Friday, September 02, 2011

Counting down to holiday

Two more working days, I'll soon fly. It's been my dream to see more part of the world. See how it looks like, feel their weather, see their culture, try their delicate culinary, purchase some souvenir as memorable item that I'd been there, etc. :)

New place to go. Only heard it before that friend ever worked there, but no detail given. I guess it's for me to find out myself :D

It's still summer over there, expecting a very hot weather. Dunno if sunlight would forgive me and won't hurt my body too much.. Kekeke.... Getting ready feels like inside sauna.

Well, going to write the details after return, so can compare what I expect it's gonna be before departure and what it'll be after returning back home :D

Tomorrow it's gonna be another busy day. Will bring baobei for his two classes, after that we'll attend my friend's daughter birthday celebration. Have bought a gift for her, hope she likes it :)

Sunday it's gonna be a resting day, pack my lugagge, and hopefully can do some notes revision. PY asked me go to JB which I wanted to, but too bad not at the right time.

Seems like my parents holiday is going smoothly, thank you SB for everything. However, it's not ended yet. Please protect them wherever they are. Longing to see them soon.

Going to change notes after work. Wanna see their money, how it looks like. Hehehe... Have a great day everyone!!!

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