Saturday, September 15, 2007

Games' days

Yesterday I took out the CDs' games that I bought last time and started to download the games that I would like to play. Started w/ Cake Mania. I played it 'til end.. hehehe.. very nice, but too bad, it's too short! Then playing Pizza Frenzy, but I think it's more suitable for kids..

And yesterday night my hubby took out and played the game called "Mystery Case Files Prime Suspects". Looks interesting, I thought.. so I played it for a while.. then I was hooked!!! I played it 'til 3am.. kekeke... And this afternoon I continued the games 'til night and managed to solve the mystery.. How happy I am! Hahaha... Now I know why people enjoy playing game. Well, I only play certain games, not all.. I like the game that require me to crack my brain logically but not those games that requires step by step to push the button. I prefer the straight forward one.. aiyah.. I don't think you get what I mean.. hehehe...

Now it's 11.57pm. Time to sleep lah... Gud nite everyone!!!

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