Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Birthday ^^

Hehehe... As usual.. I'm sick during my Birthday! Again????? Three years in a row.. I'm caught w/ flu today.. quite bad although I've taken my medicine. Morning, woken up by my 3rd sis' call. She told me.. birthday's girl should wake up early, otherwise the luck would be eaten by the rooster.. hahahahaha.... Yeah.. it's woken me up, really! I took bath and my hubby has prepared a special "Kai Xin Mee Sua" hehehe.. Thanks you laogong.. complete w/ 2 hard-boiled eggs. And when I ate one of the egg.. guess what? There were 2 yellow eggs in it!!! Wah.. very special oh?? While eating, I watched my favourite Doraemon show on Channel 8. Hihihihi....

Then I received many messages (sms, friendster's message, and e-cards) from friends everywhere.. thanks you to all of you!! My mom called me to wish me Happy Birthday.. and at the same time, I asked her about the trip. She told me we're going to Xiamen, Jiao Ling, then will have a tour to Chong Qing to see the famous "Three Gorges", Yangzi River. Weeee... never I dream to be able to go there.. It's one of my wishes to be able to go there.. Home of "Ma La Huo Guo" hiahiahaihiahia... just wish that I've recovered by the time I reached there.... hopefully ya!!! ^^
Then just now my hubby bought me a birthday cake secretly.. I didn't even know he bought one. It's tiramisu cake.. very nice!!! =) A simple and warm birthday for me ever... =) The cake tasted very good... and looks beautiful too.. like me.. huahahahahahhahahaha.... =D .

Yesterday I went out w/ PY. She gave me 3 blue roses, which she said, means friendship, with little bear w/ it. Very sweet... *see pic... Thanks PY! On top of that, she also gave me Doraemon's birthday presents... Hehehehe..... We went to Bugis and Suntec. We walked2 lor... to see around.. too bad I was sick.. otherwise, we could have eaten more delicious food ya... or cake.. or coffee.. etc. Since I went to Suntec, I went three-round over the fountain.. and quietly make a wish.. hahahaha...... may my wishes come true! =)

Tante, my previous Boss, called me too this morning. I thought she wanted to wish me Birthday.. but she actually got job vacancy for me.. She needs a person to work - urgently needed, but too bad la... I've already planned for my vacation.. hehehe.. She told me to contact her again after I returned back! Thanks, Tante!

I've packed my luggage.. cos I'm afraid I forgot to bring any thing... Hm.. long holiday... yihaaaa!!! What a wonderful life! Oklah.. write till here... Happy Birthday, Rima!!! =P

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