Thursday, March 10, 2011

Place of 4-cycle in life

Here I am again on my regular check-up. Going to familiar place again, where I can always remind myself of 4-cycle of human being. Born, old, sick, and die. This is the place where all of these 4-cycle happens everyday.

I love coming here, in a sense that.. It reminds myself of people would get old, sick, and die eventually. And it reminds myself how fortunate I am, seeing many other people who are less fortunate than myself. So that the more I should treasure my health.

Today it's extremely fast service. I thought of skipping the finance meeting, but I guess, I can't skip and will be able to attend it later.. Haiyah...

Everything is alright. Thanks SB! 5 more months then I'll be seeing my handsome and young doctor again.. Hehehee... Oklah, now waiting for my medicines. Take care everyone!!!

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