Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Birthday ^^

Hehehe... As usual.. I'm sick during my Birthday! Again????? Three years in a row.. I'm caught w/ flu today.. quite bad although I've taken my medicine. Morning, woken up by my 3rd sis' call. She told me.. birthday's girl should wake up early, otherwise the luck would be eaten by the rooster.. hahahahaha.... Yeah.. it's woken me up, really! I took bath and my hubby has prepared a special "Kai Xin Mee Sua" hehehe.. Thanks you laogong.. complete w/ 2 hard-boiled eggs. And when I ate one of the egg.. guess what? There were 2 yellow eggs in it!!! Wah.. very special oh?? While eating, I watched my favourite Doraemon show on Channel 8. Hihihihi....

Then I received many messages (sms, friendster's message, and e-cards) from friends everywhere.. thanks you to all of you!! My mom called me to wish me Happy Birthday.. and at the same time, I asked her about the trip. She told me we're going to Xiamen, Jiao Ling, then will have a tour to Chong Qing to see the famous "Three Gorges", Yangzi River. Weeee... never I dream to be able to go there.. It's one of my wishes to be able to go there.. Home of "Ma La Huo Guo" hiahiahaihiahia... just wish that I've recovered by the time I reached there.... hopefully ya!!! ^^
Then just now my hubby bought me a birthday cake secretly.. I didn't even know he bought one. It's tiramisu cake.. very nice!!! =) A simple and warm birthday for me ever... =) The cake tasted very good... and looks beautiful too.. like me.. huahahahahahhahahaha.... =D .

Yesterday I went out w/ PY. She gave me 3 blue roses, which she said, means friendship, with little bear w/ it. Very sweet... *see pic... Thanks PY! On top of that, she also gave me Doraemon's birthday presents... Hehehehe..... We went to Bugis and Suntec. We walked2 lor... to see around.. too bad I was sick.. otherwise, we could have eaten more delicious food ya... or cake.. or coffee.. etc. Since I went to Suntec, I went three-round over the fountain.. and quietly make a wish.. hahahaha...... may my wishes come true! =)

Tante, my previous Boss, called me too this morning. I thought she wanted to wish me Birthday.. but she actually got job vacancy for me.. She needs a person to work - urgently needed, but too bad la... I've already planned for my vacation.. hehehe.. She told me to contact her again after I returned back! Thanks, Tante!

I've packed my luggage.. cos I'm afraid I forgot to bring any thing... Hm.. long holiday... yihaaaa!!! What a wonderful life! Oklah.. write till here... Happy Birthday, Rima!!! =P

Friday, September 21, 2007

New laptop - for my sis

Just came back from Challenger at Hougang Mall. Yesterday it just appeared in my mind to raise the issue of buying a new laptop for my 2nd sis who lives in HK. But to buy it alone, I can't afford it, so I asked my other sisters and brother, also my mum to share the cost.

At first, I raised the budget of $1.3-$1.4k. I actually found a good bargain, which is Acer 5710G, but too bad, they don't have any stock in retail shop since that laptop was only sold during the last PC show. It only costs $1,298. So I have to find other alternative. So I went down to Challenger lor... and the salesman explains different varieties of laptop they have and my choices have been narrowed down into Acer 4620 and 4720.

Both have the same specs, only that they install Windows XP for Acer 4620 while in Acer 4720 they install Window Vista. The funny thing is that Acer 4620 is more expensive by $100 than Acer 4720. But the material is different. Acer 4620 was made of metal, while Acer 4720 was made of plastic. Anyway... after asking few opinions, I decided to buy Acer 4620 'cos of the Window XP that was installed inside. I found Window XP to be more user friendly and more compatible w/ other softwares rather than using Window Vista.

Microsoft Office was there, but only for trial period (about a month), also the Norton Antivirus, was only there for 3 months. So the rest, must find the alternatives.. hehehe...

So five of us will share the laptop's cost lor.. Hopefully everything goes fine and my sis can subscribe the internet connection soon and can go online w/ all of us. Hehehe...

Haiz... I'm quite sleepy now. Maybe because of the medicine that I took. My cough has not recovered yet although I have controlled on what I ate and consumed the medicines properly. Haiz..... few more days to HK. Hopefully the air in HK brings better health for me. Hahaha....

Oklah.. write 'til here.... bye bye..

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another trip to go!!!

I just decided yesterday...

My parents asked me to go w/ them to China since March. But at that time, I was still working, so I couldn't say anything, scared I might have finished my leave days... and now.. since I'm not working.. and it's only about 2 weeks to go.. I just thought it's a good idea to go w/ them. First, it's such a rare chance for me to go together w/ both my parents to China, especially to our ancestor's hometown. And they will go to few places meeting other relatives. One of them is my kuku's families who stays in Xiamen. It's been quite some time since I met them last time. I want to see their new apartment and eat my ku zhang's fried oyster eggs heaheaheahe.... I used to live in Xiamen for short period of time, let's say.. 2 weeks? or more... and at that time, I couldn't speak Chinese, so we used body language to communicate. Hahaha...

But my parents first destination would be Hong Kong. So I bought round-trip ticket from Singapore-HK-Singapore. Then, I was thinking why don't I stay longer there in HK? Anyway I don't need to book or pay any hotel fees 'cos I'll be staying w/ my sis.. at the same time, I can teach her to use the computer, how to upload photos to portable hard disk, how to install the camera, and so on.. So I was thinking of going there 1 week in advance and when I told my sis about it, she told me that I can even go there earlier (on 25th), since it's a Mid Autum Festival or Zhong Qiu Jie and her neighbour will have BBQ at night. After asking my hubby permission, then I bought the ticket online. Hehehe...

Wah.. 25th Sept, it means.. next Tuesday!!! And my flight will be at 6.40am in the morning and reach there about 10.20am in the morning too.. Wah... really never think that I will go abroad again.. 'cos I thought after the Japan trip, it would be end of my holiday... hahahaha...

Well... just hope that everything goes well..

Yesterday I visited doctor again, asked him to check about my cough and flu. He gave me antibiotics, flu and cough medicine. Hope I can get well soon!!! Write till here... byeee

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Games' days

Yesterday I took out the CDs' games that I bought last time and started to download the games that I would like to play. Started w/ Cake Mania. I played it 'til end.. hehehe.. very nice, but too bad, it's too short! Then playing Pizza Frenzy, but I think it's more suitable for kids..

And yesterday night my hubby took out and played the game called "Mystery Case Files Prime Suspects". Looks interesting, I thought.. so I played it for a while.. then I was hooked!!! I played it 'til 3am.. kekeke... And this afternoon I continued the games 'til night and managed to solve the mystery.. How happy I am! Hahaha... Now I know why people enjoy playing game. Well, I only play certain games, not all.. I like the game that require me to crack my brain logically but not those games that requires step by step to push the button. I prefer the straight forward one.. aiyah.. I don't think you get what I mean.. hehehe...

Now it's 11.57pm. Time to sleep lah... Gud nite everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

7th month dinner

Yesterday my hubby and I went to the last day of the 7th month dinner. We were invited by his re service friend, Jeffry. It is a tradition for many Singaporean here to have dinner during 7th month. They would pray, auction things, have singer on stage (ge-tai), etc. Jeffry and his father have a company in the area and I guess it's their tradition to attend this dinner. We have been invited twice. Last year all of my hubby's re service buddies occupied one table, but this year there was some changes.. Only Raymond, me, and Wee Boon came and attended the dinner while the rest.. I had no idea hehehe...

Just want to jot down some things that usually happened during dinner:
First, there would be some public hospital, kidney foundation, public TCM (traditional Chinese medication) asking for donation from table to table, which made people feeling very awkward during dinner. I mean.. you can see people act blurred from time to time when they were asked for the donation (including me).. Come on.. we came there for the dinner, but we were asked for donations too.. It's not that we don't want to donate.. but I think it's not really the right time to do so. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just didn't feel right.

Second, there would be auction selling things, which some are auspicious thing and mostly are not. *See picture - the dinner's environment. Actually the real goal of auctioning is to get money for donations.. So everything sold was really expensive but still.. lots of people went there and had themselves prepare for it. Well done for their good deeds!!! As for me, I never tried to auction before and don't think I will do that in the future 'cos the thing is VERY expensive... e.g. a bottle of Martell can be auctioned for S$388. A lady's purse can be auctioned for S$500, etc.

Third, normally there will be ge-tai at the opposite of the 'makan' area. And the auctioneer will shout very loud stating the prices.. So you can imagine how noisy it is... but it can hide my burping sound after drinking a continuous glass of beer..

Oh ya.. before I forgot, also the fourth one, in this dinner, it is also a chance for people to drink beer all-you-can without paying extra. Hahaha... The beer's staffs keep make your glass full even if you only have drunk it for a sip or two, therefore I couldn't even count how many glasses I've drunk hahahahaha.... I just knew that the feeling after drinking those beer were very very good... =) For a moment, I forgot that I was coughing.. and also for a moment, I couldn't even smell the smelly public toilet that I visited many times during the dinner.. hahahaha...

For the ge-tai.. I found that last year's singers sang much better than this year.. The songs were more popular too.. This year, I thought after 881 movie released, there would be some new excitement.. but too bad... there wasn't.

Fifth, the food is normally 8-course meal. As for last night, they served: cold dishes for the opening (jelly fish salad, prawn mayo salad, octopus w/ sauce, ham w/ cucumber, and fried fish cake), shark fin's soup, suckling pig (very nice and crispy skin), steamed fish, fried broccoli w/ abalone mushroom, deep-fried chicken skin filled w/ fish cake w/ hoy sin sauce, fried meat bun, and last one was steamed tapioca w/ coconut milk for the dessert. It's really good... But I think last year was still better.. hehehe.. maybe last year was my first time attending the dinner.. so my impression was stronger... hehehe....

Well... lastly.. thanks to Jeffry for inviting us again this time! Otherwise I wouldn't have chance to attend this kind of dinner... and last night he told me that in 2-weeks time, there would be another one held by the temple and he asked us to go as well.. Hahahaha......

Bakmi ayam plus wuntun

Hehehe... that's what I cooked almost half day for today. I woke up at 7.35am and took Reever a bath and fetched him to his school. Then went back home to wash dishes from yesterday.. quite a lot... fiuh.... After that my mother-in-law together w/ Reiner (my sis-in-law's son), Raymond and I went to the wet market nearby our house to buy all the ingredients. After that we stopped at coffee shop and ate breakfast. I ate my favourite Mee Siam plus Te-O ^^ Then we went back home. Start to cook!!!

I boiled the chicken. My hubby fried the zhu-you or pork oil to get the fragrant oil and the zhu-you-ze (fried pork oil), crispy and nice.. and fattening too... hehehe.... After that I went for toilet break for a while.. hihihi... washed my hands, of course... before cutting out the button mushroom. Once done, I took out the chicken from the soup and cut it into small pieces then fried it lor w/ the mushroom.. hmmmm... smell sooo... good.... hehehehe...

My hubby cut the small red onion (bawang merah) and fried it. I chopped fried pork oil and shrimp and mixed it together w/ ba-cho (minced pork), added some seasonings and done.

Reever came back home from school, then cooked the noodle to him lor.. plus wuntun (wrapped by my mother-in-law & my hubby).

I also ate... hm... plus sambal lampung.. really good!!! Really like Indonesian's bakmi ayam, except that the noodle got the smell... otherwise... hmm.. Ichiban!!! =P

Wahhh... I ate one bowl of noodle topped w/ cooked chicken & mushroom, vegetables, and some dry sweet wuntun & boiled wuntun... I will only eat it again later at night... I'm very full noww.... Hehehe.... too bad I forgot to take picture.. otherwise, I can share it to all of you... hahahahhaha..... Ciao!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Bruce Almighty

I watched the movie yesterday night at Channel 5. There was a scene, which touch my heart. It's about Bruce who loves Grace and so does she. But Grace found Bruce kissing w/ his colleague in a party and it made Grace feeling so bad. Bruce also never thought of proposing Grace to be his wife at that time. And Bruce, who has power from God, tried to hear Grace's pray. And lots of Grace's wishes were about Bruce, such as to protect him, to bless him, and so on.. until he received the new pray.. He heard that.. Grace prayed that she could forget completely about him because she doesn't want to get hurt anymore. And God also tested Bruce and asked Bruce to pray.. He didn't pray that Grace won't forget him, that Grace would love him again.. but he hoped Grace to be happy in any way it is.. even if she has to meet someone new, he just hoped that Grace would be happy with that person.. What an unselfish pray, don't u think so???

I ever prayed the same too to my ex. I didn't pray that he would always love me.. or asked him to go back with me and so on.. But I prayed to God that He would protect him and give him happiness with someone that he loves.. And I guess.. God had heard my pray and found someone for him. I guess he is happy with this girl. And I am still hoping that God would listen to my pray.. that I would be able to completely forget about him =)

I am really happy to see him happy now.. hope everything goes well for him and his girlfriend... ^^

Friday, September 07, 2007


Lonely.. I'm Mr. Lonely.. I have nobody.. All on my ownnnnn ooooohhhhh...

Hm.. I guess everyone gets lonely before.. and everyone hates of being lonely too.. Am I right??? Who is in this world never get lonely before??? It's a normal phase in life that we have to go through anyway... Doesn't mean u alone then u will get lonely.. 'cos sometimes.. even when you're in a crowd, you'll feel lonely too.. And normally during this time, what you really need is someone to talk.. someone to care.. and someone to entertain you..

Let me think.. when were I in such condition... Hm.. yeah.. still in my mind when I was doing my service trainee in Geneva. I felt so lonely. My roommate has her own things to do.. and so do my colleagues.. and that's how I met my first love. Hahahahahaha..... =D Although it didn't last very long... *only about a year plus... but he had given me such a great time! Something extraordinary from my normal life. Didn't hear from him for years and dun think I'm going to meet him again but really thank him for making myself not lonely anymore.

Back to loneliness... This time, although my friends are busy w/ their own things.. I do sometimes feel lonely.. but my naughty son has kept me busy as well.. so not a big deal! Kekeke... Well.. hope I can get a job anytime soon.. at least I was busy but paid. Hahaha... Ok lah.. write 'til here! Enjoy ur day everyone!! Take care!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Help me!!!

Really dying... Getting sick like this.. I think the worst sickness I get this year.. =(((
The throat is itchy again. And now, I'm down with flu too.. Haiz... Holiday like this, really can't get out of the house.. Lucky I got time to take a rest... and understanding mother-in-law to take care my son.. Sorry Baobei, no chance to bring you out more during ur school holiday. Lucky I still managed to bring him to watch Ratatouille yesterday. Cathay has this "Mom & Tots" promotion. Every Tuesday, if you watch movie before 12pm, you can bring in ur little one (under 7 yrs old) for free. So, that's why I brought him lorrr.... But my son got bored inside the movie.. He kept saying things, such as: "Mama, wo hen leng le... - Mama, I'm cold...", "Mama, wo yao shui jiao.. - Mama, I want to get sleep...", "Mama, wo yao hui jia.. - Mama, I want to go home..", etc. Xiao hai zi jiu shi xiao hai zi.. His English is also not so good, that's why he got bored inside the movie..
Wow, I really stay at home leh during this time.. haiz...... help help....

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Annoying cough

Haiz.... the cough really annoys me these past few days. I've followed doctor's advice to drink the antibiotic and cough syrup that he prescribed to me but the cough is still like that. I always fall asleep after drinking it and now my throat is still very itchy =( Hope I can get better soon...
My son also suffers from cough plus flu. I brought him to see doctor yesterday and now he also drinks the 4 syrups given. Hope he can get well soon too...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Birthday card

Just now met Rui Yuan, my school mate, online. She was from the same school in Swiss and she comes from Inner Mongolia (Nei Meng Gu). I just found out that she is now back to China, in Shenzhen and working in Ikea as Communication Specialist and Trading Area Assistant Manager. Wow... what a good title and definitely a very interesting job =)

Another school mate was also working there, as a Human Resource Manager, and her name is Fairy Huang Yu. She is the one who recommended the job to Rui Yuan. What a small world!

She told me just now that she misses me and she still remembered the birthday card that I made for her long time ago. *I don't even remember that. Hahaha....

Another chatting friend was also telling me that she still keeps the birthday card that I made for her before. Hahaha... Yeah.. when I was young, I like to send my friend a birthday card. Because last time we didn't have internet access yet. So airmail was the only mean to communicate with friends. I like to write letters to them as well. Some of my friends still keeps it as well.. Hahaha... I used to record my friend's birthday dates and even still do it 'til now. But since now there is an internet access, wish them through e-card or message would do. *Is it considered less sincere??? Aiyah... not really la?? 'Cos the most important thing is that the heart that counts, do u agree?? =P
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