Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Family time

Friday 13th July 2007

Is the date reminding you of something scary??? Thought that something bad will happen??? Well.. just because the series always relates to it, doesn't mean that it will surely happen on that particular date. But some people were really believe that something bad will happen on that day so they tried to avoid it by not going to work but instead staying at home to protect themselves ^^

Despite knowing about the date, my eldest sis and her hubby still chose that date to fly and come to Singapore. My hubby, Reever and I fetched them at the airport. They came out quite late *at about 10.20pm, although the plane has landed at 9.30pm. Maybe it was because many planes landed at the same time, that's why so many people were queuing at the immigration.

We didn't straightly go to my bro's home, but we went out for supper at Changi Village. My bro-in-law was quite hungry, so we brought them to eat the famous nasi lemak there. And it took us quite some time to reach Bishan and they arrived at about 12am. Once reached home, I was very tired already and suddenly my sis called me and told me that my bro's room's door was locked and all of us had no clue where the key was. After calling here and there, she found out that the key was w/ the aunty who stays two floor above them and she had to wake her up in the middle of the night to get the key. I slept at about 1.30am

Saturday 14th July 2007

We woke up early and prepared ourselves to meet my sis & her hubby at Chinatown. We were having dim sum for our breakfast. After makan, I brought them walking around the area, such as Fo Ya Temple, Hindu Temple, etc. Then we went to Vivo city to take some pictures and we took the monorail to Sentosa.

We stopped at Imbiah Station and we went up to the Carlsberg Tower to see the view of Singapore (nothing to see actually and kinda waste of money 'cos there were renovations work done everywhere in the area for the incoming Intergrated Resort and it finished very fast - less than 10 mins). We paid $12 for that.. *Don't think I'll take that again next time. Not worthed at all!!! *see pic - Raymond and my bro-in-law inside the Carlsberg Tower

We then played the luge and took the skyride as the second entertainment. It was fun and the luge went quite fast as the road is sliding down. And my hubby was scared to death when taking the skyride. He didn't dare to see below and it was worst when the skyride was stopping for few minutes. My son enjoyed the skyride and didn't scare at all.. hahaha.. *see pic - me & Reever ready for our luge ^^

We took the bus to the beach station and took another tram to stop at Palawan Beach and had our meal in the Koufu food court. Then we went back home while both of them had their time slowly at Vivo City.

2R & I fetched my brother & family at midnight in the airport. The nanny who took care my brother's daughter was fetching them too together w/ her two daughters. Finally they reached Singapore safely and we brought them back to their home sweet home. After 7 months, they're finally home for holiday. We went back home not long after that 'cos we were so tired already. My hubby just finished watching "Jacky Cheung's Concert" before that so he was very tired liao. He watched the concert w/ his buddy and he said it was quite enjoyable 'cos Jacky Cheung is their favourite singer since they were very young.

Sunday 15th July 2007

Woke up quite late in Sunday morning. 2R & I had our brunch nearby our home then we prepared ourselves for our journey to Wild Wild Wet!!! We reached there at 3pm and at 4pm my sis and the others came and we enjoyed our time together 'til the swimming park closed at 7pm. *see pic - WWW =)
We took bus & MRT to Bugis then we walked to eat steamboat at opposite of Shaw Tower. Eventually we went to other shop, which doesn't have a very nice soup and ingredients, but slightly cheaper. I remembered wrongly about the price. We normally eat at other restaurant *next to it, which costs $15/pax incl. drink, while the place we went costs $12.80/pax excl drink. But oklah, we sat at upper floor and they have air-con inside. We ate and chatted until 10 pm plus and went back home. Since we were very tired, my hubby and I decided to take taxi and that's where I lost my mobile.. inside the taxi. It fell off from my pant's pocket and I only realised about my mobile after reaching home and finish taking a bath. By the time I called, it connects, but it was off by the other party. Twice. And third one, bye bye for good. The person turned my phone off and that's it!

I felt lost but I had to tell to myself.. what has gone, has been gone.. Sad over it, also no use.. So what I can do now.. is to collect the new info from my friends. Haiz.. so many info inside my old handphone. Pictures as well, but I had downloaded the pics into my computer, at least not so bad.. But the address etc.. nope..

Monday 16th July 2007

No mood to work, so I took urgent leave. I joined my hubby and the rest to the zoo. We walked a lot and it's very tiring... but children did enjoy it. We went there 'til 5.30pm and we took bus to J8 Bishan and we had our dinner at Sakae Sushi together w/ my bro & sis-in-law who just joined us from their activities. We ate there and sat at their home for a while before going back home. *see pic - Astro (my bro's son), my eldest sis, me, Aryn (my bro's daughter), and Reever

Tuesday 17th July 2007

Went work like usual. Once finished, I met 2R at Taka before we went together to Newton Circus to have our dinner there w/ everyone. Food was so so and expensive. But oklah.. My bro wanted to see how it looks like after being renovated last year. We ate and chatted again before heading home.

On Wed, my eldest sis and her hubby went back to Jakarta while on Thur, my bro n his families went back to Jakarta. And today, 21 July 2007, my 2nd sis went to Jakarta from Hong Kong. They will continue the reunion there. My mum asked me to go back to w/ Reever, but I can't make it now. Maybe after 1st Aug. See first la... =)

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