Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"It's better to have few of true friends than a lot of fake friends"

It's a pack week. On Monday night, I had dinner with my two Indonesian good friends. One, knew since kindergarten, and another one, knew since junior high school. Three of us stay here in Sgp. Although in middle we were studying in different countries, eventually all of us decided to stay over here. We also keep in touch all the time. They attended my wedding dinner too. Really grateful knowing them.

They specially asked me out for dinner, to celebrate my upcoming birthday. Simple Indonesian dinner at Lucky Plaza, but our conversation was still the same.. Full of warmth laughter. After that we sat in McD and one of my friends had a cuppa of coffee while we chit chatted.

PREGO @Fairmont Singapore

Ellen, Me, Joyce and PY

Yesterday night there was another gathering. This time with friends I knew from my current working place. They were no longer working here, but we have this affinity, perhaps our thinking match one to another. So 4 of us can connect together. We enjoyed our dinner so much. It feels good when you have few good friends sitting down and chit chatting together. I really treasure all friendship I have and really wish that we'll still be good friends 'til we grow old, supporting each other.

Me and Hubby

Dinner @Pizza Hut

On Wed night, I was asking my hubby to bring along my mother-in-law, my son, my sis-in-law with her son to have dinner together at Pizza Hut nearby our house. I went there right after work. We also enjoyed our dinner. My sis-in-law's son and my son enjoyed the food so much. I never see him enjoying spaghetti that much. Hahaha... I supposed to treat them, but my sis-in-law insisted to pay the bill. She told my hubby, all this while, she never gave me any present during my birthday. So it's a chance for her to treat me. Wah, wo hao gan dong :) I feel the warmth of the family.

And Thursday night.. I supposed to have a class. But in the morning, I received the sms from school informing the cancellation of the class. I was sooo... happy!! Hahaha... 'Cos my bro invited me to her daughter's birthday and I couldn't attend because of the class. But since it's been cancelled, I had a chance to join the birthday party :) We had dinner at her nanny's house. Auntie cooked fried noodle, chicken curry, oatmeal prawn, sweet and sour pork, deep-fried tofu with minced meat on top, stir-fried vegetable, and fried pempek (Indonesian fish cake) bought from Jakarta. It was a warmth meal as well. I'm really glad having a chance to eat together. There were my sis-in-law's cousin as well.

2R chose mini Pictionary game as a birthday present for her. She opened it first and we had a game before singing a Birthday song. We had fun guessing what the other party tried to draw in a mini man statue and a box. :)

We went back home at about 10pm. I took a bath, prepare my luggage and only slept at 12.30am. My hubby was so funny. He didn't use to with the flight time. We will fly at 6am, so need to wake up at 3am and go to airport from home at 3.30am. When I was packing my luggage, he didn't fill his clothes there. I was wondering if he was not going to go?? When alarm rang, I woke him up. He was really blur!!! I can't forget his blur face.. Haahaha... He thought we fly the next morning. Haiya... Anyway, we are in the airport now. Just had our big breakfast at McD. In a while, we're going into the departure hall.

Yesterday I received flowers with pillows from secret admire in the office. Hehehehe.... I read the card and I know who sent it to me. Thank you my dear friend for regarding me as your closest buddy! Finally there is someone expressing feeling and regards me as best friend :) Really treasure our friendship together :)

Well, I write til here. I wanna wish myself Happy Birthday!! Hope there are many upcoming more dreams to come true!! Always remind myself that life is short, so enjoy your precious life as you can and take care of your good health as much as you can do!! Enjoy your trip and have fun!!!! Happy holiday!!!

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