Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not every story has a happy ending.. Not for the last drama that I watched. Watching it marathon last Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday night, the 32 series had finally ended and it ended sadly... Once I told my hubby, the Taiwanese actor/actress are actually quite good. They can express themselves as if it's real. The title of the series is 'The Girl in Blue'. At first I thought, why the title is so weird.. Is it because the girl always wears blue clothing? I tried to notice her clothings, well, yes, she wears blue, but not wearing it all the time. She also wears other colours too... When the story ended, I just realised, the title is like that because she has been facing sadness al the time.., although there were lots of moments of happiness too.
Sickness and die are part of life. It can happen to anyone, anytime. Didn't see how young or how old you are. Didn't see how rich or how poor. Didn't see how beautiful or how ugly. It's just happening to everybody. Only after they found their happiness, this thing happened! How sad it is!!!
One day we'll face it too.. To lose someone we love.. Or people who we love will lose us. Just hope that we can all face it bravely and always think that no matter what.. Live still goes on! When someone is gone, doesn't mean the world stops going around. Doesn't mean our lives have ended too. It's just a reality that there is nothing permanent in life. What you can do is treasure every second and every minutes you get together.
I'm talking to myself too.. Not always spending time to watch series and neglecting your hubby and son! :D still can watch, but limit your time la!!! Not watching it continuously day and night, ok? They also need your love and attention hor!! Me: 'OK OK!!! I will do some changes on it, OK?' :)
Have a great day everyone!!!

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