Saturday, June 21, 2008

New fridge.. and patok surround Farrer Park

Kekekeke.... weird title, isn't it? Well, our house's fridge was spoilt since 2 days ago. The freezer's part can't freeze. Just cold. My hubby was little bit headache with the situation and invited 2 so called 'fridge technician' to come over our house and analyze the situation, which I prefer to call them 'cheater'. My hubby just picked any number from the newspaper and called them up. Both of them delayed the time for few hours then finally came. Funny thing was.. they both came empty handed and both wasn't sure if they can solve the problem. They both suggested if we can try to fill the gas but they don't have any equipment with them. And also.. one of them suggest if we want to have second hand one. He said he can find one for us which cost about 150 bucks. Errr... no thanks. I suggested my hubby that he can do part time job like that too.. Just put advertisement in newspaper as ur cost, then if someone called, what you need to do is just go over their place, talk non-sense thing here and there, and tell them that you are not sure if u can solve their problem. And suggest them too to fill the gas.. but tell them also that u don't have the equipment. Conclusion? U got 10 dollar each time u go to people's house. Easy job rite??? Now u know why I told you earlier.. that I guess they more look like 'cheater' rather than a 'technician'. Don't you agree??

So yesterday, after fed up with no solution but already forked up 20 dollar for nothing, my hubby so kanciong went out to Ang Mo Kio to see the fridge at NTUC and Courts. I told him, we may meet at Dobhy Ghout once I finished working then we can look for it at Carrefour and Best Denki. But since when I finished working, he has finished browsing around and found nothing, then we both proceed to Mustafa Centre taking the MRT to Farrer Park.

It was our first time going there by MRT. Usually we took the van there. But since Mustafa is a well-known place to shop, it is not difficult at all to find it. After reached the MRT, we just follow the direction to the nearby exit and walked about 5 minutes. We straightly went in and looked for the fridge. What I like about shopping there is.. there are lots of choices there. Any brand, any model, and of course, cheaper price that what u pay outside. We can compare the products easily. All is there. Rather than go to one shop and see one product and lesser type, Mustafa has offered us with what we want. We managed to pick our choices, narrowed it down into two, either Samsung or Sharp. Quality wise, I dunno which one is better, but I guess, brand wise, Sharp is better. Almost the same price, 560 and 575, with slightly different size.. we then chose the Samsung one. It is bigger (more spacious inside), cheaper ($560), but only 1 year guarantee (Sharp has 3 year guarantee), and Sharp consumes less electricity (annual consumption of 543 instead of 611). Anyway... considering that we have quite lots of people at home and my mother in law won't go to market everyday (maybe twice per week), then we buy a bigger one lor. Well.. done. Problem solved.. at least for now. We paid $25 for delivery charges and now the fridge is in our home.

We cleaned the place first before putting the new new one. We also transfer and select the food from old fridge to new one. Tried to ask few karang guni whether they want to buy.. but nobody is interested in it. Haiz... Perhaps we will just put it downstairs till someone came and picked it up. Otherwise.. I have no idea..
Continue.. after settle our fridge, we had our dinner at nearby Indian food stall.

Both of us ate roti prata and teh ice. The curry was nice. We ate there before.. about two years plus ago.. so it brought us back some memories.. That time we were there to buy the Samsung TV. And now we bought Samsung fridge. Just think.. what to buy next with another Samsung brand. And I told my hubby, perhaps washing machine would be the next one. Hahahaa.... The washing machine at home is quite old already leh... He said.. they use it for 15 over years.. Believe it or not? Hahaha...

Then after makan, we went in again and looked around. We bought something. Then he said he wanted to eat the curry rice at Kitchener Road. We also used to buy the curry rice during our patok time. So we walked there and bought a plate and share it *we were quite full w/ our prata. But I felt very romantic lor.. holding our hands and walking around the area.. and sharing our food.. Hahaha... Well.. just love the moments. We went back by bus and reached home safely.

Today I just cut my hair at nearby our house. Very cheap.. only $7.60 for wash, cut and blow. Baobei cut his hair for only $3.80. Not bad la.. I trimmed my messy hair. And now I'm going to Bishan to have my facial. Gotta go now... hehehe.. have a great weekend everyone... Muach..

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