Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bakmi ayam plus wuntun

Hehehe... that's what I cooked almost half day for today. I woke up at 7.35am and took Reever a bath and fetched him to his school. Then went back home to wash dishes from yesterday.. quite a lot... fiuh.... After that my mother-in-law together w/ Reiner (my sis-in-law's son), Raymond and I went to the wet market nearby our house to buy all the ingredients. After that we stopped at coffee shop and ate breakfast. I ate my favourite Mee Siam plus Te-O ^^ Then we went back home. Start to cook!!!

I boiled the chicken. My hubby fried the zhu-you or pork oil to get the fragrant oil and the zhu-you-ze (fried pork oil), crispy and nice.. and fattening too... hehehe.... After that I went for toilet break for a while.. hihihi... washed my hands, of course... before cutting out the button mushroom. Once done, I took out the chicken from the soup and cut it into small pieces then fried it lor w/ the mushroom.. hmmmm... smell sooo... good.... hehehehe...

My hubby cut the small red onion (bawang merah) and fried it. I chopped fried pork oil and shrimp and mixed it together w/ ba-cho (minced pork), added some seasonings and done.

Reever came back home from school, then cooked the noodle to him lor.. plus wuntun (wrapped by my mother-in-law & my hubby).

I also ate... hm... plus sambal lampung.. really good!!! Really like Indonesian's bakmi ayam, except that the noodle got the smell... otherwise... hmm.. Ichiban!!! =P

Wahhh... I ate one bowl of noodle topped w/ cooked chicken & mushroom, vegetables, and some dry sweet wuntun & boiled wuntun... I will only eat it again later at night... I'm very full noww.... Hehehe.... too bad I forgot to take picture.. otherwise, I can share it to all of you... hahahahhaha..... Ciao!!!

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