Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Had a relaxing night last night. It was a last minute decision that few of us went to drinking session. All of us loves to drink and we kept telling each other to go drink one day.. So we just made it happen lor....

Weather was good. It wasn't raining, but cooling. We sat at open air without roof on top. There were 6 of us. Started with 'Jez', a German made beer (never heard before). The colour is yellow, the taste was okay for me, a bit light. Since we were served by 'Jez' promoter, so we ordered 'Jez' for our first 2 bottles. After that we ordered 2 bottles of Carlsberg, then lastly 2 bottles of Tiger and a bottle of Heineken. We ordered total 9 bottles.

Before going there, I went to my bro's place to pick up some food and other items brought by my cousin who is coming here. Just nice she bought Bangka roasted pig. I cut half and we ate it there to accompany our beer. Also some 'kemplang', fish crackers with its chilli. Heaven!!!

We drank since 7.45pm and last to 10pm, then went back home. We didn't stay too long since most of us has to work this morning :D

Well, hope that session can refresh my brain. Kekeke.... Have an enjoyable day everyone!!!

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