Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Stepping in Dubai

It took 7 hours flight from Singapore to Dubai. Reach here 8.45am Singapore time or 4.45am Dubai time. There is 4 hours difference.

It's a long queue for the custom. The guy officers wearing white colour 1 piece cloth with black ring on top of white cloth covering their head, while the ladies officers are all wearing black from head to toe.

When waiting inside the gate, those passengers of Emirates were all come from different places with different nationalities. Our destinations were different as well. It's very interesting to see the melting pot inside the plane. Reminded me time when I was studying overseas. After two years there, when times I went back home, I felt a bit weird mixing with Asian majority country. It took me quite some time to adapt. Hehehe... But I feel very grateful for my parents for giving me opportunity to open my eyes to the world. See different country, different culture, and many more.

I read the lonely planet about Dubai before coming here. The author said Dubai is mixture of different nationalities with cheaper labour comes mostly from Asian countries. I can see the impact right away. The f&b workers are majority held by Phillipino. Only those officers, police, are from UAE. Cleaners are from India. Heard the construction workers here earned a very little money. Sometimes they were forced to work under hot sun as well.

Well... It's 7.35am now. My parents are arriving soon. Tty again :) I can see it's hot outside, but hasn't felt it yet :D Just hope I can survive 'cos usually I get lethargic easily in hot weather. Well, enjoy your day everyone!!!

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