Saturday, March 05, 2011

Did I tell you that half of my tooth was broken when I was munching fish crackers in Taiwan??? :P My tooth was brownish and decayed, so I guessed it was time to break. I wasn't in pain, but it doesn't look nice with that look. I can't open my mouth widely these past few weeks because of that. Hahaha...
Went to dentist last Saturday and the dentist suggested me to go to Root Canal Specialist to check my previous root canal condition. At the mean time, I did 5 fillings and it costed me about 350 sgd in total. So ex, but at least I felt better after doing that 'cos the three teeth in bottom part is no longer in blackish colour and I will be safe enough for the next few years, assured that the teeth are in good condition.
Supposedly I'll meet to root canal specialist next Wed, but they called me yesterday changing the appointment to this morning. Since my hubby was not working and he was able to bring my son to his tuitions, I had a chance to go there. The x-ray showed that there were bacterias contiminating the previous root canal and it needed to be cleaned and disinfected before putting the post and crown. And since the dentist is a specialist in root canal (he is angmoh), he charged $680+GST for his skills. Well, I have no other choice than to agree.
So he did the first step by opening the root canal and clean it. He also put some medicine inside as to kill the bacteria. He covered it temporarily and I need to see him next Saturday. Hopefully I can make it. That's how my $1k flying away from my pocket. I'm still expecting to spend another $1k to build the post and crown. So.. That's how my bonus will be spent this year (if there is any).
Maybe that's fate ba!!! Few years once, I have to invest some money on my teeth.. That's not fun, but unavoidable. Just be healthy and I'll be satisfy enough. Since now I'm still working and can afford it, I won't think twice to spend that money on it.

After seeing dentist, I decided to go to my working place to do some revision. I can't study at home as there will be lots of distraction. I can't study in library either because it's too cold and not so convenient. So my table will be the best choice. I can stay in room quietly, have drinks available, toilet nearby, and freedom of talking with myself when answering to the question. There were some distractions of course, when some colleagues were passing by and saying 'hi'. Some were using their break time for a chit-chat. Anyway... Manage to learn abit today but need to do more practice.
Decided to go home at 6.30pm to have dinner with my hubby and son, and tomorrow morning I need to wake up early for 20-km OCBC Cycling :)
It'll be my second attempt since I joined it last year. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and safe. Wish us luck!!

Well, enjoy your weekend everyone!! Have a great time!!!

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