Friday, September 07, 2007


Lonely.. I'm Mr. Lonely.. I have nobody.. All on my ownnnnn ooooohhhhh...

Hm.. I guess everyone gets lonely before.. and everyone hates of being lonely too.. Am I right??? Who is in this world never get lonely before??? It's a normal phase in life that we have to go through anyway... Doesn't mean u alone then u will get lonely.. 'cos sometimes.. even when you're in a crowd, you'll feel lonely too.. And normally during this time, what you really need is someone to talk.. someone to care.. and someone to entertain you..

Let me think.. when were I in such condition... Hm.. yeah.. still in my mind when I was doing my service trainee in Geneva. I felt so lonely. My roommate has her own things to do.. and so do my colleagues.. and that's how I met my first love. Hahahahahaha..... =D Although it didn't last very long... *only about a year plus... but he had given me such a great time! Something extraordinary from my normal life. Didn't hear from him for years and dun think I'm going to meet him again but really thank him for making myself not lonely anymore.

Back to loneliness... This time, although my friends are busy w/ their own things.. I do sometimes feel lonely.. but my naughty son has kept me busy as well.. so not a big deal! Kekeke... Well.. hope I can get a job anytime soon.. at least I was busy but paid. Hahaha... Ok lah.. write 'til here! Enjoy ur day everyone!! Take care!

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