Friday, March 04, 2011

Taiwan Trip 15-20 February 2011

A month since the Chinese New Year has just passed. I have come back from my holiday trip to Taiwan.

Me visiting Taipei 101

It was an amazing trip, full of surprises, meeting up with old friends after 10 years, sharing of woman's problem and feelings, culinary journey, sightseeing, drinking session, visit friend's family, and many more.

Reunion with Taiwanese Les Roches students - Thanks for coming!!!

Starting with the worry of travelling alone since my partner wouldn't be able to go as something happened to her family member. In that situation, luckily I gained full of supports from few good friends there. I can't count their kindness for bring helpful to make my trip wonderful. They even appeared on the reunion dinner and drinking night. So glad to be able to see familiar faces.

Me holding the Club Mashed Potato and Pearl Tea drink @Shi Lin Night Market, Taipei

Ching and I at Dan Shui - Thanks for everything Ching!!!

Shelly and I after the public hotspring - sponsored by Andy :) - Thanks to Shelly for everything too!!!

Managed to see Ping Xi Sky Lantern Festival at Shi Fen. It was held on 15th day of Lunar New Year (Yuan Xiao Jie). Really different from what I imagined. It was held up in the mountain where train was just passing by the area where people passed by the railway just like a common road, so interesting!! If you got a chance, go there once to see!!! Witnessing the sky lanterns being flew together in hundreds... Full of wishes and prays that they expect to come true... :)

Andy, Sharon, and Me w/ our Sky Lantern :)

Even funny when I saw Singapore singer was there to perform some songs to us.. Hahaha... But it was great, really!! Even it was raining during the whole night, it didn't deter us to watch and see...

Show you the video below on how it was looked like over there:

Thank you SB for giving me great health and protection and everything that made my journey great!!! It was really a fate that brought me and others together!!! :)

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