Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Live well - love much - laugh often

4 more days to 2012. Christmas has just over. It's a rare long weekend and time to get good rest and enjoying good food. Happens that every 24th (X'mas Eve) is my sis-in-law's birthday and weather was cooling so that they decied to have steamboat at home. In the afternoon, my hubby and I went to furniture shop and bought items that we need, but not all yet. We tried to get a good bargain with the seller. The shop has been there for 56 years according to Auntie, and was passed by her parents, and she was acting more like middleman, helping us ordering the goods that we chose from catalog. Weeks before that we went to various furniture shops to see the actual items and so far the prices we got were the best offer we could get. But I can't be happy too early as I haven't seen the actual items yet. Hopefully the workmanship is not making us disappointed with prices that we paid.

After that we went back home and enjoyed the steamboat. My son received 2 presents from his aunts and he waited until 12am to open it. He was very exciting about it and he got the things that he wanted... Gundam!!! He started his craze about Gundam since the Gundam Expo at Compass Point. I bought the first Gundam to him. Then he went to HK. His ie ie bought 1 for his birthday present and he bought himself another one as his own present. His kangma bought two for his Birthday present, and his aunt bought 1 for him. So, with the 2 Christmas presents, he has 8 Gundam collection now. He also often watches youtube for Gundam review and he even recorded the review himself. But the file is too big. He recorded almost 10 mins each time. That's why I didn't post it to youtube yet.

On Christmas day, hubby and I finally bought our sofa. Price has increased by 100 dollar since the day we saw. No choice, CNY is coming. If we wait, the price may have increased again. Then we headed to Punggol to see the wardrobe and kitchen cabinet. We cleaned up a little bit then went back home. Another round of stemboat :)

It's replacement of public holiday on Monday. I spent the morning time having breakfast and watching Taiwanese drama - My Splendid Life - and finished the whole 38 episodes :D After that hubby and I went to IKEA. We reached there about 4.40pm and walked until 9pm. We purchased some items for kitchen and other thing. Reached home 10 plus by cab. So tired...

When we reached our house, we saw there were lots of sandals outside our neighbour's house. My feeling said something bad happened. Before we went to IKEA, my hubby saw 2 police officers outside our house and when he went out, they asked my hubby if he knows where our neighbours were. My mother-in-law thought they were having gathering for Christmas celebration, but I told my hubby, I didn't think so. I saw Auntie was sitting down inside wearing black colour cloth. I was guessing something happened to her husband, since her husband was working as Taxi driver. I was hoping my gut was wrong. When the group left her house, my hubby went there and asked what happened. When I went there, I saw Aunty was crying and telling me that her husband passed away this afternoon. He was over tired and couldn't be saved.

My hubby was crying too. They have been staying there before hubby and his families moved to his house. The daughter was so young and now has grown up to teenager. Hubby said, he could see they slowly improved their house, like changed the door gate, air-con, and recently just purchase mattress. He made a living by driving taxi. They didn't expect it happened that fast. Yesterday my hubby still saw him outside his house and talking with people. And now, he is no more alive.

Life is really unpredictable. People can just go away like that. So, always remind ourselves to love and treasure our loving ones while they are alive. Don't wait until you're rich, until you have time. etc. If got chance, do it now.

May Uncle next door be bornt in better world. Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta - Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

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