Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Primary School Registration

Today I took a day off. I woke up at 7am, got myself prepared and went to Xin Min Primary School. It's just 10 mins walk from my house. Reached there at 7.40am. Actually I wanted to have a breakfast first before went in, but I didn't want to waste more time by waiting longer inside, so when I saw people queuing, so I joined the line too. Hehehe... Not many people yet... I got queue number 17. When I went in and sat in the seat provided inside the school, it reminded me on when I first went into my primary one. I felt touching at that moment 'cos now I went in to register my son's primary one. Time flies really fast. At that moment, I sent sms to my mom and told her what I felt. She replied me and saying.. next time you would know how I felt if the children were lazy or got bad marks in school.. Kekeke... Anyway, the registration went well so far. They said they will inform if there is any ballot exercise or not on 6th August. I just can cross my finger and wish for my luck!! The school is not bad. The Xin Min secondary school is quite famous for its students' results, but again... it depends on the student itself. Right or not?

Yesterday night before I slept, I told my son that I was going to register him to Xin Min Primary school this morning. You know what he said? "I wanted to go to the same school with Britney." Then I told him to check with her, in which school she is going to apply? I told him that his school would be 'Xin Min Primary School'. He was unhappy and said that, "I don't want.. I want to go to Primary one..." Kekeke... He doesn't even know what primary one means... He thought it's the school's name.. Too bad I couldn't find out from Britney where does she go to next year 'cos today she didn't attend the class. Well.. it's all fate ba! Leave it to the above. Just wish for the best... Jia you!!!

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