Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finally my tooth is done! Yesterday the clinic called and checked if I were free at night. The crown was done. Since I had nothing, I went and fixed it. At the same time, I washed my teeth there. Feel very clean and healthy now :) I know why my previous tooth was broken now. It's because the tooth below is quite sharp and when I closed my mouth, it kept hurting the tooth above. No wonder it's suffered without I knew it.

Anyway... I really spent my bonus that I haven't even received yet on my teeth. Hahaha... Since it's using my hard-working money, I enjoyed the whole process happily :) Although it hurted me sometimes, but I saw the result on it, and I'm happy with it :) The money spent was really worthed!! :D

Well, it's month end again. Time to stock-take and closing again. Hope everything will go smoothly... Have a great day everyone!

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