Monday, September 10, 2007

Bruce Almighty

I watched the movie yesterday night at Channel 5. There was a scene, which touch my heart. It's about Bruce who loves Grace and so does she. But Grace found Bruce kissing w/ his colleague in a party and it made Grace feeling so bad. Bruce also never thought of proposing Grace to be his wife at that time. And Bruce, who has power from God, tried to hear Grace's pray. And lots of Grace's wishes were about Bruce, such as to protect him, to bless him, and so on.. until he received the new pray.. He heard that.. Grace prayed that she could forget completely about him because she doesn't want to get hurt anymore. And God also tested Bruce and asked Bruce to pray.. He didn't pray that Grace won't forget him, that Grace would love him again.. but he hoped Grace to be happy in any way it is.. even if she has to meet someone new, he just hoped that Grace would be happy with that person.. What an unselfish pray, don't u think so???

I ever prayed the same too to my ex. I didn't pray that he would always love me.. or asked him to go back with me and so on.. But I prayed to God that He would protect him and give him happiness with someone that he loves.. And I guess.. God had heard my pray and found someone for him. I guess he is happy with this girl. And I am still hoping that God would listen to my pray.. that I would be able to completely forget about him =)

I am really happy to see him happy now.. hope everything goes well for him and his girlfriend... ^^

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