learn.. but after she took out sooo many stuffs from her bag... I think twice.. hahahahhahaa....... 'cos I'm not that passionate and lazy too.... hahahahaha.... After facial, we went out to Bugis to pray @Kwan Im temple, then having a walk at OG. My son was having his good time browsing around all his favourite toys. Shelly walked around by herself. Once she's done, she met us around.. and not long after that she went back home to meet her hubby... Again, thanks Shelly!

My son and I had dinner after that. At first, I was craving for my char kway teow.. and we went to the nearby hawker center, hoping that there will be char kway teow shops opened. Later, I found out that one shop was not opened, while the other shop.. we had to wait for half an hour for ordering it.. so.. forget it... we went to Malay shop then.. I had soto beehoon while my son was having Malay chicken rice.

We walked again to Bugis Junction. We went up to toys department. He looked at his stuffs, and I looked at my stuffs... We went down to B1... to see the new look of it.. They renovated the B1 area some time ago.. and once we went out from the lift.. I almost couldn't recognize the place... Must take some time to adapt w/ the place... really big change. The Crystal Jade restaurant and bakery was not there anymore and has been replaced w/ Popular book shop. Kinda weird though... The Jollybean has moved out and been replaced w/ CDs shop. Many changes la..... More restaurants and new food stalls...
We browsed around until 9pm then took bus home...

Oh ya.. if you ever read my blog few months ago, I ever mentioned my friend from Swiss, Maurizio and Vivian who came down to Singapore beginning of this year... He called me 2 days ago.. and u know wad? He told me that he has become a father.. wow... what a great and surprising news!!! 'cos when they were here.. we were still talking about it.. and she was not pregnant yet... then he told me that the baby was coming premature.. and weighed only 1.4 kg plus... and still have to stay inside incubator in the hospital for 6 weeks more. His wife got complications during her pregnancy and she has to stay in hospital for 2 months until the baby has to come out. There were critical moments too, according him, that they almost lost their baby, but finally everything has over and both mom and baby are fine. It's a baby boy... Congratulations for both of them!!! Really great news!!!
Well.. I really hope my friends and sisters can also get pregnant really soon... Hope everything will go smoothly...

*Little update from today (1st March 2008). Maurizio has sent me an email about two weeks ago and sent me his son's pic. Just want to share his happiness here... This is what he's written:
Greetings from Zurich!
We are proud to announce the birth of our son: Kai Benjamin Fritschi!
He was born on December 19th, weighing 1.45 kg (3.2 lbs) and measuring 37.5 cm (14.7 inches), After a one month stay in the hospital, we are
thrilled that he is doing great and is now home with us.

Warmest wishes to you,
Vivian and Maurizio

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I'm very tired now.. Lack of sleep, I guess.. plus worked hard today.. kept looking at the invoice.. and.. the kopi ping I drank and Ferrero Rocher that I took as a snack... now my brain is very tired.. but can't sleep that type of feeling...
Tomorrow there will be X'mas celebration for Finance and Sales dept.. and will be held outside the hotel.. which is in Costa Sands Resort.. I guess.. hahaha... @Pasir Ris... after work.. Dun need to bring anything as all food and drink will be provided.. *wonder.. if there will be any alcoholic drink like we used to prepare in previous company... kekeke... From what I've seen these past 3 weeks.. the whole finance team is not as great as the one from my previous company. Seems like.. there were big barriers among the staffs.. like different groups under 1 department... haizzz..... Dunno leh.. I don't think they are as friendly as my previous colleagues... but maybe I just dunno about them yet.. who knows oh???
Before I forgot.. I just want to share here.. the conversation that I had w/ my son.. 2 days ago before both of us went to sleep... I had turned off the light.. and ready to sleep.. suddenly my son told me something... "Yi hou oh... wo jiu zhuo baba... Britney jiu zhuo mama.. xiang ni yi yang..." - translation in English... "Later oh.. I will become a father, and my friend, Britney, will become a mother, same like you..." I was stunned hearing what he said... then I asked him.. "Why did you say that??? Do you like her???" He said.. "Yes... I like her.." I asked him again.. "but, did she like you???" and he confidently replied.. "Yes... She likes to play w/ me.. always follows me wherever I go..." Then I remembered.. previously he drew a boy and a girl w/ a rainbow... I thought he drew me and him.. but when I asked, he said, it was him and Britney.. and he's going to give the picture to her... OMG!!! 5 years old boy has already the feeling of liking the opposite sex... ckckck... I really wonder how old will he get married one day.. hahahahahhaa......

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hah hah...

Smell my mouth??? Sooo smellyyy.. hahahaha.. 'cos I just ate 'petai', or 'chou dou' in Chinese... or.. smelly beans in English.. It's been some time since my mother-in-law cooked it.. She knows what my favourite foods are... smelly beans are one of them.. then.. tempeh cooked w/ chillies are another one.. hehehe.... But today.. she cooked smelly beans.. hm.. nyummy....
Guess wad? We had X'mas celebration in the hotel. The staff must bring the gift in order to be able to participate in gift exchange. I forgot that today is the day.. so my 2 colleagues and I went to buy the gift during lunch time. Three of us chose to buy chocolates and candies for the gift... And in return.. I got back a small box of Ferrero Rocher.. not bad la.. at least I got something that I like... hehehe... Then u know wad??? I got the lucky draw!!! 2 bottles of Jacob's Creek Chardonnay white wine.. hm.... delicious... and my other colleagues got 2 bottles of Jacob's Creek Cabernet Sauvignon red wine.. We plan to exchange a bottle so each of us would get a bottle of red and white wine... kekeke.... Lucky lucky... as both of us were considered new staffs there.. hehehe... *See pic below

The food served was not bad. There were crispy wonton, spring roll, fried beehoon, turkey w/ 'i forgot the sauce name', fried soft shell crab, turkey ham, various of cakes and fruits.. nyummy... I ate little bit each.. but made me feeling very full...
After work, I met up w/ Alice, my primary and elementary school friend who came to Singapore w/ her hubby. I asked Aileen to join us.. so.. four of us met together. We had dinner @Food Republic. But since I still felt quite full, so I just bought drink for myself. We chatted 'til 9pm then went back home.
Reached home, I saw the smelly beans on the table... Although I was still full.. I still scooped out the rice and ate my favourite food.. hahahaha.. plus a very nice soup, also made by my mother-in-law.. hehehe...
Btw.. today my friend called me.. saying that one of my elementary school friend is here.. His wife just gave birth to a boy.. but just few.. weeks? or days? after that.. doctor found out that there was something wrong w/ his heart.. so now they brought the baby to Singapore to get the operation and treatment. The whole family members are here.. and my friend told me that they look very stressful.. and she asked me to visit them to give the moral support to them.. Since Thursday is a public holiday, I've told her that we're going to visit them on that day lor.. I also asked one of my friend who knows him.. to visit the family... Well.. just hope the baby is strong enough and will be able to survive!!!
Other than that.. I also received a good news.. my high school friend, who just got married in Feb.. has given birth to twin babies.. both are girls.. wow.... She is exhausting now taking care both babies.. but really.. great luck to you friend!!! Wish you all the best.. hehehe... proud mom of twin babies..
Well.. going to sleep now.. it's 11pm right now... Good nite everyone.. hah hah.. *smell my mouth again.. hahahahahahhaha.....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another dreams came true...

Hehehehehehehe.... Finally we've made it! We walked along the Orchard road yesterday nite.. Weather was cool.. a bit rain.. but it stopped after a while. Very crowded... and fun! :)


And after the walk, we had the Taiwanese shaved ice mango, strawberry, and kiwi completed w/ mango sorbet @Plaza Singapura. Hm.... very niceeeee..... U must try it too....

And today... I met up w/ my elementary school mates @Raffles city. Lili came from Jakarta for few days.. Yenti and Aileen spare their time to meet up..

After meeting them.. my hubby went meeting me after his work.. We went to Suntec lorrr.. buying my feather pillow @Muji.. hehehe... so starting tonight, my baobei won't fight w/ me over the pillow anymore.. hahaha..... Love you baobei.. muachhh.....

Friday, December 07, 2007

Beautiful Christmas @Orchard Road

I took bus from my working place to Dobhy Ghaut MRT after work.. It was 7.30pm at night. Lights have decorated the night along the Orchard Road. It was really beautiful and peaceful.. Really want to walk the whole stretch and take pictures in every beautiful view... ^^ Time will come.. and I will walk w/ my loved one... together...
IN MY DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Have you ever loved someone so deeply??

Now watching Ch. 8 series at 9pm. Just now I heard the word asking.. have you ever loved someone so deeply? That you let yourself bruised badly while make the other party live happily??? Perhaps.. that's what people said what a real love is..

If you love someone.. u'd better let them free....

Just want to record what I feel about love...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Just checked the big sweep - bought by my father.. from his previous winning money.. and found out that he won 60 bucks this time.. again, the last 3 digits, but this time, 2 sets.. 111 and 888.. huahahhaa... actually my birthday were there too.. 239 and 978.. but too bad I didn't choose those numbers 'cos I don't believe if I have this type of luck...
Still happy 'cos normally I never won this type of bet.. haihiahiahiaia..

Working wise.. it's been 2nd week and exactly 8th day of working days.... kekeke... well.. still lots of things to do and catch up.. We still lack of people.. that's why we still can't catch so many things.. the -Mahakita- store uncle has gone MIA since Monday and my other colleague has to cover his post.. and now he is on course, and worst, tomorrow the receiving uncle will go on leave, left me and A to work.. and she has asked me to do the receiving!!! OMG!!! Can't imagine myself would be so nervous facing so many guys waiting for me... kekeke.... I can imagine myself sweating.. in the hot air.. hopefully tomorrow will rain too so that it won't be THAT hot.. hehehe..

I just can say two words to myself... JIA YOU!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

3rd day of work

Hahaha... today is worst.. I really come at the wrong time.. I supposed to start on 1st Dec, oh? 'cos end of the month, is closing time for accounts people... and since I'm in CC dept, I have lots of things to do too.. This morning, I followed my colleague to do stock take - the beverage. We went to 8 places.. Good thing is.. I know the place better... at least I know what are the main locations for those restaurants, kitchen, bar, lounge club, etc. And I got to know more people too.. but too bad, I am bad in memorizing people's names... If only little bit ok la.. but there are over 400 staffs there.. I can't possibly remembering their names one by one.. Well.. time will tell la.. hehehe.. but seems that I don't have any interest to know so many people's name there.. so.. who cares la... ;P

It's my first time to join the Hotel's updates. It is almost the same w/ what my previous hotel does.. But it's a join event for celebrating birthday, award presentation, hotel updates, etc etc... They have also introduced the newcomers. There were total over 30 new staffs for this month.. including me. We were asked to go up on stage to 'show off' to other old staffs.

From here, I got to know the GM and EAMs of the hotel too.. hahaha.. Funny thing is.. I often saw this old man in the hotel area.. I thought he was just someone who works nearby the hotel.. and I found out that he is our GM.. kekekeke.... don't have GM's look.. hahahahahhaa.. ssshhhh...... don't tell him ya... ;p

The hotel has nominated lots of staffs for employee of the quarter, from front, back, and management level. Kekeke.. the winner will get hotel stay, cert, and $200 cash.. not bad ya.. but too bad.. I don't think I will be one of them in the future... kekeke...

Well.. guess what? Today I finished at 11.20pm.. and reach home 11.45pm. Now 12.45am liao.. gotta sleep now... Bye byeeee

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

2nd day of work

Haiz... I still can't find out what is the good thing working in this place.. Maybe time will tell.. but from the moment I started.. until today.. I still doubt that the things will get much better than what I encounter.

Today I went out and back from hotel to warehouse in Kaki Bukit for 4 times!!! Went through the same route over and over again... to deliver the stupid mooncake boxes... I'll think twice when I buy the mooncake next year.. kekeke...

Then they have HL Dinner and Dance tonite. The hotel has reserved 2 tables for the dept I work, but since it's just my 2nd day there.. they don't know me and I wasn't invited.. kekeke... and I guess they have occupied all seats.. so.. who cares la... But I managed to meet two of my ex-colleagues who each of them work w/in the same hotel group. There was one more but he didn't come.
I finished working at 8pm... Never I go home that late when I worked in my previous place.. and this is only my 2nd day... haiz.....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Looks like disaster is coming... When I looked at my face in the mirror, I could see little dots spread out in my forehead.. and some other part as well.. Still can't confirm if it's chicken pox yet.. but I can see it coming into my way.. hiks hiks.. see how it goes tomorrow morning...

Today is my first day working in a new place. If I compare it w/ my previous working place.. my last place was definitely in much better condition than this one..

Yeah.. this hotel has been there for about 27 years so can't expect so much la.. Also located in prime area so the place was quite small. Finance office is located at 4th floor.. very very small.... Lucky I was not placed there.. yet...

My office is in the 1st floor, near receiving area. Not good in feng shui as my chair facing back the door.. unlike my previous table.. kekeke.. Haiz.. can't expect much la.. Just take it as work purpose only.. don't think I will enjoy it as I enjoy my previous place.. The colleagues.. the environment.. the canteen food... haiz.... My first impression was not so good.. some more I feel worry about the upcoming chicken pox.. - not confirmed yet though... Oklah.. gonna take a rest.. very tired wearing shoes almost whole day... Ciao!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

APB yeahhhh...

Just returned back from APB... hehehe.. so fun... =) More people got high... hahaha.. including me... This time.. it's getting more fun.. cos it's held after 6pm. We reached there about 6.50pm then we went for the tour.. after that we went into the Tavern.. our favourite place.. hahahahahaha
I think I drank 5 glass of Heineken, 1 glass of Erdinger, and 1 glass of Tiger Beer.. and it made me quite high too.. especially when we were entertained by our new coming staff, May, from Myanmar.. She was the reason that made me laugh a lot that nite. We played 5, 10, and funny thing was that.. she was laughing happily.. when she lost.. and she didn't know if she lost.. she thought she was winning.. hahahaha,,
Managed to reach home at about 11pm.. going to sleep soon.. byeeee

Monday, November 19, 2007

Another nightmare has begun...

Err.. I thought everything will be alright after 2 weeks... I thought after Reever has recovered, everything will go back to normal.. who knows.. my hubby started to have fever last Saturday and kept continuing and even worst on Sunday night.. I could see the small bubbly things appeared in my hubby's face and bodies... He then decided to see the 24-hour doctor nearby our house.. and then the doctor confirmed that he was caught chicken pox...

Hiks.... My hubby was very sad and worried.. I could see from his eyes.. that the nightmare would have just started... For 2 weeks he is going to suffer staying inside the room, eating only pork porridge, drinking medicine every few hours, and applying the medicine on his dots everywhere..

This afternoon he called me saying that more blisters coming out.. and I witnessed it myself once I came back from office. Wow, it really gets worse!!! Lots of red dots in his face, bodies, hands, legs, etc.. and the most irritating ones were on top of his head. He said it was really damned itchy and he really wanted to scratch his head badly...

Haiz... I just hope after two weeks.. everything will be fine again.. Laogong, jia you!!!! Get well soon ya!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

iPod touch

Yeahhhh... when I went back home, I saw my hubby trying hard to turn on his iPod touch... hahahhaa.... He got it free after signing 24 months contract w/ SingNet and I can use it too now.. hahaha... Just now I downloaded the iTunes and sync all songs inside my laptop to this iPod. Still not so clear on how to use this thing.. but I feel very great mannn!!! It's been such a long time I dream to have this gadget.. but I never buy it 'cos I think it's too expensive! Some more I can use my handphone just to listen to my song collections.. But after I listened to the songs... WOW!!! the song qualities are DAMN GOOD man!!! Maybe I'm 'suaku' la.. hahahaha.. anyway.. I'm very happy with it.... ^^
And today is FRIDAY!! Yipeeeeeee........... Everything goes well in office - so far so good.. but no luck in new job yet.. So.. if you got any 'lobang', don't paiseh to inform me.. ok? hahahahaha...
Oklah.. gotta try some other features in it... Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back to work

This morning, I went to work again... to my old place.. my palace... My seat cushions were waiting for the owner to sit... *eeee... eerie...... =D The place was quite messy.. I reached office at about 10.45am then prepared the working area and the laptop (my boss one, 'cos Secretary's computer was borrowed for the MC's training).

I started to arrange things around me. Lots of things were messy.. I saw lots of paper.. dunno what she wanted to do w/ it.. just put it like that.. haiz....

I had 'Deepavali's day' food for lunch, which doesn't suit me very much.. but ok lah.. still could fill my stomach. I felt like dreaming when I was there.. seemed like flying.. my mind.. everything.. People popped me out the common question, "hey, you're back!!", whenever they saw me. Really dunno how to react in different way. My 'auntie' also visited me today.. making my back really pains siahhh..... It's been some time since I sat on the seat for long hours... hehehe... Just now my hubby helped me massaging my back and rubbed it w/ super boost dragon balm for shoulder and neck.. very good.. hehehehe.. thank you my dear Laogong...

Ok lah.. quite tired now.. gotta eat my vitamin first before getting a sleep... Write again some other time.. byeee

Friday, November 09, 2007

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali for those who celebrated... =)
In the morning, I went to Chinatown and met up w/ Shelly, her mom, and her hubby for dim sum. Shelly said she seldom go to Chinatown, and seldom eat dim sum too because her hubby doesn't like dim sum. I was little bit stunned... 'cos I thought almost everyone loves dim sum, especially her hubby is Chinese.. but then she told me that he used to eat fishes since young - he lived in island where fishes are the main food there - then.. I understand lor... ^^
When we ate, he really ate very little. He just took spring rolls and 2 cups of tea. Lucky my hubby is a good eater.. that's why also I married w/ him. Hahahahahahahhaa..... =D
They ate very little... I felt a bit weird, 'cos normally that should be portions for two instead of four.. hahaha... so a bit not used to it.. but oklah.. the most important thing is that I could finally meet Shelly again.. Although we keep in touch through email and phone call/sms, we seldom meet leh.. I think the last time we met.. about 1-2 years ago? I couldn't even remember when.. hahaha....
After makan, I met my hubby at Plaza Singapura. We met there and walked around lor... Had Pasta mania for lunch.. hm.. my favourite place for pasta and pizza... =) then we shopped things lor before going back home.
At night my hubby made laksa for me. His mom and sis were craving for laksa, so they prepared and cooked laksa for menu of the day... hehehe... and since they still have lots of noodle, today we're going to cook another menu of the day, which is either fried hokkien mee or prawn noodle. Both use the same ingredients.. we'll just be flexible w/ it.. hehehe.. Little bit hungry now.. but haven't done anything leh.. only a very fragrant prawn soup available.. kekeke...
Oklah.. write 'til here first... bye bye...

Monday, November 05, 2007


I joined the above recently after receiving few invitations from my friends hehehe.... So I'm one of the members now. Not bad la.. They have many cute applications that I could play with.. Met number of friends as well.. I can decorate my rooms and have an aquarium virtually, don't u think that's great? Hehehe...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

How Can I Not Love You

by Babyface

Can not touch
Can not hold
Can not be together

Can not love
Can not kiss
Can not have each other

Must be strong,
and we must let go
Can not say
what our hearts must know

How can I not love you
What do I tell my heart
When do I not want you
Here in my arms

How does one waltz away
From all the memories
How do I not miss you
When you are gone

Can not dream
Can not share
Sweet and tender moments

Can not feel
How we feel
Must pretend its over

Must be brave,
and we must go on
Must not say,
what weve known all along

Must be brave,
and we must be strong
Can not say,
what weve known all along

Chicken pox et BBQ

This morning when we went out for breakfast, I noticed that there was something wrong w/ my son's skin. There were red things filled w/ water in his neck and some other red things in his head. Then I suddenly thought of chicken pox.

My hubby asked me to check his body. I immediately opened his clothes front and back and noticed that there were few red things there and he was confirmed having chicken pox after seeing the doctor.

Haiya...... He ended up couldn't join the BBQ and the swimming session that we planned before. I almost canceled my trip as well.. but after that.. I finally decided to still go on w/ the BBQ.

The BBQ was actually held by my ex-company, Finance department. They invited me to go along to this outing. And it was held in my ex-boss apartment's below - like what we had 2 year ago. Hehehe... So my hubby and I went there lor.. and met my ex-colleague at the MRT before we took another bus to my boss's apt.

We reached there around 5.20pm and the bbq was only started at 7pm since there were others who use the pit before us. All of us were quite hungry at that time but slowly we managed to get our food and drink.

At about 9.30pm some of us left the place. The rest of us still stayed there. We sat and talked while drinking the red wine. Not bad la.. quite refreshing. Hehehe... The new girl from Myanmar, May, drank quite a lot and was pushed by one of the colleagues down to the swimming pool for kids. She ended up quite wet and had to change her clothes w/ my boss's one.. hahaha... poor May...

We finished around 11pm. KS helped us driving home. Thanks for all of you for letting me join the outing. Hehehe... Too bad there was enough soft drink and ice.. otherwise.. we could drink more.. hahaha..

Oklah.. it's 1.32am right now.. Gotta sleep soon... Put one picture on top.. Hope u enjoy seeing that! Nite nite...

Thursday, November 01, 2007


What will appear on ur mind when u think of blue?
Sad things? Or happy blue?
Blue roses.. blue toothbrush.. blue doraemon.. =D
Blue puzzles.. blue goggles.. blue sharpener...
I feel blue.. blue for.. sadness, maybe?
But I'm hanging on! 'Cos when I open my eyes widely, I can see that not myself feels blue.. There are still many people who feels blue too.
I'm not alone, Blue!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Tiger Beer Exhibition

Tiger Beer Exhibition - Singapore

My ex-colleague gave me 2 tickets to Tiger Beer Exhibition when I visited her last week. Actually both tickets were her lucky draw presents, but she said she didn't have time to go as she'd have exam in few weeks so she handed it to me. So today I went there together w/ my hubby.

We reached there at about 2pm after we had our lunch nearby our house. The place is located in St James Power Station. There were only 4 of us (w/ another couple). One staff brought us around from one place to another. Hm.. quite impressive, really! It's all automated and it really brought things alive w/ the 4D things and other super effects. Worth it to go.. hehehe... but too bad, they only served one glass of Tiger Beer and not refillable.. Haiz..... But oklah.. 'cos we also got souvenir from them, which is Tiger Beer glass one per person.

We could take picture then sent it to email too.. but too bad the picture was not clear.. Lucky we got our handphone camera, so we took some pics too while we were there.. hehehe... Enjoy!!!

Learning how to pour the beer into the glass


Sunday, October 28, 2007


Time flies very fast... Almost a week after my trip! Wow! Day by day.. just made myself busy tidying up my messy room. Yesterday I tidied up my son's cupboard. Ironed his clothes, sorted out the dirty and small clothes, etc. Also cleared up the stuffs inside the top part of the cupboard.
Today my hubby, my son and I went out almost a whole day. Started from having breakfast nearby our house, then meeting his friend in White Sands, Pasir Ris. About 2pm we went to Ikea. We browsed around looking for table and chair for Reever. Before buying, we went out to Courts and Giant to check about other stuffs they have and also bought some other things. We finished shopping at 8pm then we headed home. My hubby just finished dismantling the table and chair. Now I'm sitting on them and put my laptop onto the new table. Hehehe.. not bad oh? Now my son has the right place to use the old laptop and to do his homework. Hope he can get used to it, unlike me... hehehe..
Just joined facebook yesterday. Not bad! I can find lots of ex-school mates down there. And there are some funny things to do as well.. hehehe...
And today my hubby borrowed a PSP game from his friend. Playing the Japanese drum. Not bad la... Quite interesting.. too bad the language used is Japanese.. so there were many things I don't understand.. I mean.. the conversation, the instruction, etc.
What else?? Oklah.. nothing much at the moment... Going to sleep soon as time has shown 11.20pm right now... Good nite everyone.. oh ya.. Happy Birthday to my best friend, PY!!! Hope she enjoyed her special day... and had a very nice weekend at RTP! Wish you happy always and success in everything! I'm sure she can do it!! Jia you!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm home again..

After one month, finally I'm home again.. Still feeling tired from the trip. Especially when we had to wake up so early almost everyday... haiz.. and now.. I have to wake up early too 'cos my son wants me to fetch him to school in the morning... But oklah, after that I can go to market to have my breakfast before heading home.
My room is very messy.. I can't stand it myself.. hehehe... So many things cluttered everywhere. This morning I need to spend 5 hours just to clean my dressing table and it has not finished yet.. I feel tired already.. huahahaha... There are still many things I have to clear up.. such as my son's cupboard, my own cupboard, etc.
Gonna meet my friend later.. it's 5pm now.. tired tired.... bye now...

Monday, October 08, 2007

China, I'm here!!!

Today I flew from Hong Kong to Xiamen. Now staying at my aunt's house... Wiiii.. first thing to ask.. Internet!!!! Hahaha.... It's been almost 2 weeks I almost out of touch w/ internet since my sister's house in Hong Kong doesn't have internet connection yet. She has registered last week but it will only be installed this Wednesday.. how slow.... so.. now I'm using my cousin's laptop to connect w/ internet.. hehehehehhehehehehehehe.....

It's been... I don't know.. 10 years maybe??? since last time I came here.. Now they have moved their house to new apartment located at the highest floor of the building, 15th floor. My aunt said we can even see Jing Men from her balcony... Hehehe...The weather here is still hot, not cold yet.. a bit cloudy.. Very cloudy in Hong Kong Airport, luckily everything goes well..

We were fetched by my aunt, uncle, and my aunt's youngest son, who has the same age w/ me. He used to call me 'ben dan' and I used to call him 'sha gua' in year 1995, when I was unable to speak any Chinese language yet before. I stayed in their house before for few weeks.. and at that time I was unable to speak any Chinese yet.. so I used body language to communicate w/ all of them. But my aunt, uncle, and their sons were very friendly and welcome me.. I was grateful to have relatives like them... =)

Now we meet each other again.. Since I come alone, she told me that I like a 'single' woman.. still looks so young.. hahahahhahaha...... but she's still the same.. likes to talk and laugh.. My uncle said, I looked like my aunt when she was young.. kekekekke....

My parents are chatting at the living room while I'm inside room writing this blog.. hehehe...

I stayed almost 2 weeks in Hong Kong. Most of the time I stayed in my sis home.. Only sometimes we went out to find Doraemon's stuffs.. hehehehe.... It's much cheaper and more things than in Singapore. My sis was also eager to find it w/ me... Everytime we went into shop, her eyes were finding the Doraemon's stuffs faster than me.. hahahahaha....

My sister is not working in Hong Kong. She is a real housewives taking care her hubby and children (one naughty son and one beautiful daughter). I learn some things from here during my stay there.. and have learnt lots of things from her. Really grateful to be the youngest child.. as I can learn lots of things from all my elder sisters and brother.. =)

And really grateful for the time and chance given that I'm now able to go abroad w/ my both parents especially we are going to our ancestor's hometown back in Jiao Ling in few days time. We are going to meet other Zhong's people around the world.

Well.. going to share with you again once I know what will happen during my stay in China.. Btw.. I miss China very much! There are lots of changes here in Xiamen! I can't even recognise this city anymore... Well.. I think we're going to meet my other cousins tonight w/ their sons... they are very nice people! Talk to you again later on... write till here then.. byeeeeee

Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Birthday ^^

Hehehe... As usual.. I'm sick during my Birthday! Again????? Three years in a row.. I'm caught w/ flu today.. quite bad although I've taken my medicine. Morning, woken up by my 3rd sis' call. She told me.. birthday's girl should wake up early, otherwise the luck would be eaten by the rooster.. hahahahaha.... Yeah.. it's woken me up, really! I took bath and my hubby has prepared a special "Kai Xin Mee Sua" hehehe.. Thanks you laogong.. complete w/ 2 hard-boiled eggs. And when I ate one of the egg.. guess what? There were 2 yellow eggs in it!!! Wah.. very special oh?? While eating, I watched my favourite Doraemon show on Channel 8. Hihihihi....

Then I received many messages (sms, friendster's message, and e-cards) from friends everywhere.. thanks you to all of you!! My mom called me to wish me Happy Birthday.. and at the same time, I asked her about the trip. She told me we're going to Xiamen, Jiao Ling, then will have a tour to Chong Qing to see the famous "Three Gorges", Yangzi River. Weeee... never I dream to be able to go there.. It's one of my wishes to be able to go there.. Home of "Ma La Huo Guo" hiahiahaihiahia... just wish that I've recovered by the time I reached there.... hopefully ya!!! ^^
Then just now my hubby bought me a birthday cake secretly.. I didn't even know he bought one. It's tiramisu cake.. very nice!!! =) A simple and warm birthday for me ever... =) The cake tasted very good... and looks beautiful too.. like me.. huahahahahahhahahaha.... =D .

Yesterday I went out w/ PY. She gave me 3 blue roses, which she said, means friendship, with little bear w/ it. Very sweet... *see pic... Thanks PY! On top of that, she also gave me Doraemon's birthday presents... Hehehehe..... We went to Bugis and Suntec. We walked2 lor... to see around.. too bad I was sick.. otherwise, we could have eaten more delicious food ya... or cake.. or coffee.. etc. Since I went to Suntec, I went three-round over the fountain.. and quietly make a wish.. hahahaha...... may my wishes come true! =)

Tante, my previous Boss, called me too this morning. I thought she wanted to wish me Birthday.. but she actually got job vacancy for me.. She needs a person to work - urgently needed, but too bad la... I've already planned for my vacation.. hehehe.. She told me to contact her again after I returned back! Thanks, Tante!

I've packed my luggage.. cos I'm afraid I forgot to bring any thing... Hm.. long holiday... yihaaaa!!! What a wonderful life! Oklah.. write till here... Happy Birthday, Rima!!! =P

Friday, September 21, 2007

New laptop - for my sis

Just came back from Challenger at Hougang Mall. Yesterday it just appeared in my mind to raise the issue of buying a new laptop for my 2nd sis who lives in HK. But to buy it alone, I can't afford it, so I asked my other sisters and brother, also my mum to share the cost.

At first, I raised the budget of $1.3-$1.4k. I actually found a good bargain, which is Acer 5710G, but too bad, they don't have any stock in retail shop since that laptop was only sold during the last PC show. It only costs $1,298. So I have to find other alternative. So I went down to Challenger lor... and the salesman explains different varieties of laptop they have and my choices have been narrowed down into Acer 4620 and 4720.

Both have the same specs, only that they install Windows XP for Acer 4620 while in Acer 4720 they install Window Vista. The funny thing is that Acer 4620 is more expensive by $100 than Acer 4720. But the material is different. Acer 4620 was made of metal, while Acer 4720 was made of plastic. Anyway... after asking few opinions, I decided to buy Acer 4620 'cos of the Window XP that was installed inside. I found Window XP to be more user friendly and more compatible w/ other softwares rather than using Window Vista.

Microsoft Office was there, but only for trial period (about a month), also the Norton Antivirus, was only there for 3 months. So the rest, must find the alternatives.. hehehe...

So five of us will share the laptop's cost lor.. Hopefully everything goes fine and my sis can subscribe the internet connection soon and can go online w/ all of us. Hehehe...

Haiz... I'm quite sleepy now. Maybe because of the medicine that I took. My cough has not recovered yet although I have controlled on what I ate and consumed the medicines properly. Haiz..... few more days to HK. Hopefully the air in HK brings better health for me. Hahaha....

Oklah.. write 'til here.... bye bye..

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another trip to go!!!

I just decided yesterday...

My parents asked me to go w/ them to China since March. But at that time, I was still working, so I couldn't say anything, scared I might have finished my leave days... and now.. since I'm not working.. and it's only about 2 weeks to go.. I just thought it's a good idea to go w/ them. First, it's such a rare chance for me to go together w/ both my parents to China, especially to our ancestor's hometown. And they will go to few places meeting other relatives. One of them is my kuku's families who stays in Xiamen. It's been quite some time since I met them last time. I want to see their new apartment and eat my ku zhang's fried oyster eggs heaheaheahe.... I used to live in Xiamen for short period of time, let's say.. 2 weeks? or more... and at that time, I couldn't speak Chinese, so we used body language to communicate. Hahaha...

But my parents first destination would be Hong Kong. So I bought round-trip ticket from Singapore-HK-Singapore. Then, I was thinking why don't I stay longer there in HK? Anyway I don't need to book or pay any hotel fees 'cos I'll be staying w/ my sis.. at the same time, I can teach her to use the computer, how to upload photos to portable hard disk, how to install the camera, and so on.. So I was thinking of going there 1 week in advance and when I told my sis about it, she told me that I can even go there earlier (on 25th), since it's a Mid Autum Festival or Zhong Qiu Jie and her neighbour will have BBQ at night. After asking my hubby permission, then I bought the ticket online. Hehehe...

Wah.. 25th Sept, it means.. next Tuesday!!! And my flight will be at 6.40am in the morning and reach there about 10.20am in the morning too.. Wah... really never think that I will go abroad again.. 'cos I thought after the Japan trip, it would be end of my holiday... hahahaha...

Well... just hope that everything goes well..

Yesterday I visited doctor again, asked him to check about my cough and flu. He gave me antibiotics, flu and cough medicine. Hope I can get well soon!!! Write till here... byeee

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Games' days

Yesterday I took out the CDs' games that I bought last time and started to download the games that I would like to play. Started w/ Cake Mania. I played it 'til end.. hehehe.. very nice, but too bad, it's too short! Then playing Pizza Frenzy, but I think it's more suitable for kids..

And yesterday night my hubby took out and played the game called "Mystery Case Files Prime Suspects". Looks interesting, I thought.. so I played it for a while.. then I was hooked!!! I played it 'til 3am.. kekeke... And this afternoon I continued the games 'til night and managed to solve the mystery.. How happy I am! Hahaha... Now I know why people enjoy playing game. Well, I only play certain games, not all.. I like the game that require me to crack my brain logically but not those games that requires step by step to push the button. I prefer the straight forward one.. aiyah.. I don't think you get what I mean.. hehehe...

Now it's 11.57pm. Time to sleep lah... Gud nite everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

7th month dinner

Yesterday my hubby and I went to the last day of the 7th month dinner. We were invited by his re service friend, Jeffry. It is a tradition for many Singaporean here to have dinner during 7th month. They would pray, auction things, have singer on stage (ge-tai), etc. Jeffry and his father have a company in the area and I guess it's their tradition to attend this dinner. We have been invited twice. Last year all of my hubby's re service buddies occupied one table, but this year there was some changes.. Only Raymond, me, and Wee Boon came and attended the dinner while the rest.. I had no idea hehehe...

Just want to jot down some things that usually happened during dinner:
First, there would be some public hospital, kidney foundation, public TCM (traditional Chinese medication) asking for donation from table to table, which made people feeling very awkward during dinner. I mean.. you can see people act blurred from time to time when they were asked for the donation (including me).. Come on.. we came there for the dinner, but we were asked for donations too.. It's not that we don't want to donate.. but I think it's not really the right time to do so. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just didn't feel right.

Second, there would be auction selling things, which some are auspicious thing and mostly are not. *See picture - the dinner's environment. Actually the real goal of auctioning is to get money for donations.. So everything sold was really expensive but still.. lots of people went there and had themselves prepare for it. Well done for their good deeds!!! As for me, I never tried to auction before and don't think I will do that in the future 'cos the thing is VERY expensive... e.g. a bottle of Martell can be auctioned for S$388. A lady's purse can be auctioned for S$500, etc.

Third, normally there will be ge-tai at the opposite of the 'makan' area. And the auctioneer will shout very loud stating the prices.. So you can imagine how noisy it is... but it can hide my burping sound after drinking a continuous glass of beer..

Oh ya.. before I forgot, also the fourth one, in this dinner, it is also a chance for people to drink beer all-you-can without paying extra. Hahaha... The beer's staffs keep make your glass full even if you only have drunk it for a sip or two, therefore I couldn't even count how many glasses I've drunk hahahahaha.... I just knew that the feeling after drinking those beer were very very good... =) For a moment, I forgot that I was coughing.. and also for a moment, I couldn't even smell the smelly public toilet that I visited many times during the dinner.. hahahaha...

For the ge-tai.. I found that last year's singers sang much better than this year.. The songs were more popular too.. This year, I thought after 881 movie released, there would be some new excitement.. but too bad... there wasn't.

Fifth, the food is normally 8-course meal. As for last night, they served: cold dishes for the opening (jelly fish salad, prawn mayo salad, octopus w/ sauce, ham w/ cucumber, and fried fish cake), shark fin's soup, suckling pig (very nice and crispy skin), steamed fish, fried broccoli w/ abalone mushroom, deep-fried chicken skin filled w/ fish cake w/ hoy sin sauce, fried meat bun, and last one was steamed tapioca w/ coconut milk for the dessert. It's really good... But I think last year was still better.. hehehe.. maybe last year was my first time attending the dinner.. so my impression was stronger... hehehe....

Well... lastly.. thanks to Jeffry for inviting us again this time! Otherwise I wouldn't have chance to attend this kind of dinner... and last night he told me that in 2-weeks time, there would be another one held by the temple and he asked us to go as well.. Hahahaha......

Bakmi ayam plus wuntun

Hehehe... that's what I cooked almost half day for today. I woke up at 7.35am and took Reever a bath and fetched him to his school. Then went back home to wash dishes from yesterday.. quite a lot... fiuh.... After that my mother-in-law together w/ Reiner (my sis-in-law's son), Raymond and I went to the wet market nearby our house to buy all the ingredients. After that we stopped at coffee shop and ate breakfast. I ate my favourite Mee Siam plus Te-O ^^ Then we went back home. Start to cook!!!

I boiled the chicken. My hubby fried the zhu-you or pork oil to get the fragrant oil and the zhu-you-ze (fried pork oil), crispy and nice.. and fattening too... hehehe.... After that I went for toilet break for a while.. hihihi... washed my hands, of course... before cutting out the button mushroom. Once done, I took out the chicken from the soup and cut it into small pieces then fried it lor w/ the mushroom.. hmmmm... smell sooo... good.... hehehehe...

My hubby cut the small red onion (bawang merah) and fried it. I chopped fried pork oil and shrimp and mixed it together w/ ba-cho (minced pork), added some seasonings and done.

Reever came back home from school, then cooked the noodle to him lor.. plus wuntun (wrapped by my mother-in-law & my hubby).

I also ate... hm... plus sambal lampung.. really good!!! Really like Indonesian's bakmi ayam, except that the noodle got the smell... otherwise... hmm.. Ichiban!!! =P

Wahhh... I ate one bowl of noodle topped w/ cooked chicken & mushroom, vegetables, and some dry sweet wuntun & boiled wuntun... I will only eat it again later at night... I'm very full noww.... Hehehe.... too bad I forgot to take picture.. otherwise, I can share it to all of you... hahahahhaha..... Ciao!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Bruce Almighty

I watched the movie yesterday night at Channel 5. There was a scene, which touch my heart. It's about Bruce who loves Grace and so does she. But Grace found Bruce kissing w/ his colleague in a party and it made Grace feeling so bad. Bruce also never thought of proposing Grace to be his wife at that time. And Bruce, who has power from God, tried to hear Grace's pray. And lots of Grace's wishes were about Bruce, such as to protect him, to bless him, and so on.. until he received the new pray.. He heard that.. Grace prayed that she could forget completely about him because she doesn't want to get hurt anymore. And God also tested Bruce and asked Bruce to pray.. He didn't pray that Grace won't forget him, that Grace would love him again.. but he hoped Grace to be happy in any way it is.. even if she has to meet someone new, he just hoped that Grace would be happy with that person.. What an unselfish pray, don't u think so???

I ever prayed the same too to my ex. I didn't pray that he would always love me.. or asked him to go back with me and so on.. But I prayed to God that He would protect him and give him happiness with someone that he loves.. And I guess.. God had heard my pray and found someone for him. I guess he is happy with this girl. And I am still hoping that God would listen to my pray.. that I would be able to completely forget about him =)

I am really happy to see him happy now.. hope everything goes well for him and his girlfriend... ^^

Friday, September 07, 2007


Lonely.. I'm Mr. Lonely.. I have nobody.. All on my ownnnnn ooooohhhhh...

Hm.. I guess everyone gets lonely before.. and everyone hates of being lonely too.. Am I right??? Who is in this world never get lonely before??? It's a normal phase in life that we have to go through anyway... Doesn't mean u alone then u will get lonely.. 'cos sometimes.. even when you're in a crowd, you'll feel lonely too.. And normally during this time, what you really need is someone to talk.. someone to care.. and someone to entertain you..

Let me think.. when were I in such condition... Hm.. yeah.. still in my mind when I was doing my service trainee in Geneva. I felt so lonely. My roommate has her own things to do.. and so do my colleagues.. and that's how I met my first love. Hahahahahaha..... =D Although it didn't last very long... *only about a year plus... but he had given me such a great time! Something extraordinary from my normal life. Didn't hear from him for years and dun think I'm going to meet him again but really thank him for making myself not lonely anymore.

Back to loneliness... This time, although my friends are busy w/ their own things.. I do sometimes feel lonely.. but my naughty son has kept me busy as well.. so not a big deal! Kekeke... Well.. hope I can get a job anytime soon.. at least I was busy but paid. Hahaha... Ok lah.. write 'til here! Enjoy ur day everyone!! Take care!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Help me!!!

Really dying... Getting sick like this.. I think the worst sickness I get this year.. =(((
The throat is itchy again. And now, I'm down with flu too.. Haiz... Holiday like this, really can't get out of the house.. Lucky I got time to take a rest... and understanding mother-in-law to take care my son.. Sorry Baobei, no chance to bring you out more during ur school holiday. Lucky I still managed to bring him to watch Ratatouille yesterday. Cathay has this "Mom & Tots" promotion. Every Tuesday, if you watch movie before 12pm, you can bring in ur little one (under 7 yrs old) for free. So, that's why I brought him lorrr.... But my son got bored inside the movie.. He kept saying things, such as: "Mama, wo hen leng le... - Mama, I'm cold...", "Mama, wo yao shui jiao.. - Mama, I want to get sleep...", "Mama, wo yao hui jia.. - Mama, I want to go home..", etc. Xiao hai zi jiu shi xiao hai zi.. His English is also not so good, that's why he got bored inside the movie..
Wow, I really stay at home leh during this time.. haiz...... help help....

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Annoying cough

Haiz.... the cough really annoys me these past few days. I've followed doctor's advice to drink the antibiotic and cough syrup that he prescribed to me but the cough is still like that. I always fall asleep after drinking it and now my throat is still very itchy =( Hope I can get better soon...
My son also suffers from cough plus flu. I brought him to see doctor yesterday and now he also drinks the 4 syrups given. Hope he can get well soon too...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Birthday card

Just now met Rui Yuan, my school mate, online. She was from the same school in Swiss and she comes from Inner Mongolia (Nei Meng Gu). I just found out that she is now back to China, in Shenzhen and working in Ikea as Communication Specialist and Trading Area Assistant Manager. Wow... what a good title and definitely a very interesting job =)

Another school mate was also working there, as a Human Resource Manager, and her name is Fairy Huang Yu. She is the one who recommended the job to Rui Yuan. What a small world!

She told me just now that she misses me and she still remembered the birthday card that I made for her long time ago. *I don't even remember that. Hahaha....

Another chatting friend was also telling me that she still keeps the birthday card that I made for her before. Hahaha... Yeah.. when I was young, I like to send my friend a birthday card. Because last time we didn't have internet access yet. So airmail was the only mean to communicate with friends. I like to write letters to them as well. Some of my friends still keeps it as well.. Hahaha... I used to record my friend's birthday dates and even still do it 'til now. But since now there is an internet access, wish them through e-card or message would do. *Is it considered less sincere??? Aiyah... not really la?? 'Cos the most important thing is that the heart that counts, do u agree?? =P

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Didn't really do much things these past few days. Perhaps because of the rainy days. It made me lazy to go out and being wet. Today is better though but since I took my antibiotics and cough syrup, it made me sleepy and really slept this afternoon.
Now watching 7pm series on Channel 8.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Doraemon shop - Tokyo, Japan

Me and my favorite cartoon!!! :)

Hehehe... Finally I went to visit Doraemon shop in Tokyo. Actually I was looking for a shop like this. Ever searched in internet before but never heard about this one before. My friends brought me here during my second night there but by the time we reached, it has already been closed (shop closed at 9pm there). Too bad...

Doraemon souvenir medallion vending machine - Tokyo, Japan

Doraemon catcher machine - Asahi Building - Tokyo, Japan

Various items sold - Doraemon in Tokyo, Japan

Dorayaki - Tokyo, Japan

Doraemon stuffs - Tokyo, Japan

Doraemon kids corner - Tokyo, Japan

Luckily we had spare time during my stay there so we went there again on my last day. It was located at Roponggi Hills. And I was so glad to have a chance to visit the shop. I know, most items there are very expensive. Since I can't afford to buy all, I just took their pictures as souvenirs. Hahaha.... Enjoy!!! :)

Doraemon snacks poster - Tokyo, Japan

Last but not least - mobile Doraemon snacks shop - Tokyo, Japan :)

Chinatown in Yokohama, Japan

Chinatown is one of the famous tourist spots in Yokohama, Japan. I've learnt few things from just browsing around the area.
1. Chinese snacks were well-known for its "Bao" and "Shao Mai". But their Bao are gigantic one. Some "bao" can cost up to 500 yen (S$6.40) each and "shao mai" can cost up to 200 yen (S$2.60) each. Crazy!!!
2. Most Chinese food sold in the restaurant are overpriced. Prices of normal dishes have an average of 2,000 yen (S$26) per plate. 4 pcs of Xiao Long Bao costs 1,200 yen (S$15). 8 dishes set menu costs 6,300 yen (S$80) per person. La mian costs about 800 yen (S$10) and above.
3. They make "Panda" to symbolize Chinese Icon. Lots of souvenirs were designed w/ panda. Even the "Bao" also decorated as Panda face.
Enjoy the pictures...

Japan - world of vending machine

Vending machine inside the Shinkansen from Kyoto to Osaka

Drink vending machine on the main street of Tokyo

If you go to Japan, you should see vending machines everywhere. Starting from the airport, on the street, tourist spot, in front of the restaurant, even inside the Shinkansen.

The most common Coca Cola vending machine in Japan

Restaurant/ ordering food vending machine - Japan

Hmmm... Haagen-Dazs nyummy.... Vending machine in Japan

Fujifilm vending machine - Japan

Tourist admission ticket vending machine - Japan

Beer vending machine - Japan

Fortune teller vending machine. Can you believe it??? Only in Japan!!!

All here are the pictures I took when I was there. Starting from normal drink vending machine, ordering food vending machine, ice cream vending machine, selling camera, battery, and film from Fuji Film vending machine, tourist spot entrance vending machine, beer vending machine, even fortune teller vending machine???  I took them from different cities.

Cigarettes vending machine in Japan

Indonesian surely loves this!!! Nusantara cigarette vending machine - Only in Japan!!! ;)

Cigarette vending machine in Japan

And the most popular one, cigarette vending machine. Some vending machine really provides a very international cigarettes. The brands they have included: Gudang Garam, Macho, Gauloises, Sobranie, Peel, Black Devil, Black Stone, Cobra, Pom Pom, Wings, Route 66, American Spirit, Cafe Creme Filter, Ark Royal Vintage, Naturals, Zhong Nan Hai (Chinese brands), Carlton, Lucky Strike, Kool, Kent, Vogue, Capri, Pall Mall, Dunhill, Gitanes, Keith, Royals, Seven Stars, Mild Seven, Lucia, Cabin, Caster, Hi-Lite, Hope, Peace, Frontier, Salem, Icene, Bevel, Pianissimo, Seven Stars, Camel, Premiere, Winston, Cherry, Sometime, Echo, Marlboro, Parliament, Virginia Slims, Lark, Phillip Morris, Next, Basic, and many other Japanese brands that I don't know how to read.

Hope you enjoy :)

Back home

Finally I'm back home! The journey was good but it was really tiring. During my last day in Tokyo, we didn't go to Imperial Palace as per planned, but we went to Roponggi Hills again to visit TV Asahi and Doraemon's shop due to the hot weather. Good for me, 'cos I got a chance to look around the shop. But things are very expensive there! So I could only take pictures of the things they sold and only bought few things. Hahaha..

I went to Kawasaki again after that alone. Actually I was looking for gift voucher to my friends, but unfortunately, the shops that I went into didn't sell any gift voucher and I had no idea what to give to them, so I bought them dinner plus beer and dessert lor... We ate at home. I packed my things after that then went to sleep.

I had to wake up at 4.45am. I had myself prepared and went out at 5.20am to Shinagawa Station to take the train to Narita Terminal 1. It took 1.5 hours journey. My train departed at 6.01am and reached Narita at 7.35am. I checked my luggage in then had breakfast at McDonald before going in. I bought few souvenirs inside the airport, which I found cheaper than outside. I had to board into the plan at 9.30am while the plane flew at 10am. Everything went smoothly. I reached Bangkok in the afternoon. I had 1 hour plus in the airport before flying back to Singapore. So I sat in cafe and ordered prawn pad thai and mineral water before boarding in. But the pad thai was too spicy for me and very expensive too. Hahaha... Next time I won't eat there again. Then I reached Singapore at about 7.30pm and reached home about 8.30pm. Sooo tiring!!!

The next day was spent mostly at home.. took a good rest.

On Wednesday I went to SMC to take my medical's claim and to visit my ex-colleagues at the same time. I brought some tidbits from Japan and we chit chat for a while. My boss said she missed me *dunno if it's true or not... ^^ My hubby fetched me w/ his working's vehicle - Audi A8 - and brought me to his working place at UE Square. We had lunch together there and I took bus to Orchard to meet my friends and pass them something. I also went to post office to send things for my friends. Then I went to my bro's house to check into his mails and went back home at 7pm. My son kept calling me to go home. Dunno why after I came back from Japan, he misses me a lot and called me very often. Seems like he feels so lonely staying at home.

So at that night, I brought him to Hougang Mall and bought him Happy Meal at McDonald. My hubby joined us after he finished work. We had dinner at Kopitiam before going back home.
On Thursday I went out in the afternoon to apply job at the new opened hotel. I gotta know about it from my ex-colleague and tried my luck lor.. since I got lots of time.. no harms mah? Wow, I queued 3.5 hours before getting to see the person who interviewed me and I went back w/ regrets actually.. hehehe.. Perhaps I was too tired that's why I couldn't answer some of his questions. Anyway... just try my luck.. and I believe all will depend on the fate. If I have no fate to work there, no matter what, I won't be accepted to work there.

I still try to apply other post in other company as well.. Just see where my fate leads me lor.... =P
I went back home at 4pm plus.. so tired. I fell asleep after that.

On Friday, I fetched my son to school. The teacher brought the children to Giant Supermarket in Tampines. And suddenly one of the child's parent talked about volunteer taking care of children and she couldn't make it since she had to take care her sister's baby and asked me if I can make it. Since I had nothing to do on that day, so I agreed lorrr... It was really my first time to get involve in my son's school. Hehehe... So I went back home first to take a bath and be ready before 8.30am. Me and another parent volunteered to take care our children's classmates (total 17 students from my son's class). At first, I didn't even know where we would go. Hahaha.. I thought they would bring them to Pasir Panjang. But after knowing that they would go to Giant, I felt much better. Hahaha...

Hm.. first, I was a bit blurred 'cos I was not sure on what should I do. After reaching there, it was just natural behaviour to help and lead the students to follow their teacher. Help them draw the vegetables, milk, fruit, etc. Students also started talking and liking me. They called me "Auntie", which I found a bit weird. Seldom people called me "Auntie" mah? Hahahaha.....

Then some kids played with my Doraemon doll that I put on my sling bag. Some kids were asking me if they can start eating their snacks 'cos they were hungry.. Aiyah.. overall I felt a bit useful lor hahahahaha.... and glad that everything went well despite the heavy rain outside.

My hubby fetched us once we reached the school. He brought us umbrella and went back home together. Good experience for me. Hahaha...

And today PY asked me out for movie. We watched Ratatouille (read: ratatuwee) at Cathay, Dobhy Ghout with Irene too. It was a funny movie. The graphic was very good. Worthed to see. PY treated us lor with her tickets. Thanks PY! We had Yakun Kaya before it and KFC for dinner. Hehehe... And we went back home at 10pm. My son kept calling me and asking me to go back home faster. Haiz... dunno I should happy or sad..

Well.. write till here first. I still not sleepy yet. But still no mood to write a lot of thing about what I've seen in Japan. Wait lor.. ok??? Gud nite everyone!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Last day in Tokyo

Tomorrow morning I'll be flying back to Singapore, so today can be considered as my last day and night in Tokyo. My two friends are still sleeping (it's 8.35am now) so I use the time to go online. Wish to meet my sis online, but she doesn't. So I just write a blog here (edited on 27th August 2007) ^^
Now the blogspot is in Japan version, so I just guess which botton to click in this page kekeke...

Day 1 - 12th August 2007
I arrived in Tokyo on that day and went to Tokyo station alone using Narita Express *see pic.. then met my friend somewhere near the station. Wow, Tokyo train station is so big.. Lucky there were public phone so I could contact my friend and met him.
I spent whole day on 12th August in Tokyo covering Shinagawa, Sony Building, Ginza, Uyeno, Ameyayokocho, which basically are shopping areas, and ended with view of Senso-Ji (Senso Temple) at night.

Day 2 - 13th August 2007
Also in Tokyo, covering youngster shopping areas, such as Shibuya, Harajuku, then having sukiyaki all-you-can-eat at Ikebukuro, and last place was Roponggi Hills to find the Hard Rock Cafe.
*see picture on the right side - Hendra, Me, and Lucky at Ometosando Hills at Harajuku area (new shopping mall selling high class branded things)

Day 3 - 14th August 2007
We went out to Tokyo station first to purchase shinkansen ticket for Kyoto. After that, we spent the rest of the day in Tokyo DisneySea. Actually there are 2 Disney to see in Japan: DisneyLand Park and DisneySea Park. But I heard that the rides in DisneyLand are almost the same with what they have in LA and HK, and since both my friends have gone there before, so three of us agreed to go to DisneySea Park.
Hm... We could see that most visitors were Japanese. Perhaps it was because it was a school holiday and/or maybe they bought annual passport since they stay nearby. The storyline was quite different with what they have in other Disney, which makes them interesting but the rides were not daring enough! Overall, I wasn't really satisfied with it.

Day 4 - 15th August 2007
We went out early in the morning to catch our 6am shinkansen. We took N700 Shinkansen, which is the new type (started in July 2007). It was fast. The journey from Tokyo to Kyoto was 2 hours and 11 minutes (normal Shinkansen took 2 hours and 42 minutes).
Reaching there, we began searching for ryokan (Japanese traditional guesthouse) *see picture on the right. There was a public bath there.
After taking rest for a while and planning on what to do, we then went out to downtown area started with Nisikhi Market. I love this place so much because inside it, there were lots of shops selling Japanese any kind of food ingredients to cook the Japanese food, including bento set, snacks, souvenirs, etc.

We also visited some nearby Japanese temples and shrines. By the way, there are over 2000 temples and shrines in Kyoto city. We had sushi for lunch. Not so good, perhaps because the price was cheap (only 105 yen per plate - around SGD 1.35) *see picture. Then we walked up to Gion and went up to one temple. I took lots of picture in Nishiki Market and it made my battery flat so fast hahaha.. So we went back to ryokan to charge the battery. At the same time, each of us took a bath at public bath. It was my first time naked with other women hahahha..... The water was hot but it made my pain and ache gone f0r a while. I took a short nap before we went out for dinner.

We went to Ponto-cho - nightlife's area - narrow street filled up with lots of restaurants and bars *see picture on the left. Before deciding where to eat, we took a look also at Gion area then at the end we decided to eat Unagi at Ponto-cho. The set was quite expensive. My set costs 2,100 yen (unagi w/ rice - medium size, chawan mushi, soup, and little bit of achar). My friend's one costs 2,850 yen (all of the above plus sashimi and little bit of vegetable). We sat at 3rd floor and facing the view of the river. Very nice view =)
Most shops were closed at 9pm in Japan, so after having dinner, we all went back to Kyoto station. Before going back to Ryokan, we took a look at Kyoto station. It was huge!! We went up to 12th floor to see the Kyoto view from top.

Day 5 - 16th August 2007
In the morning, we had our Japanese breakfast at the ryokan *see picture on the right side- Japanese traditional breakfast w/ dining room's background.
After makan, we went to Kyoto Tower Hotel to hop in the bus (we booked a morning local tour). The tour consists of viewing Nijo-Ji (official Kyoto residence of the first Tokugawa shogun, Ieyasu), Kinkaku-Ji (Golden Pavillion Temple), and Kyoto Imperial Palace *see picture below - view of Kyoto Imperial Palace.

The weather of the day was damn hot!!! It felt like 40 degree Celcius! But no choice, we still had to browse around the area since the 3 places were best-know places in Kyoto.

We finished tour at 12.10pm and having a break until 1pm. Then we went up to Kurama (around 1 hour journey by train) to have the outdoor hot spring bath or Onsen in Japanese. Nice view from the train but it would be much nicer if we went there during winter time. Hahaha..

And it was also my first time to get naked outdoor together with other women. Hahaha.... But it was damn nice! No wonder lots of Japanese love to do so! I wish Singapore had one onsen too.. hahahahha.. *above pictures taken near Kurama Station.

We went back to Kyoto station and had our ticket change. We supposed to return to Tokyo that night, but since we had save some time, we still managed to go to Osaka, which is only 29 minutes away by train from Kyoto. And luckily there were seats for the train on the next day. So we headed up to Osaka. We also managed to find a good hotel with reasonable prices, New Hankyu hotel

We reached there around 8pm. The tourist information centre has closed, so we had to find hotel by ourselves and we just went to the hotel nearby walk-in. At first, we requested for a room for 3 and it costs 27,000 yen or 9,000 yen each. We still thought about it and discussing but since we took quite some time, the front office officer offered us another rate for 3 single room at 8,000 yen for each room (all w/out breakfast). Since my friend has long time never slept alone inside the room, so we all agreed with the arrangement. Hahaha... And we found the room very nice *reminds me of the day when I stayed in Geneva... see picture. We had dinner nearby the station (omelet rice), and had free time 'til sleeping time. I browsed around the station area before going back to hotel and slept.

Day 6 - 17th August 2007
We checked out from the hotel at 9.30am. We headed to Kyoto Castle as our first destination. It is Osaka's landmark - place that must see!!! Hehehe... *see picture on the right. Beautiful, right? We went there until 1pm. The weather was as hot as the day before. We had to endure though.. And the best thing, u know what? I didn't bring my sunblock to Kyoto and Osaka. I left it in Tokyo. 'Cos during my stay in Tokyo, the weather wasn't that hot. Haiz.... now I bring some souvenir from there - black skin.. hahaha...

We then went directly to Universal Studio and spent our evening there until 8pm. It was very fun! I enjoyed the ride "Hollywood Dream" very much and took it twice! There was personalized stereo in back of each seat. We could choose on what song to hear during the ride. I chose Pop English and they played "Girlfriend" song by Avril during my ride, which was DAMN GOOD!!! Hahaha...
We had burger set for dinner at one Diners inside it. Quite expensive for the portion like that.. but no choice lorr... We were inside Universal Studio lehh... We also took some other rides, by using 'single rider' pass - made us faster reach the ride.. hehehe..

We set back to Tokyo by Shinkansen N500 and reached Tokyo around 23.42pm *see picture - me & Shinkansen. The Shinkansen series N700 is much better than N500. But we didn't inform clearly with the person who changed our ticket, that's why we ended up taking N500 on our way home. Oklah, at least we still arrived safely to Tokyo. Hehehe... ^^
We had our supper at Yoshinoya nearby the house before headed home.

Day 7 - 18 th August 2007
I spent first half day nearby my friend's apartment to browse around the supermarket and having Udon alone for lunch while both of them went to wash their clothes nearby the area.
At 2pm we started to go out to Yokohama area. First we stopped to see the Chinatown. It was quite big and most shops selling the 'bao' - Chinese meat bun. The sizes range from small to big and some were even decorated in Panda style. The Chinese food there were very expensive so we only bought some buns and other snacks while browsing the area.

After that we moved to Sakuragi-cho station to view the Landmark Tower (the tallest building in Japan) and Cosmo Clock Ferris Wheel (the world's highest ferris wheel at 105m and has the world's fastest lift - 45km/hour). We only saw the view from a far and didn't go up as the weather was cloudy at that day *see picture on the left.
We then went to Yokohama station, which consists only shopping malls like Sogo, Porta, etc, and set ourselves to Kawasaki to have our dinner at food court. I had Hamburg steak Japanese style *see picture - Oishi nee..., while my friend had a chicken rice and ramen. After that we went back home and took a rest.

So, today, 19th August, we plan to go to Tokyo Imperial Palace. Going to put more pictures once I returned back to Singapore. Ciao!!! - As per mentioned in the blog after this, we didn't go to Tokyo Imperial Palace due to the hot weather. And I've put lots of pics in this blog. Hope you enjoy my trip too... Peace!! ^^
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