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Macau Trip 23-25 September 2011

It's been a great trip! 3h40m flight from Singapore. We took cab to the hotel. While waiting for the room to be ready, we went out to see the Grand Lisboa. Tried to book to Saturday's dinner but many places were fully booked. Wanna eat dim sum at their restaurant too, but again, need a reservation and would only open 1 hour later. So we decided to walk to other places. Stopping by the supermarket and bought some candies for kids back home. We had our lunch at Din Tai Feng serving Taiwanese food. Oow... I had zha jiang mian, hubby had pork chop rice and we shared pan fried bun, completed with hot soya milk. Very full...

I went there before about 4 years ago and we stay in the same hotel. I choose this hotel because of its great location and affordable price. It's clean too. It's really convinient to go out to casinos from there. Really love it.

Nearby the hotel, there are shops selling branded watch, jewellery shop, Chinese delicacies such as shark fins, abalone, etc. So we used our instinct to find our way back to hotel. My hubby use the police station as the guideline. Kekeke...

We finally could go into our room at 1pm. We took a rest for a while and went out at about 2.30pm. We planned to go to Taipa area, to Venetians hotel. We saw there was bus to Venetians and we sat on that bus no. 25. But at the end, it didn't stop or pass by the place we wanted to go. We passed by lots of local residency area, and got lost. Kekeke... We took another bus to Taipa. Again, I think we missed out the stop. The signage inside the bus seemed to spoil. We stopped somewhere and continued our journey by cab. Although overall fee was still cheaper, we wasted 1.5 hr journey just to get there. Kekekee....

Self taken pic inside Venetians

We finally reached Venetians. We passed through the casinos, smoking and non-smoking one, went up to 3rd level to shop around (weird, they don't have 2nd floor, only 1st and 3rd floor). We bought perfumes at SASA, proved to be the cheapest we can find. We took pictures of the gondola, outside view of the hotel, etc. It's a shopping heaven. You can find lots of shops around.

I thought of having dinner at Hard Rock Cafe since there is a new Hard Rock Hotel opposite of the Venetians. However, they said it's not opened yet and still under refurbishment and would only open in about 11 days time. So we took shuttle bus to MGM hotel. There were many shuttle bus provided free from one casino to another, also from the harbour terminal to those hotels. Really convenient.

We went in and had a look inside. As usual, branded shops were all over. We took cab to Largo de Senago, which is centre of the city. We bought almond cookies and other snacks at Koi Kei bakery. We went to the original shops at Rue de Felicidade.

We took some pictures there and on the way back passing by a noodle restaurant and decided to have our dinner there. The noodle was very thin. We also ordered pork chop bun. Wow, it tasted so good!!! The bread blended well with the pork chop. Price was reasonable too. Next time I will eat there if I got a chance to go there :D

After dinner we walked back to hotel. Stopping by outside Grand Lisboa and took pictures there. The lights were all on and it was beautiful. We stopped by supermarket buying beers. Damn! It was very cheap!!! Around sgd 2.50 for 3 cans of imported beer!!! Wish Singapore would sell that cheap!! Yah, dream on.... :P

We took a rest and slept to get ourselves ready for the next day!

24th Sep 2011 - After having breakfast in the hotel, we took a coach and started our city tour at 11am. First drop was Fisherman's Wharf. We had a walk around there and went into Sands casino and won 40hkd from the dice machine kekeke... We then had lunch as included in the package.

After lunch, we started our tour to Macau tower. Hubby and I went up to 58th and 61st floor. It's my hubby's first time experiencing the tower. There were transparent glasses on the floor where we could see the view below the tower. Hehehe... There were outdoor activities from on top of the tower such as bungy jumping, sky walks, etc. We happened to see someone jumping from 61st floor. Wow!! Quite scary!!! I don't think I can do it even people would pay for it. Hahaha....

Eating Pork Bun from Tai Lei Loi Kei

At the Ruin of St Paul's Cathedral

We stayed for a while as there were many other places in the itinerary that we still had to go. Continued with visit of A-ma temple. Age of 500 years temple, it was still standing there. I was fortunate enough to be able to see it again :) We prayed there. Then went to Ruin of St Paul. Lucky we had been there the night before 'cos we were only given a short time to look around. After that we went to Venetian. We were given only 1 hour. I managed to buy Coach poach for my own birthday present :) My first own buying Coach.. Hahaha...

My own birthday present ;D

We run back to the coach as there was not enough time and luckily we reached there on time. We couldn't get late as there were many people rushing for their ferries back to Hong Kong. After that then we went back to hotel.

At about 8.30pm, my second sis and her hubby knocked our door. They went to see us from Hong Kong. So exciting to see them there. She passed me snacks from HK, birthday presents, etc.

Birthday present from Erjie - Thank you Erjie!!!

Dinner with Erjie and Er Jiefu

We had dinner at Chinese restaurant. They ordered steamed chicken, fried pigeon, stir-fried pig. liver with green chilli, sweet and sour pork ribs, claypot tofu. All was nyummy!!!

Er Jie and Er Jiefu

While waiting for the firework, we went to Grand Lisboa. Jiefu got back the dinner's money there. Hehehe... We then walked to the area where we could see the firework. It was not as big as I imagined, but it was displayed for quite long, about 20 mins.

With a view of Macau Tower

Beautiful Firework

After that we went inside Wynn. Jiefu and I played few games there. I was just playing for fun. When we came out, there was water dancing show. So we stopped and took a look at it. Quite nice :)

Casino view at night

We then went to different casinos in that area. Small, big, old and new.. it was something I never did before. Hehehe.... We walked until 2am. On the way back to hotel, Erjie suggested to have supper, because otherwise we would just sleep and would not have chance to chit chat anymore. So we stopped by at one Chinese shop and ordered steamed dumpling, kuo tie, zha jiang mian, and stir fried pork intestine with chilli. Not bad, quite nice. Plus 2 bottle of Qing Dao beer :D

We went back hotel and I packed my luggage. Woke up at 6am. Get ready, had our breakfast, then left the hotel to airport. We flew back to Singapore at 10am.

It was a short trip, but overall it's enjoyable. Hubby loves being there too. He hopes to be able to go there again in the future... hehehe...

Ok lah, write 'til here. Finally I can finish the story :D

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