Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Office Christmas Party :)

Love X'mas Party Set - Sakae Sushi

It's been some time since we had party in our department. Last year we had lunch at nearby restaurant, and this year, we decided to have party in our office. The previous organizers have left and the replacement staff was quite new. Since I'm quite close with kitchen staffs, I decided to help them organising it. It used to be part of my job. This time, I just helped her and guided her on how to do and what to prepare :)

There was exchange gift as well. I was just afraid people didn't want participate but they did. Quite happy with it :)

So this evening, we had our party. My colleagues are quite helpful with preparing the area and also cleaning. I helped out taking the food from kitchen. :P I didn't know why, my Boss started to tell how good I'm as party organizer. I was so 'paiseh'. She often praises me in front of everybody. Haiz... You know la, people might think something else. Just hope they didn't....
It's yuan fen ba.. and I'm thankful that she is at least knowing what I do and appreciate it, but most of the times she would expect more from me. Just hope I can grow and be better.

Food for the party :)


Well, I got set of toiletteries. I thought it's gonna be another chocolate, but it wasn't. At least I can use it hehehe...

X'mas Finance Party - 28 Dec 11

Oklah... Hope all of you had a great Christmas time as well.. Belated Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Live well - love much - laugh often

4 more days to 2012. Christmas has just over. It's a rare long weekend and time to get good rest and enjoying good food. Happens that every 24th (X'mas Eve) is my sis-in-law's birthday and weather was cooling so that they decied to have steamboat at home. In the afternoon, my hubby and I went to furniture shop and bought items that we need, but not all yet. We tried to get a good bargain with the seller. The shop has been there for 56 years according to Auntie, and was passed by her parents, and she was acting more like middleman, helping us ordering the goods that we chose from catalog. Weeks before that we went to various furniture shops to see the actual items and so far the prices we got were the best offer we could get. But I can't be happy too early as I haven't seen the actual items yet. Hopefully the workmanship is not making us disappointed with prices that we paid.

After that we went back home and enjoyed the steamboat. My son received 2 presents from his aunts and he waited until 12am to open it. He was very exciting about it and he got the things that he wanted... Gundam!!! He started his craze about Gundam since the Gundam Expo at Compass Point. I bought the first Gundam to him. Then he went to HK. His ie ie bought 1 for his birthday present and he bought himself another one as his own present. His kangma bought two for his Birthday present, and his aunt bought 1 for him. So, with the 2 Christmas presents, he has 8 Gundam collection now. He also often watches youtube for Gundam review and he even recorded the review himself. But the file is too big. He recorded almost 10 mins each time. That's why I didn't post it to youtube yet.

On Christmas day, hubby and I finally bought our sofa. Price has increased by 100 dollar since the day we saw. No choice, CNY is coming. If we wait, the price may have increased again. Then we headed to Punggol to see the wardrobe and kitchen cabinet. We cleaned up a little bit then went back home. Another round of stemboat :)

It's replacement of public holiday on Monday. I spent the morning time having breakfast and watching Taiwanese drama - My Splendid Life - and finished the whole 38 episodes :D After that hubby and I went to IKEA. We reached there about 4.40pm and walked until 9pm. We purchased some items for kitchen and other thing. Reached home 10 plus by cab. So tired...

When we reached our house, we saw there were lots of sandals outside our neighbour's house. My feeling said something bad happened. Before we went to IKEA, my hubby saw 2 police officers outside our house and when he went out, they asked my hubby if he knows where our neighbours were. My mother-in-law thought they were having gathering for Christmas celebration, but I told my hubby, I didn't think so. I saw Auntie was sitting down inside wearing black colour cloth. I was guessing something happened to her husband, since her husband was working as Taxi driver. I was hoping my gut was wrong. When the group left her house, my hubby went there and asked what happened. When I went there, I saw Aunty was crying and telling me that her husband passed away this afternoon. He was over tired and couldn't be saved.

My hubby was crying too. They have been staying there before hubby and his families moved to his house. The daughter was so young and now has grown up to teenager. Hubby said, he could see they slowly improved their house, like changed the door gate, air-con, and recently just purchase mattress. He made a living by driving taxi. They didn't expect it happened that fast. Yesterday my hubby still saw him outside his house and talking with people. And now, he is no more alive.

Life is really unpredictable. People can just go away like that. So, always remind ourselves to love and treasure our loving ones while they are alive. Don't wait until you're rich, until you have time. etc. If got chance, do it now.

May Uncle next door be bornt in better world. Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta - Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ups and downs

Quite busy these past two days due to Birthday parties but I'm glad that we had a chance to get together :)

Happy 9th Birthday Baobei!!!

Cheers.... :)

Birthday Dinner @Aston Hougang

Happy 9th Birthday Baobei!!! This year you're probably the happiest person on earth having your dreams come true... But remember, it doesn't come all the time. You might have to fight for your happiness in the future, 'cos happiness won't last forever.

This what I feel now. Like we all know, life is full of ups and downs. I've been happy all this time and somehow I'd expecting any down time. Well, probably I had down times too, it's only that it's unnoticeable, or perhaps, I just ignored it? Or think positively?
Just received letter from CPF yesterday that the HPS scheme was rejected due to my current condition. Well, it's predictable and something that I don't have control to prevent. And I was telling myself to put that condition when signing it as I don't want to hide anything from them. It exists and I must live with it. Either they accept or they reject. No point hiding it and next time when something happen, they will dispute it, and I would even be more headache and disappointed than now. I just have to face the truth. Plus, think positively!!!

Who in the earth know how long more will you live? Some healthy people might just pass away due to accident, or even suddenly diagnosed with cancer, or even had stroke or heart attack. Remember the latest case of 21 yrs old man collapsed and died after finishing t he marathon??? This morning, I read that the oldest person in Sgp passed away yesterday t age of 113 years old. If she had bought HPS that would last 20-30 years, she might have just paid and paid, anyway, she was still healthy and nothing had happened to her until yesterday.

So, I was just telling myself, if they didn't approve it, so what? Yes, I have risk someday I might have other sickness, need to pay lots of hospital bills, but it has to happen, then I have no control over it, although if there is insurance to cover the bill, it would be much better. Anyway... when it comes, just hope that I would have strength to face it and carry on.

Baobei, remember, now you're fed with silver spoon. You could get whatever you wished for. But it won't always be like this. Please learn to be content and grateful and treasure, also share with others. I hope I can share with others too so they could have less burden with their problem.

Dajie Birthday Dinner @California Pizza Kitchen

After dinner @Orchard Road

Dajie, happy birthday too!! You are also good and kind person. Good karma will follow you. Very lucky to have all good sisters, brother, parents, families surround me. Thank you SB :)

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Happy holiday Baobei!!!

This morning alarm clock was ringing pretty early. I set it up at 5am!!! My bro told me that he will reach our home at 6.30am. I thought it was me travelling. Usually I need about an hour time to take a bath, dressing, check my luggage etc. My son only required less than 10 mins to get himself brushing his teeth, washing his face, changing his clothes and wearing socks and shoes. kekekeke.... He woke up at 6am and ended up watching cartoon outside, almost fell asleep again hehehehe....

My bro reached here at 7am. We waited at drop off point and headed to airport once he came. The check-in queue was super long. We needed to wait for about half an hour before our turn. When it's done, we went to B2 and had breakfast. I forgot to bring my wallet!! So I just watched my son eating and shared drink with him.

Three of them were excited with their holiday. My mom was waiting inside boarding gate and wait to see them. They took SQ Airbus 380 and children were seating on 2nd storey. I haven't taken that plane before!!! Lucky son!! My parents sponsored their holiday trip this time :D

Heard that they reached HK, directly headed to SZ by boat. My father, uncles, and aunt were waiting for their arrival. My parents went to SZ to attend one of relative's wedding. They were invited and had reunion over there. So children would add their excitement hahahaha... maybe they would feel bored.. well, never know.... :P

It's cool over there, around 15 degree? My son only brought one long pant jeans and he would wear it for few days there...same like his dad... hahahahhaa..... His luggage is only 6 kg as my mom worried that she had to carry heavy luggage. Anyway, once they reach HK, my son can borrow my sis' son's clothes.. hehehe...

When I went back home, I found myself alone. My mother-in-law was going to market. I felt something missing!!! My son's noisiness!!! Miss him... miss his laughter, miss his angry, miss his non-sense, miss his everything!!! Well, could be good as well, at least I could feel quiet when studying. Haiz... didn't study much today. Watching TV show while having veg beehoon for breakfast. The show lasted 3 hrs 'cos I wanna know what happened with the story.

Slept in afternoon for 2 hours. Hubby called and woke me up. Lucky I managed to clean up the dust and toilet in my room as there were few interested buyer taking a look at our house. Yesterday I managed to clear all mess up in my son's room too. Quite impressive with the clean-up.

I'll be missing my son's room. This is where I spent my time studying and took a nap sometimes hehehe... One thing, hope can find buyer soon. Another thing.. will feel ad leaving this place. I've been staying here since 2002. It's going to 10 years. There is a deep feeling with this house and surrounded area, including hawkers and neighbourhood.

There is nothing last forever. When it's time to move on and carry on, it's time. Life still has to go on. Just hope all of us can adapt to stay in nw place and everything will be developed soon. Gonna miss the vegetarian stalls here....

Well, time to sleep now. Good night.. Hope tomorrow I can focus more on study. Hiks.... Nite....

Monday, November 28, 2011

Wish us Luck!!!

Year end is coming. Well, I really didn't expect that our flat is coming that soon. Yet I've signed up with course and upcoming exam. Past few weeks, weekend was burnt with trips to prepare my new flat. Bought things required, settled on renovation plan, measurement, choosing colours and materials, bargaining for furnitures, etc. End up, no time for studying and preparing my exam.

I can hardly sleep after woking up for pee almost everyday. Perhaps I was worry too much about myself not preparing enough for my exam. Usually I would be prepared 70 percent at this moment, while now, it's piece by piece and haven't gone through everything yet.

Still remember the teacher told us to believe in ourselves when entering the exam hall, believe that we can. I just hope I can remember that and all things she has taught us. Perhaps I just give myself too much pressure.

As for everything else, just hope everything will go on smoothly. Hope my family anf myself can adapt to new environment when we move out later on. Wish us all the best!! Another worry, that we can't sell our current flat on time.. Haiz... really need your pray and bless... Hope everything will go smoothly...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last class of the year

Just attended the last class of the year. 18 hours of continuous revision class since last Saturday until just now. It's a good one, refreshing what we've learnt in previous part-time class. Get a clearer view and tactics how to answer question. What I need now is practise. Have applied leave this Thur and Fri. Apart from settling the renovation agreement, I need time to revise. However, here is an invitation for BBQ event this Saturday. Still can't decide to go or not. If weather is good, I'll go with my cute fatty boom boom boy hehehe...

He just took his report book. His overall marks are 305 upon 400 and continue to P4C with his best friend, Eugene. He has reached average level, just hope he can maintain it and not go down along the time. Jia you ah Bao bei!!!

He has visited doctor 4 times this month and didn't go to school for 4 days. First time was due to continued vomiting, so doctor gave him medicine to smoothen up his bowels. Second, to stop his bowel... Then last Thur, he suddenly felt very weak after coming back from school and got a fever. Doctor gave him antibiotic and a very strong Panadol. And yesterday he went fot the forth time due to rash appearing on his body. Doctor said he was allergic with the strong dose of Panadol. walao, wonder is it a strategy of current doctor that my son had to go twice for each problem... Anyway there are two more days left before holidays. Hope he is alright!!!

Well. write 'til here. My appetite is horrible these past two days. Maybe stress because of upcoming exam. Haiz.. gain so much weight recently, and now 'da bao' horfun home.. hahahaha... Oklah... good nite!!! Ciao!!!

Saturday, November 05, 2011


Finally I stepped into Phillipines. Saw Phillipinos everywhere but it's first time to step on their land :) My friend, Ann and I took a same flight there. We took midnight flight, budget airlines, Cebu Airlines. We departed at about 1am and reached Manila at 4.30am. Queueing almost an hour in the immigration, then found our way to go to domestic airport at T3, lvl 3.
We waited in less than an hour and met Ching, our friend from Taiwan. She also took a flight at about 1.30am and reached Manila earlier than us, then we took a same flight to Legazpi.

It's an hour journey there. We were picked up by the hotel and they drove us to one place for us to take a boat to the resort. We saw the active volcano, Mt Mayon everywhere. It was quite nice :) When we took a boat, I could feel a taste of freedom and mixture with nature. Love it very much. it's a thing that I find in Sgp. Suddenly all my 'fan nao' went away. Hahahaha....

We took a buggy - electric car for golfer to the lobby of the hotel. We were welcomed with simple folded leaves shaping fish and were given cold towel. In the lobby, we were given coconut drink and keropok (fish crackers) and its vinegar dip. We found it weird at first, but after a while, it was kinda addictive to eat more and more hehehehe...

Our room was deluxe room and located behind the villas area. Lucky me and my friend read some comments about the hotel room before coming here so we would know what the situation was likeand expect less. Although the location was not in the middle, but the room is nice. Kinda modern style and okelah... Only that they delivered our luggage quite late... So we were just waiting hopelessly inside our room. Kekeke...

They announce lunch open from 11 to 2pm., but when we reached at 11.40am, it was not ready at all. Lunch would only be started at about 12.30pm. There was salad as opening. Tom yam soup was very nice!! I took two bowls of it :) There were BBQ chicken with baked potatoes and local vegetables. I tried bbq fish as well, but not nice. When we almost started dessert, my friend came wth a plate of BBQ pork. Wow!! It was amazing! Tasted really good!! I took another plate after that :D and ordered a pint of San Mig in the hot afternoon. What a nice afternoon!!!

We finally met the groom to be and he sat with us chit chatting. He brought Krispy Kremes for lunch as well, but not so fresh la... Overall was good. After lunch we went back to our room. We took a bath and took a nap til 5.30pm.

When we woke up, we got ready and ask the buggy driver to fetch us from the main door.
We were late one hour from the supposed starting time, but it was ok hehehe... We met up with other ex-schoolmates as well and had a great reunion. We sat on a long table, having a great dinner serving babi panggang (roasted pork), roasted beef, grill fish, etc. Simple but nice :) We could order alcohol beverages, paid by the couple, and so was the dinner. We were sitting under the half moon and stars, and had a good conversation like we never had before hehehe... There was a live band, choir by children from neighbourhood area, etc.

There was a sudden rain at about 10.30pm. We decided to go back to our room at 11pm. We took a bath and took a rest now. Make sure we have enough rest for tomorrow's activity.

Well, I'm so sleepy and tired, but happy. Allow me to have a good rest... Good night everyone!! Have an enjoyable weekend!!! Greetings from Misibis!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Our system was error since Monday 3pm. It stopped us for doing necessary things for closing. Lucky we didn't wait too long. We went back at 7pm. The other side, some were staying overnight hoping that it would revive anytime but too bad it was still not working even the morning came.

Found out to be hardware problem. The team has tried to find the core and fix the hardware. But they need time to downloading back the back-up data.

It finally resumed at 5pm, but all data keyed in on Monday was all gone and we need to re-do. Oh well... my staffs had to stay back including myself. I was so tired and went back at about 10pm.

Lucky everything is so far so good and I try to catch up the rest by today, latest by tomorrow. phiew.... I was worrying that I would have to cancel my trip this weekend. Seems like I have to sip the last class again tomorrow. Try my best to attend the first half, but see the situation first as something may not be as per planned.

Well, just hope everything would go smoothly and we all can come back in one piece safely and soundly. Happy working!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

House Inspection from FS Master :)

It's been my dream that one day my father can inspect my new house and give advise to us on what to do, when to move, where to put, and so on. Finally my dream has come true :)

He likes FS very much. He has been learning it since young and I prefer to believe that he can do it. He has passion on it. Not only looking at new house. He also went to offices, factory, and even graveyard. So when I told him I could collect my key, he was immediately asking my mom to book ticket to here. I really thank and appreciate their efforts to come. Thank you pa. Thank you ma.

This afternoon we went for site inspection. Supposedly I had a class from 10 to 1pm. But my hubby last minute has to work. So I had no choice but to skip it. Then at first I intend to fetch my son to his Chinese class, but he wasn't feeling well. Last night he was awoken and vomit. And it's been added with stomach pain. So he had to skip his class too and I brought him to se doctor. After having medicines then we went out to the site.

At first he measured the length and width of the house and find the centre point of the house. Then he took out his compass and try to find direction where to put stove in the kitchen. Only certain angle. Then he looked around, giving some advises here and there. As for the width of the door, he was quite satisfy. Nowadays the room and toilet doors width for new homes, all 88cm width, while entrance is 108cm. He only requested the main door to be made into 1 pc rather than divided into one big and one small. But we are not sure if we are allowed to do so, since the door is specially made for fire-proof. Need to ask. Then there is small window to access to air-con compressor, and he asked us to cover it from the opp structure. We are also not sure if we can do so since we read before in the rules that we can't cover that area.

He also requested to block the two doors in front of the main door which lead to the balcony. We need to do something about it as if there is no door there, etc.

Date has been chosen as well on when to move. It'll be after CNY. Hopefully there is enough time to do whatever things that need to be done. Overall he quite likes the place.

We finished at 3pm and had lunch together before my brother sent us back home. My son was sleeping on the floor while we were there and now sleeping beautifully in my room. Once reached home, he was directly entered the toilet and po po there. Kekeke... hope he gets well soon.

So now, after his visit, we know what to do lor. It'a clearer now. Oklah, write 'til here first. Wanna take a rest too... Cya...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy year-end

Finally we received a letter from HDB to collect our key this Friday. We have been waiting for this house since 2008 and it's finally done. Quite early from our expectation. We thought it's going to be next year's affair. Well, mixed feelings arise with the upcoming changes. New house means new area to live in, new environment, new living style, etc. We are going to miss our convenient area that we have now. Wonder if we will be having a nice vegetarian stall nearby our house, supermarket within walk distance, school within walk distance, etc. Yes, maybe 3-5 more years later. Hope that they'll build a mall nearby the MRT, or market and hawker centre for instance.

Punggol Waterway has been done and was started yesterday, but too bad it is not anywhere near within our house. It's on the other side. I have already planned of buying some kind mode of transports such s bicycles, so that we can find our food, buy our things. and of course, exercising within the area. Hehehe... but scared one day lost our bicycles due to thefts... so if wanna buy, also buy second hand one. Not only cheaper, but also not really demanded by thief ba?? As long it's still workable and in good shape.

My parents will come over this weekend. I have asked papa to take a look at our house since he has knowledge on feng shui, also lots of experience with the building construction. Mom is coming too... Just hope everything will go smoothly... Hope we will be able to stay peacefully in our new house later.. and slowly resolve our changes in environment and everything.. Jia you!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Macau Trip 23-25 September 2011

It's been a great trip! 3h40m flight from Singapore. We took cab to the hotel. While waiting for the room to be ready, we went out to see the Grand Lisboa. Tried to book to Saturday's dinner but many places were fully booked. Wanna eat dim sum at their restaurant too, but again, need a reservation and would only open 1 hour later. So we decided to walk to other places. Stopping by the supermarket and bought some candies for kids back home. We had our lunch at Din Tai Feng serving Taiwanese food. Oow... I had zha jiang mian, hubby had pork chop rice and we shared pan fried bun, completed with hot soya milk. Very full...

I went there before about 4 years ago and we stay in the same hotel. I choose this hotel because of its great location and affordable price. It's clean too. It's really convinient to go out to casinos from there. Really love it.

Nearby the hotel, there are shops selling branded watch, jewellery shop, Chinese delicacies such as shark fins, abalone, etc. So we used our instinct to find our way back to hotel. My hubby use the police station as the guideline. Kekeke...

We finally could go into our room at 1pm. We took a rest for a while and went out at about 2.30pm. We planned to go to Taipa area, to Venetians hotel. We saw there was bus to Venetians and we sat on that bus no. 25. But at the end, it didn't stop or pass by the place we wanted to go. We passed by lots of local residency area, and got lost. Kekeke... We took another bus to Taipa. Again, I think we missed out the stop. The signage inside the bus seemed to spoil. We stopped somewhere and continued our journey by cab. Although overall fee was still cheaper, we wasted 1.5 hr journey just to get there. Kekekee....

Self taken pic inside Venetians

We finally reached Venetians. We passed through the casinos, smoking and non-smoking one, went up to 3rd level to shop around (weird, they don't have 2nd floor, only 1st and 3rd floor). We bought perfumes at SASA, proved to be the cheapest we can find. We took pictures of the gondola, outside view of the hotel, etc. It's a shopping heaven. You can find lots of shops around.

I thought of having dinner at Hard Rock Cafe since there is a new Hard Rock Hotel opposite of the Venetians. However, they said it's not opened yet and still under refurbishment and would only open in about 11 days time. So we took shuttle bus to MGM hotel. There were many shuttle bus provided free from one casino to another, also from the harbour terminal to those hotels. Really convenient.

We went in and had a look inside. As usual, branded shops were all over. We took cab to Largo de Senago, which is centre of the city. We bought almond cookies and other snacks at Koi Kei bakery. We went to the original shops at Rue de Felicidade.

We took some pictures there and on the way back passing by a noodle restaurant and decided to have our dinner there. The noodle was very thin. We also ordered pork chop bun. Wow, it tasted so good!!! The bread blended well with the pork chop. Price was reasonable too. Next time I will eat there if I got a chance to go there :D

After dinner we walked back to hotel. Stopping by outside Grand Lisboa and took pictures there. The lights were all on and it was beautiful. We stopped by supermarket buying beers. Damn! It was very cheap!!! Around sgd 2.50 for 3 cans of imported beer!!! Wish Singapore would sell that cheap!! Yah, dream on.... :P

We took a rest and slept to get ourselves ready for the next day!

24th Sep 2011 - After having breakfast in the hotel, we took a coach and started our city tour at 11am. First drop was Fisherman's Wharf. We had a walk around there and went into Sands casino and won 40hkd from the dice machine kekeke... We then had lunch as included in the package.

After lunch, we started our tour to Macau tower. Hubby and I went up to 58th and 61st floor. It's my hubby's first time experiencing the tower. There were transparent glasses on the floor where we could see the view below the tower. Hehehe... There were outdoor activities from on top of the tower such as bungy jumping, sky walks, etc. We happened to see someone jumping from 61st floor. Wow!! Quite scary!!! I don't think I can do it even people would pay for it. Hahaha....

Eating Pork Bun from Tai Lei Loi Kei

At the Ruin of St Paul's Cathedral

We stayed for a while as there were many other places in the itinerary that we still had to go. Continued with visit of A-ma temple. Age of 500 years temple, it was still standing there. I was fortunate enough to be able to see it again :) We prayed there. Then went to Ruin of St Paul. Lucky we had been there the night before 'cos we were only given a short time to look around. After that we went to Venetian. We were given only 1 hour. I managed to buy Coach poach for my own birthday present :) My first own buying Coach.. Hahaha...

My own birthday present ;D

We run back to the coach as there was not enough time and luckily we reached there on time. We couldn't get late as there were many people rushing for their ferries back to Hong Kong. After that then we went back to hotel.

At about 8.30pm, my second sis and her hubby knocked our door. They went to see us from Hong Kong. So exciting to see them there. She passed me snacks from HK, birthday presents, etc.

Birthday present from Erjie - Thank you Erjie!!!

Dinner with Erjie and Er Jiefu

We had dinner at Chinese restaurant. They ordered steamed chicken, fried pigeon, stir-fried pig. liver with green chilli, sweet and sour pork ribs, claypot tofu. All was nyummy!!!

Er Jie and Er Jiefu

While waiting for the firework, we went to Grand Lisboa. Jiefu got back the dinner's money there. Hehehe... We then walked to the area where we could see the firework. It was not as big as I imagined, but it was displayed for quite long, about 20 mins.

With a view of Macau Tower

Beautiful Firework

After that we went inside Wynn. Jiefu and I played few games there. I was just playing for fun. When we came out, there was water dancing show. So we stopped and took a look at it. Quite nice :)

Casino view at night

We then went to different casinos in that area. Small, big, old and new.. it was something I never did before. Hehehe.... We walked until 2am. On the way back to hotel, Erjie suggested to have supper, because otherwise we would just sleep and would not have chance to chit chat anymore. So we stopped by at one Chinese shop and ordered steamed dumpling, kuo tie, zha jiang mian, and stir fried pork intestine with chilli. Not bad, quite nice. Plus 2 bottle of Qing Dao beer :D

We went back hotel and I packed my luggage. Woke up at 6am. Get ready, had our breakfast, then left the hotel to airport. We flew back to Singapore at 10am.

It was a short trip, but overall it's enjoyable. Hubby loves being there too. He hopes to be able to go there again in the future... hehehe...

Ok lah, write 'til here. Finally I can finish the story :D

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"It's better to have few of true friends than a lot of fake friends"

It's a pack week. On Monday night, I had dinner with my two Indonesian good friends. One, knew since kindergarten, and another one, knew since junior high school. Three of us stay here in Sgp. Although in middle we were studying in different countries, eventually all of us decided to stay over here. We also keep in touch all the time. They attended my wedding dinner too. Really grateful knowing them.

They specially asked me out for dinner, to celebrate my upcoming birthday. Simple Indonesian dinner at Lucky Plaza, but our conversation was still the same.. Full of warmth laughter. After that we sat in McD and one of my friends had a cuppa of coffee while we chit chatted.

PREGO @Fairmont Singapore

Ellen, Me, Joyce and PY

Yesterday night there was another gathering. This time with friends I knew from my current working place. They were no longer working here, but we have this affinity, perhaps our thinking match one to another. So 4 of us can connect together. We enjoyed our dinner so much. It feels good when you have few good friends sitting down and chit chatting together. I really treasure all friendship I have and really wish that we'll still be good friends 'til we grow old, supporting each other.

Me and Hubby

Dinner @Pizza Hut

On Wed night, I was asking my hubby to bring along my mother-in-law, my son, my sis-in-law with her son to have dinner together at Pizza Hut nearby our house. I went there right after work. We also enjoyed our dinner. My sis-in-law's son and my son enjoyed the food so much. I never see him enjoying spaghetti that much. Hahaha... I supposed to treat them, but my sis-in-law insisted to pay the bill. She told my hubby, all this while, she never gave me any present during my birthday. So it's a chance for her to treat me. Wah, wo hao gan dong :) I feel the warmth of the family.

And Thursday night.. I supposed to have a class. But in the morning, I received the sms from school informing the cancellation of the class. I was sooo... happy!! Hahaha... 'Cos my bro invited me to her daughter's birthday and I couldn't attend because of the class. But since it's been cancelled, I had a chance to join the birthday party :) We had dinner at her nanny's house. Auntie cooked fried noodle, chicken curry, oatmeal prawn, sweet and sour pork, deep-fried tofu with minced meat on top, stir-fried vegetable, and fried pempek (Indonesian fish cake) bought from Jakarta. It was a warmth meal as well. I'm really glad having a chance to eat together. There were my sis-in-law's cousin as well.

2R chose mini Pictionary game as a birthday present for her. She opened it first and we had a game before singing a Birthday song. We had fun guessing what the other party tried to draw in a mini man statue and a box. :)

We went back home at about 10pm. I took a bath, prepare my luggage and only slept at 12.30am. My hubby was so funny. He didn't use to with the flight time. We will fly at 6am, so need to wake up at 3am and go to airport from home at 3.30am. When I was packing my luggage, he didn't fill his clothes there. I was wondering if he was not going to go?? When alarm rang, I woke him up. He was really blur!!! I can't forget his blur face.. Haahaha... He thought we fly the next morning. Haiya... Anyway, we are in the airport now. Just had our big breakfast at McD. In a while, we're going into the departure hall.

Yesterday I received flowers with pillows from secret admire in the office. Hehehehe.... I read the card and I know who sent it to me. Thank you my dear friend for regarding me as your closest buddy! Finally there is someone expressing feeling and regards me as best friend :) Really treasure our friendship together :)

Well, I write til here. I wanna wish myself Happy Birthday!! Hope there are many upcoming more dreams to come true!! Always remind myself that life is short, so enjoy your precious life as you can and take care of your good health as much as you can do!! Enjoy your trip and have fun!!!! Happy holiday!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Photos sharing from Dubai

Burj Al Arab (7th Star Hotel) from Jumeirah Beach

With my driver for sand dunning

Riding on camel in desserts

Giant Aquarium inside Dubai Mall - the largest mall in the world

Burj Khalifa - The tallest building in the world

It's been 2 weeks since my last post. Dubai was great! The planning for the city was brilliant. Too bad there were many projects abandoned due to economic crisis in 2009. It's an eye opener to see what it looks like. Been to the highest building in the world was my dream, and finally came true. Well, in the future there may be a new building which will be higher than Burj Khalifa, but when it comes, then plan for another trip then... Hahaha...

This week I'm kinda busy. Tonight my school friends dated me for dinner and tomorrow my close friends dated me for another dinner. It will only leave me a night for 2R since I'll have class on Thur and will fly on Fri :)

Well, going back to work soon! Talk again when I'm free :D Have a great week ahead!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Stepping in Dubai

It took 7 hours flight from Singapore to Dubai. Reach here 8.45am Singapore time or 4.45am Dubai time. There is 4 hours difference.

It's a long queue for the custom. The guy officers wearing white colour 1 piece cloth with black ring on top of white cloth covering their head, while the ladies officers are all wearing black from head to toe.

When waiting inside the gate, those passengers of Emirates were all come from different places with different nationalities. Our destinations were different as well. It's very interesting to see the melting pot inside the plane. Reminded me time when I was studying overseas. After two years there, when times I went back home, I felt a bit weird mixing with Asian majority country. It took me quite some time to adapt. Hehehe... But I feel very grateful for my parents for giving me opportunity to open my eyes to the world. See different country, different culture, and many more.

I read the lonely planet about Dubai before coming here. The author said Dubai is mixture of different nationalities with cheaper labour comes mostly from Asian countries. I can see the impact right away. The f&b workers are majority held by Phillipino. Only those officers, police, are from UAE. Cleaners are from India. Heard the construction workers here earned a very little money. Sometimes they were forced to work under hot sun as well.

Well... It's 7.35am now. My parents are arriving soon. Tty again :) I can see it's hot outside, but hasn't felt it yet :D Just hope I can survive 'cos usually I get lethargic easily in hot weather. Well, enjoy your day everyone!!!

Ready for a short break!!!

Having foot massage while waiting for the gate to open. Trying very hard to keep my eyes opened. Can't wait to get a sleep in the airplane. Flight will be at 1.40am. Now it's still 12.30am. Another hour to go.

Didn't take any snacks nor drink as it's quite late already and I need to slim a bit. Getting fat liao. Hope the hot weather there would be like a sauna, can burn my fat a lil bit. Hahahaha....

Well, hope after foot massage, I can get sleep easily and have a deep sleep. I really need a rest so that I can have full bar of energy to spend a very short 3 full day trip.

Oklah.. After it's done, I'm going to wee wee again, have some portable water then starting to queue for the gate. Wish me have a smooth and pleasant journey. Hope I can meet my parents easily. Otherwise.... Get lost in desert kekekekee...

Good nite everyone!!! Have a good week ahead!!!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Counting down to holiday

Two more working days, I'll soon fly. It's been my dream to see more part of the world. See how it looks like, feel their weather, see their culture, try their delicate culinary, purchase some souvenir as memorable item that I'd been there, etc. :)

New place to go. Only heard it before that friend ever worked there, but no detail given. I guess it's for me to find out myself :D

It's still summer over there, expecting a very hot weather. Dunno if sunlight would forgive me and won't hurt my body too much.. Kekeke.... Getting ready feels like inside sauna.

Well, going to write the details after return, so can compare what I expect it's gonna be before departure and what it'll be after returning back home :D

Tomorrow it's gonna be another busy day. Will bring baobei for his two classes, after that we'll attend my friend's daughter birthday celebration. Have bought a gift for her, hope she likes it :)

Sunday it's gonna be a resting day, pack my lugagge, and hopefully can do some notes revision. PY asked me go to JB which I wanted to, but too bad not at the right time.

Seems like my parents holiday is going smoothly, thank you SB for everything. However, it's not ended yet. Please protect them wherever they are. Longing to see them soon.

Going to change notes after work. Wanna see their money, how it looks like. Hehehe... Have a great day everyone!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Saturday we elected our President. Too bad, the chosen one is not a desirable one. Haiz.. What to do?

Me, my friend and son went to shop at Causeway Point in the evening. It was under renovation still, but quite big changes. I bought a dress, but just realised that the size is not as expected, nor I remember which size I tried before in the shop. My friend helped me to exchange on Sunday, but seemed that they hanged the cloth into wrong hanger size and they didn't have the size 12. I can fit the dress, only that it was a little bit too short. So I thought of trying one size bigger and see how will it be. Later I'm going to try at the other branch since they didn't have it there.

Nothing much on Sunday. Took a nap from 4-8pm. Had meal 3 times a day, enough to make me fat.

The hurricane went to New York yesterday and my parents were in Miami. They should be in the cruise now. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and they can go according to their schedule.

Well, month-end is here. Stock-take is here again. And so the month-end closing. Going to be busy this week.

Tomorrow is Hari Raya, so fast ah? Next Tue I'm going for holiday. Hope everything is going on smoothly too.. Well, happy working and living!! Have a great week ahead!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I almost have to say goodbye to my dear BB. Yesterday the trackball was angry with me. It only rolled up, left and right, but not rolled down. I was devastating this morning, even asked my hubby to buy a new iphone for me. Haiz.. I actually wait for either a BB9900 or iphone 5, which will arrive in one or two months later. I almost gave up my dear BB.

Luckily it gets better and I have to move it softly and handle it with care. Oh my dear BB, you know I love you right?? I also don't want to leave you out that fast. We've been together for 2 years and hope there are many more months or even year ahead. :D

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

zhu ni yi lu shun feng ma and pa...

This evening they are going to start their holiday by flying to NY and transit at Dubai. Heard there was an earthquake in Virginia near the nuclear plant and its quake could be felt in NY as well. Hope it's over and won't happen during their visit. There is an Irene hurricanne as well in Dominique Republic, Haiti area, and predicted will go up to Northwest, which includes Florida. They will only fly to Miami in few days time. Hopefully by the time they reach Florida, the hurricane has over and they can enjoy their cruise smoothly.

SB please protect them during all their journey... It's been my father dream to be able to take the current largest cruise in the world, which called the Allure. Hope his dream comes true soon and hope they have a safe, smooth, and pleasant journey. Please protect them from anything.

I will be meeting them in 2 weeks time in Dubai. Weather is 36-40 degree right now. Haiz... Hope I can stand it...

Well.. I'm exciting with upcoming holiday too.. But need to go through the closing first before enjoying it. Hope everything goes smoothly ah... Jia you!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shun Qi Ze Ran

Suddenly remembered the trip done a year ago to Tibet. I was really fortunate and really had a fate to travel there with both my parents, to my dream place... Time really flies.. It's been a year, seems just happened yesterday.

What is life actually? I believe that everyone carries their own karma and destiny. Sometimes I wonder, how I am going to survive the current live. I've lived quite a good live up to now, but sometimes questioning the mistery of remaining life. I have this thinking since many years ago. Palms, birth date and time, face, all can defy it, but is it reliable? Is it really showing what kind of life you'd have in future?

Like people always say, we can only plan, but destiny is not in our hands. Chenges of fortune can happen anytime. No matter how good you are, if your karma not ripen yet, you might still have to go through a sad live. But it all will subject to changes. But can we change our destiny as per we wish by living a life with positive thinking, with strength of being a better man and avoid any feeling to harm others? Sometimes I wanna tell those people that we can change our lives in the way how we see it. But I just can't prove it as there is no guarantee on it. Again, it's destiny, not always happened as what per planned.

I also don't know how my life will be in 10, 20. 30 years ahead... Will I live that long? Will I still work at that age? Will I be able to face live as how I face live currently??

Sometimes I would think of going to fortune teller to get any clue.. kind of clue for exam hehehe... But when they say about my future, if it isn't good, will I be strong enough to face it? That's why I prefer to let nature takes its course or shui yuan rather than thinling about it all the time. Hopefully with positive thinking in mind, with prayers for help and protection, I would be able to face live in better ways...

Noone says that life will be easy.. But we all have to go through it... Jia you ba!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Merdeka!!! It's Indonesian Independence Day today!

Tried Indonesian chicken noodle (bakmi ayam) and nasi tim 2 days ago at the food court in one of shopping centre along Orchard Rd. The texture of noodles was a bit hard, but mixture of sauce was ok. Accompanied with fried wanton (pangsit goreng) complete with sweet sauce. At price of $4.50 was quite pricey though. Don't think will eat there again. May try some other stall.

At the same night I also bought Martabak Campur (hot dessert - like thick pancake filled with choco, peanut and cheese). I reheated it into toaster so it became hot and crispy. It was too sweet and oily. Once in a while, when feel like having it, it is ok, but better have few people to share, otherwise choose smaller portion.

I haven't returned back home for 1.5 years and no plan to go back home yet 'til end of this year.

Called mom yesterday. She and pa just came back for check-up trip. She said everything was good and she was preparing her luggage for her upcoming long holiday. It will be 2.5 weeks trip. Going to meet them at the end of their trip. Hope they will enjoy and everything will go smoothly. Hope they will have a safe and pleasant trip, also hope the weather is good.

Checked the weather forecast, Dubai is 35-41 degree right now. Hope it's cooler in 3 weeks time. Kekekekeke....

My holiday trip is coming too.. Can't wait for it to come!! Haven't visited airport for quite some time... Hahahaha....

Well, write til here. Enjoy your day!!!

Friday, August 05, 2011


It's Friday again!!! Wow!! Time really flies!!

Had been working since Sunday due to month-end closing, and after few more hours, I got plenty of time to de-stress and to take a rest :)

My boss has approved my OIL next Monday, so I'll be having long weekend, then go for teambuilding training on Wed, so be back to work next Thursday!! What a shiok!!! :P

Tonight me and some close friends are going to meet up for dinner then we'll head to Shanghai dolly. I'm getting familiar with the songs they play. One of my good friends are broken hearted, so she would like to have a drink and hope that we'll be having a good time tonight!!!

Me, PY, and the broken-hearted gal

Sharon, Joyce, and Me @Shanghai Dolly

Hope I won't need to stay so long 'cos the next morning I need to go to my son's school to attend so-called exhibition at 9am, then will fetch him for tuition and Buddhist class. Just hope I could get up and had enough rest. Kekekeke.... Unlikely oh?? :P

This week was quite stressful week where we had 2 food hygiene audit. The first one has over and passed with good comments. And today is the most crucial one and they have higher expectation for this cert. Just hope everyone can go through it and know what they are doing. Hope everything goes smoothly.... (Update: We PASS!!!! :D)

Hope all of you enjoy ur weekend too!! Gonna fill one of the day to study and to have fun with my son. Enjoy ur weekend!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It is a mixed feeling when I suddenly find a familiar face's photograph, someone who was ever be part of my distinctive life. Seeing him happily (even grows fat :P), with someone he loves, made my mind wondering for a while, what would it be if I was chosen to be with him before. Hehehe.. It's all in the past.

Just feel happy to see him happy and even happier that he's found someone he loves, for it was my place before :D

Seeing this message:'Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment' makes me realise how powerful the words are! That's the most difficult thing to do in life: controlling your mind.

Anyway... We have our own way of life. It just has to be with this way.

If I were given a chance to choose whether to see you again in my next life, I would choose not to meet you again. 'Cos the happiness that you ever gave me was all temporary, and only makes my life suffer when remembering our happy moments.

That's the reasons why we only met after many years we grew up, though our world shouldn't be much far apart. Hope not to ever see you again in my whole entire lives....
First Karaoke Session @Kbox

Girls Power !!!

Second Session @Party World

It's month end again!!! Time to stock-take and closing again. The karaoke last Friday seems just over, and tomorrow is another Friday again!!!

This Sunday I need to come to work to post invoices and do some other things for closing. Have high-tea appointment with ex-colleague who is going to go back to her home town for good, a farewell party. Also to wish her happiness for her wedding which was held about a month ago.

Wow! It seems just like yesterday that she was telling me about her wedding plan, quit her job, and go back to her home town. We had dinner in April ba?

But honestly, I can't wait for my holiday plan as well! Hehehehe.... 1.5 months to go!!! Go go go!!!

Can feel stuck by not going anywhere... Hahaha... My last trip was February. :D

Just plan another short break in September too. Though the time is short, hope we can enjoy the different environment, food, and snacks :D

Well... Write 'til here... Just hope this month end closing will go smoothly. Also the upcoming audit week. Wish us luck please.... :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend has just over. The check-up result was good. Need to go back in 5 mth's time.

Friday nite was blast. My friends and I went to 2 places for Karaoke with a total of 7 hours singing and having fun. Have a McDonald in between for a break, and cuppa of Cappuccino to make myself awake.

We finished at 3.30am and went back home for sleep. I woke up at 12 plus the next afternoon and watched my Taiwan series until evening.

On Sunday, I slept for few times, my body really needed a rest. Didn't study as per planned :P Haiya....

Had durian for consecutive 2 nights, and self made tang shen tea for cooling and add energy. I had nightmares for consecutive 2 nights too. Was it because of eating durian??? Or was it because too much things in mind??? I have no idea!! But the nightmares were really.... Sucks!!

Well, going to be a busy week this and next week!!! Auditing will come next week. Hope everything goes smoothly...

Jia you!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sitting and waiting for my turn. No matter I came 40 mins earlier, I still have to wait for my turn, possibly in another hour. Doctor is now handling new case. There are other 2 doctors inside reviewing the new patients, really wasting my time waiting for them. Haiz....

I'll have a class tonight and tomorrow my colleague will be on leave and I'll need to cover Receiving's duty. Haiz... Will be a busy Friday.

After working I already had a plan to dinner and go for karaoke session with friends. Just hope it will be an enjoyable night.

Quite busy with works these past few days as few auditors will be coming beginning of next month. And as we're refurshing our SOP, there were other things need to change and hopefully as time goes, it can flow accordingly.

Haiya... What a busy month!! Next week there will be stock-taking again, follow by month-end closing. Just hope that I will have enough rest during weekend and re-energize myself again.

This afternoon my friend and I met up for lunch and went to Kwan I'm Temple for a pray. While waiting for my friend to come, I went to the Chinese herbal shop and bought some tang shen and longan, plan to boil some nourishing herbal water to re-energize my body. I really need it!

Well.. Still another 3 patients before me!! And it's 3.37pm already while my appointment is supposed to be 3.10pm!!!!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Have been busy these past few days and will keep busy 'til next Monday. Tomorrow I will start first Audit class. Hope I won't fall asleep as my friend already warned me that it'll gonna be a boring class and she needed 2 cup of coffee to stay awake. Wow!!!

I have cut down my coffee consumption these past two days as I'm afraid to get my body too heaty and replaced it with a tea with sugar. So far so good. Still have a slight cough and there is still green flame from my throat. I guess I need more cooling herbal tea ba??

Wonder why this year seems to get sick quite often.. I can see my face colour tend to yellowish, not a normal brown face. Kekeke... Ate too much medicine ba?? Feels like slaping it and get it red... Hahahahaha....

Tomorrow and Friday is going to be audit days. I have been checking one of thr required reports since yesterday. Hope to get it done by today.

Well, have a great day everyone!! Hope all of u enjoy your day!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

June oh June...

It's supposedly to be a hot summer but it's raining. I don't know what's going on with the weather nowadays!!!

This morning after dropping off from the bus, I walked to MRT station, which is about 10 meter away, suddenly the rain poured heavily!!! The wind blew like nobody business. No matter I armoured myself with umbrella, my pants and cloth were still wet!!! Drenched!!!

Lucky I was working in hotel where I can borrow skirt and they help me to dry my pants!! I'm just worry of getting sick. Well, I am sick already, but try to recover soon and not to get it worse!! 'Cos month end is here and I need to be here to do closing. Even though I was sick, I still had to go back to work during stock-take days!! So, I really wish I can get well soon. Kinda tired of getting sick over and over again...

This afternoon my hubby dates me for lunch. It's been 2 nights we didn't see each other. I slept as early as 9pm these past few days and he went to work as early as 6am every morning. Hahaha.... Even he didn't get any celebration on his birthday due to work and I was sick... So hopefully today's lunch is good :)

Well, going to work soon... Tty again!!! Happy working!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day :)

Father's Day Dinner (Salad, Korean Pancake, Spaghetti Bolognaise)

Yesterday I started babysitting my son again. I fetched him to Chinese class and Buddhist class. After that we went to NTUC buying ingredients for dinner and for today's dinner :)

Just nice my mother-in-law kept a piece of sotong in the freezer. I mixed it with onion, pepper, spring onion, and the Korean pancake flour. Ate it while it's hot!!! Nyummy :))) My mother-in-law and hubby likes it. My son preferred plain one as he doesn't like the veggies too much... Kekekeke....

This morning we had breakfast at Pasar. Hubby 'lim' kopi-o as usual, then went to work. Baobei and I went to NTUC buying dragon fruits and other things. I swept and mopped the floor then went to fetch baobei to Kumon.

After his class, both of us headed to Bugis. We went to Kwan I'm Temple for praying, then had a beancurd at hawker centre. After that we went to OG.

Supposed to find clothes, but I couldn't find any. Most of the clothes were designed for aunties :P We bought NERF gun for Ray. It's actually an excuse by my son, 'cos he was actually thinking that he could play with it as well while his dad wasn't at home :D

Collected 2 free coca cola in Bugis Junction and now we're heading back home. Going to cook spaghetti bolognaise for dinner... :) We ate at Pizza Hut last month for mother's day, and now since I have time, hope the meal can warm everyone's heart :)

Calling my dad in the morning. He was having 'sweet potato' for breakfast. We talked for a while regarding Dubai trip.

My sis and her son are going back to Melbourne tonight. They have been staying 1 months plus at home. It will be a bit hard for everyone with their leaving. Her son has made everyone's days happy and bright :) His dad misses him and my sis too... Hehehee.... Well, Yi lu shun feng for both of you!!! Hope everything goes smoothly....

Tomorrow I'm going back to work again, like usual. Well, hope everything goes well too. There are lots of colleagues leaving. It will be filled with new people. Life goes on ba... Just hope for the best!!! Jia you!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

It's a week after the holiday. Back to work activity and return home continued watching Korean series, Secret Garden. Yesterday I watched the last episode liao. Overall, not so nice as the story line can't be accepted logically where 2 souls exchanged the body when the rain comes. The acting was so so too...

Going to have a break from the series and plan for shopping this weekend. Not necessarily buy things, but need to find good bargain to buy new working and usual clothes. Some clothes are obsolete in quality and need replacement. See how ba...

Few friends and I had Thai Buffet 2 days ago. Some dishes tasted really good, while some was not nice. I was a bit tired so we didn't continue with drinking session.

Tonight I'm going to meet ex-colleague and have dinner and chat. Would like to ask few questions about Dubai since he worked there before. After that, then I can decide on the air ticket. Wow!! Can't imagine myself going to one of Arab's country... Going to see another desert, riding on camel, maybe? Tasting their food.. Well, it's just amazing!!!

3 more months to go!!! Time flies ah???

Still haven't enrolled the next class, but I guess I know where I'm going to. Well, see how again ba!!!

It's getting more exciting, but sure tiring as well... No pain no gain!! :D

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Wonderful weekend :)

Lunch at Todai, The Shoppes at Marina Bay

Jasmine and families, Ellen, me, and Baobei

Today me, 2R, and my friends started our day by having lunch at Todai. I finally made it!! I'd been wanting to eat there since it was opened months ago, and finally made it!!! :)

7 of us sat together. It was great. We chit chatted and saw my friend's daughter reaction, so cute!!! :D

The food was not bad. Started with Korean pickles and finger food, continued with sushi, sashimi, dim sum, porridge, roasted meat, tempuras, and many more. Not forgettable the Alaska crab legs... :D I thought they didn't serve it for lunch, but they did. Wow!! It's cold and sweet. We ate quite a lot. I ate pizza, dessert, soft ice cream, and many more.

It was 42 bucks per pax. We thought it would be more expensive than that. But there were June promo and we're entitled 15 percent discount per pax. Not bad ah...

We sat there from 12 to 3 pm. Kekeke.... Then walked to MBS for checking in.

After finishing exam, I was thinking of taking a break. At first I was thinking of going out to Malaysia. But then my hubby thought it was a bit expensive for 3 of us during holiday season. And I was thinking the time of journey taken back and forth, made me lazy of going there.

When me and my friend had 'san bu yi bai', there was my friend's friend who is working at MBS. So I was thinking of staying at MBS for a night after the exam, by applying friends and family rate. So I asked PY for favor if she could contact her and whether she could help me booking.

After waiting for quite some time, on Monday she told me the application was approved and we could stay at Atrium Deluxe room.

So here we are... I'd never been here before this. I went to the Shoppes Bay before once, but didn't go to MBS hotel or even going up to Sky Park.

So today, I finally managed to come to the hotel, stay here for a night. After lunch, my friends also went up to see the room. Btw, our room was upgraded to Junior Suite, thanks to my friend :) It was fate ba :D

My friends also came up to our room to take a look. Not bad. We stayed almost at level 40 and we get to see a city view. It is really great!! The room is so big, especially the toilet :D It is even bigger than my room at home hehehehe....

Me and Abby

But I was forgot of asking them to go up to Sky Park... So they went back at about 4pm. And we went up to level 57 right after that. Also met up with my ex-colleague who works there. It's been quite some time since I met her and she has lost so much weight now!!! Wow!!

We walked and see the pool and decided to go the pool rightaway... Hehehe... The weather was so good!!! There was cloud hiding the sun so we wouldn't get any sun burn :D We managed to take picture while swimming :D It was one of my dream to be here... So I'm very happy that my dream is again coming true... :)))

Baobei and I @Sky Park swimming pool

We swam, then tried Jaccuzi, then went back to room and had another soak in the bath tub. Hehehhee... I brought the salt powder from Le Meridien Taipei and poured it inside. Smelt sooo.... good.... :)

My son also soaked himself after me. He also enjoyed himself very much... :)

Baobei and I - Dined at Kraze Burger

We went to the Shoppes Bay for dinner and decided to eat at Kraze Burger. It is something new, so we decided to try lor. My semi-nude is really good. Looked like lots of gal ordered it too, Reever was having kids A meal and Ray was having KG burger, not that nice.

We walked after dinner and went up to Sky Park to see the beautiful night view.

Now we're going to take a rest soon... So sleepy.. Ray brought a bottle of red wine and I had few glasses liao... Waiting for Ray to bring cheese back... Guess he lost his way out there.. Hahahaa...

Me and Hubby enjoyed our red wine at room
Well.. Feel very lucky and grateful for today! Thanks SB for everything.... Enjoy ur weekend too everyone!!!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Finally it's over... Hard work for months was just for today. What I can say is just.. many things I prepared, it didn't come out. But those I didn't prepared, it was there!! Haiz... Many theories questions I didn't manage to answer as I thought it won't come out.. Or just never saw it before. Not really confident with the result, but nothing can be done anymore. So what I can do now is to wait.

Haven't decided to proceed with next paper yet. I still have to look at the schedule and to fit my holiday schedule :P

Well.. I can't wait to go home, go to my fridge and took out a can of beer... Hahahahahhaa.... Haven't drunk it for quite a while...

After exam I asked my friend to accompany me for dinner and walk2 as my feeling was quite down just now. It's much better now. Then realise I'm getting fat!!! Haiz... Tomorrow going for the sumptuous buffet lunch... How to slim down?????? :D

Friday, June 03, 2011


Recently we have quite numbers of butterfly coming out from our plant outside the house. We noticed that there were caterpillars on the trees, fatty one, hehehehe... They often camouflage hiding in branch or leaves. Slowly we noticed there were eggs dropped on the leave, also green pulpa and the empty one. It's second time we saw the butterfly flying and realised that it has just appeared from the empty pulpa.

When I took a picture, just nice it spread its wings, then flew away to natural life. It's very interesting and happy to see its transformation. At the same time, we saw other two caterpillars starts growing up fattily eating the leaves in the plant. The plants lost lots of its leaves until botak half of its body. However, we also can see the new leaves are growing. It's amazing!

From the small plant outside our house, we can see the nature of life and learn how things can grow naturally, follow its course.. Like people always say.. Shun qi ze ran.... :D

Well.. Let nature take its course in everything that we do in life. Don't force into something too much in order to get something. If it's urs, it's urs. If it's not, then let it be.. ^^

Have a great journey like a butterfly... Beautifully bornt and fly to outside new world with strength and determination!!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Another month-end

Another month end is here. Going for stock-taking soon and will be busy with month-end closing. On Friday my colleague will be on leave and I'll be busy covering her duty then... times off. Going to study days before exam. Just hope everything is going on smoothly.

After exam, planning for a break. Just hope it will go smoothly too.

Kinda moody this morning. Starting with printing problem at work, then added with someone who did not listen carefully to the message and needed to explain repeatedly. Walao leh... And when another person came and asked for something, again didn't listen to the message and just shuned his request off!!! What's wrong with you????

Well, can't write much. Going to stock-take soon. Hope everything is fine.... Have a greak week ahead!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Vesak Day 2555

Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta - Semoga semua makhluk hidup berbahagia :)

Thank you SB for a good karma given to us that we finally made it for San Bu Yi Bai this year :) Actually I almost missed it. If not for my friend grumbled when hearing I would not go, I wouldn't have made it. Hahahahaa.....

PY has helped me queuing for the ticket. She woke up at 5am in the morning and took cab there, waiting for 4 hours until she finally had the tickets for us. Thank you PY!! So despita having flu and sore throat, I still went there and we did it!!!

It's been 3 days after the event and I still feel the pain in my thighs, especially when taking staircases down. I had to take staircases down on the way to my office :)

We had eaten breads, vegetarian noodles, drank lots of cups of soya bean, barley and plain water, scared of dehydration. Luckily the weather was very good. In the afternoon it was very hot!! But in the evening, it turned cool and no rain. The road was not that hot.

It's been a week and I still haven't recovered from my flu yet. Maybe I'm too stressed ba?? :D

Well... Hope everything goes smoothly. Exam is coming in about 3 weeks time. Not much time to study!! I must put more effort!!

Okla.. Write 'til here first.... Have a great day!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Long weekend - day 1

Why is it long weekend? Because I'm taking a day leave on Monday :)

I'm sick. :( Not a good news. Running nose, itchy and dry throat for the past few days. Already didn't feel well since Wed, perhaps too tired after the long revision class during weekend, which caused not having enough sleep.

I went to sleep very early these past 3 days. I slept at about 9 to 9.30pm at night and woke up the next day at about 7pm. Woke up few times for going to toilet (drank too much water).

I didn't see a doctor since I have a supply of medicines from the previous visit. But I still don't feel well :(

Just hope with enough rest and drink more water, also sleeping without air-con can make me get well soon. Wish me luck ba!!

This morning we had breakfast at nearby hawker center. I ate pork porridge while 2R was having vegetarian beehoon and vegetarian wantan mee. They continued their journey to Sengkang for Chinese class while I headed home. I rested and slept again after consumed the medicine and was woken up by sound of thunder and rain. It was raining heavily!!! I closed the window up and tried to continue to sleep but to no avail. My son's tuition center staff called me and told me that I haven't given them the payment since 2nd April's class. Wow!! It was 1.5 months and only now they were asking me for money...

So I called my hubby to pay first. I couldn't sleep anymore, so went to my son's room, packed his table and put my books there. Started to read the articles related to examination paper. Topics by topics and gain more depth understanding about each topic.

2R came back at about 2pm. I asked my hubby to buy lunch. I was hungry. He went to the market and bought food home. I ate mee ta mak soup. Big R ate mi kia soup, and small R ate my half mee ta mak and half economic rice.

I asked my hubby to buy 2 pc of pandan cake and he ended up buying 2 roll of pandan cake home. Waliao..... Communication broke down ah?? Anyway, thank you Laogong and luckily the pandan cake is very nice. It's soft and not dry :)

I continued reading the articles until about 5.30pm, I went to living room, tried to do some warming up so that I won't feel sleepy. Then I looked outside, the weather was good. Not hot, not raining, and not wet. So I decided to go outside for some running. Kekekeke.... My colleague asked me to do some exercise during off day, just to get sweat and can help the body's health. So I went out and run lor... At about every 15 meters I would stop. Hahahaha.... Stopped to breath and regain energy. Haiya, long time never exercised la...

I went to the place where my mother-in-law and son attended the 'Shuang Jie' or Father and Mother's day festival in our neighbourhood area. The guest od honor, Mr. Lee Hsien Long would attend the event. I didn't see him nor my son and mother-in-law. Too many people. So I decided to go home. Didn't feel really well too... Kekekeke...

I went back and took a bath. After a while, my son came back home while my mother-in-law went with my sis-in-law for dinner. My son told me that he had handshake with Mr Lee. Wah, he was so proud lor... Hahahaha.... And he told me Mr Lee said, thank you for our support.....

On the way back home, I passed by the Stadium. They were preparing for Vesak Day celebration. There would be San Bu Yi Bai tomorrow evening and another guest of honor, Mr Goh Chok Tong is coming. Waliao.. Actually so many ministers came to my area, only that I never joined their activities. Only my mother-in-law and son are more free.. Hahahahaha...

At night I was thinking of cooking porridge. I thought the canned salted vegetable was inside the cupboard. But when my hubby checked, it's no more there. So I checked the fridge and found some vegertable. So I told my hubby that I'm going to cook some simple dishes. Ahhahahaa....

I asked him to go to mama shop downstairs to buy eggs as our supply has depleted. So I cooked choy sim with mushroom and garlic, and stir-fried tomato with egg. Then we ate with porridge. Hmm.... Nyummy.. A simple heartwarm home cook dishes for my 2R. Hahahahahaha.... Since I seldom cook, my hubby still praised me, 'cos otherwise, he was afraid that I won't cook anymore in the future... Hahahaha...

Okla.. Going to sleep soon. Btw this evening my eldest sis msged me saying my childhood friend's mom, who yesterday was admitted to hospital and found out that she had blood cancer, has passed away. I msged my friend directly and she told me her mom was gone last night, 00.41pm. All of us didn't expect that her mom will go just like that. Perhaps it's fated. Well... Enjoy life while you can and remember, live your life to the fullest!!! Never live in regret!! Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

These past few days the weather was very hot!!! It forces us to hide inside air-con room, which makes our skin dry, and so does our throat. I have a bit of sore throat now. One of my colleagues is taking MC today. Didn't see any symptoms of flu on him yesterday but he'll be taking long leave this weekend.

Kinda upset with it but I have just to keep remind myself that despite the hot weather, despite the busy schedule of working and studying, I must KEEP FIT!!!

Exam is coming in less than one month's time. And there is a very important event to go next Monday!!! The more I have to KEEP FIT!!! I really hope I can attend the event healthily and overcome the process smoothly. Hope I can make it!

Well.. Kinda busy and short month, plus need of exam preparation. Hope I won't lose the spirit and able to study and concentrate fully to the subject.

Take care of your health everyone! As in Buddhism, it's said 'health is the biggest wealth of the human being'. Have a great day!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

7 May 2011

Today it's the first day of revision. So far so good. The teacher revised the inverstment appraisal, connected with other topics. 6 hours drilled in 2 session. Thanks to the coffee and breakfast eaten before going to the class :D

Tomorrow will be second day. Need to browse through the topic and get myself ready before he revised it tomorrow.

Just now, before heading to take MRT, I stopped by at crystal shop. Ar first I saw the heart shape of gold rutile pendent. Since tomorrow is mother's day, I thought of buying my mom something. Then I asked if there are other models available. After looking for few, I asked the seller, what is this for? He said, it's to make the mind clear during work, study, good for lung, career, and wealth as well. Then I was thinking that this is more suitable for my father and myself since my mom is not working.

I wanted to buy this gold rutile since long time ago but I haven't found any that is nice and suitable for me. Just nice I found 1 that is in bigger size (for my dad) and another one more girly type for myself :) Since it's mother's day, the shop gave 20% discount, and I was asking a slightly lower price. Anyway, she quoted me a price which I think reasonable for the goods that I bought. I felt so happy to find these two items. Because I believe that you need a fate or affinity when you buy a crystal. So I bought it with no hesitation.

It would be my first gift for him, hope he likes it.

Sorry Mom, I still can't find a suitable one for you yet. Hope you don't mind. I will still love you and respect you forever :) Hope one day I can buy something for you that you will like it as well :)

Happy Mother's Day Mum!!!

Today it's polling day as well!! Now I'm on the way to give my vote to the future government. Whatever the result is, just hope Singapore will always be a safe and peaceful country and good place to stay for everyone!!!

Friday, May 06, 2011

First time joining the rally!!!

2 days ago my colleague and I were discussing on who we'll vote during upcoming election. She then said that she attended the WP rally nearby her house last weekend. It was actually interesting to listen what the candidates said in their speech. I went online and listened on the speech during night time before sleep.

The PAP and opposition party were addressing issues and it was like question and answers session. They would react and give their comments on what the other party said about them.

So I was thinking to attend one of the rallies, listening to the party that I have interest at. So we decided to go to the rallies together after work.

We took bus to Ubi area. It was slightly jam when we almost there. We dropped off the bus at one stop before the exact bus stop and walked together with other passengers too (same supporters... Kekeekkee...)

It was raining before that. And the rally was held in the open grass area. The soil was wet and muddy. Although they tried to put a white cover on top of the grass, the soil was just too soft and our feet still landed deeply into soil and wet. However all of us were still walking through it and standing there, listening the speech with wet and dirty feet.

Slowly people was coming and filled the area. Some were cleverer by going to the nearest HDB block, watched and listened to the speech from upper floor (why I didn't think of that??? First experience ba! Hahahaaha...)

It wa drizzling a bit, lucky no rain. The candidates were giving their speech, talking about their goal, aspirations, etc. If they were elected and why people must vote them. They spoke in different languages, with different style of giving speech.

It's really different with PAP candidates. Just saw two young PAP candidates giving their speech and opinion to public. It was... Questionable on their capability to handle the public interest, really. Some were young and inexperience and didn't get the whole picture and had a very little knowledge on what problems that Singaporean are really facing.

It's very different with what the opposition thinks. The opposition candidates are sincere and giving their heart and effort, try to help addressing the problem that community faces.

Too bad my area is now no more under WP. Although I don't move my house,but yet we are now under different GRC from previous election. No explanation given on why they changed it in such way, anyway... Tomorrow is the polling day and today is the cooling off day. Let's think carefully which party we should choose for better future!!!
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