Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Help me!!!

Really dying... Getting sick like this.. I think the worst sickness I get this year.. =(((
The throat is itchy again. And now, I'm down with flu too.. Haiz... Holiday like this, really can't get out of the house.. Lucky I got time to take a rest... and understanding mother-in-law to take care my son.. Sorry Baobei, no chance to bring you out more during ur school holiday. Lucky I still managed to bring him to watch Ratatouille yesterday. Cathay has this "Mom & Tots" promotion. Every Tuesday, if you watch movie before 12pm, you can bring in ur little one (under 7 yrs old) for free. So, that's why I brought him lorrr.... But my son got bored inside the movie.. He kept saying things, such as: "Mama, wo hen leng le... - Mama, I'm cold...", "Mama, wo yao shui jiao.. - Mama, I want to get sleep...", "Mama, wo yao hui jia.. - Mama, I want to go home..", etc. Xiao hai zi jiu shi xiao hai zi.. His English is also not so good, that's why he got bored inside the movie..
Wow, I really stay at home leh during this time.. haiz...... help help....

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