Thursday, February 21, 2013

February Huat ahhh!!!!!

Just realize it in past few days that day has become longer and night has become shorter. Before this, when I reached home at 7pm, the sky has turned dark and in the morning when my alarm rang at 6.50am, the sky had turned brighter. But now, it is the other way around. When I reach home at 7pm, amazingly the sky is still so bright and only gets darker after 7.30pm or even later while in the morning, even after 7am, the sky is still so dark, making me lazy to wake up. Now I understand why the change in weather in other country can make people lazy to wake up and they would usually blame the cold weather for being late to office, while in Singapore, we can only blame to the MRT disruption or bus strike for coming late to work haha.... :P

This month is very short, only consists of 28 days. Deduct Sat, Sun, plus public holiday due to CNY, it become lesser days. Deduct the annual leave taken due to going back hometown or holiday, will even be shorter. Those who takes sick leave, will be much shorter. Hehe... I love February :)

And lately, the $10 million draw of TOTO that will be held this Friday, becomes a major conversation of everyone who lives in Singapore. In office, house, gathering, on the street, coffee shop, you can hear people discussing about it. They all put their $10 million hope on this upcoming day. Some even put hope for just one tenth of it, it'll be good enough, than have nothing at all. Hahaha.... Expectedly, you can see the long queue at the Singapore Pools, everywhere across Singapore, especially those place which in the past, has come out many TOTO winners. Hehe...

Queue at Chinatown Point
Everyone buys their hopes on this, with just a minimum of $1 dollar and majority (those who seldom win) think the fact that, 'if it's urs, it's urs. So even if you buy only $1, if you're supposed to win, then you will eventually win. Don't have to buy until hundreds or thousands dollars.' Hahaha.... Good excuse ah? :P Well, wish everyone all the best then!! Huatttt ahhhh!!!! - means good luck in wealth :)

Do you ever think, what if you win $10 million? What will you do with that money?? Hehe.. I don't really waste time on that since I don't think I have a luck to win such enormous amount of money. And I believe that what easy comes will easy goes. So... just buy hope ba!!!

This afternoon there will be State of Hotel Address, an annual event whereby our GM will tell us how we performed last year and will be followed with tossing of Yu Sheng or Lo Hei celebration :) I hope the company will continue to prosper, and so are we hahaha....

Here is the update from this afternoon's State of Hotel Address and Yu Sheng Celebration..... :)

Snake shape Yu Sheng (Prosperity Toss) for all of us!!!
After GM went through the slides about the performance from last year, staffs from both sessions met inside the Ballroom. We were standing at each side of the table and started the Yu Sheng or Lo Hei.

The process of Yu Sheng was as follow: at first, we'll say 恭喜发财 (Gong Xi Fa Cai) meaning “Congratulations for your wealth” 万事如意 (Wan Shi Ru Yi) meaning “May all your wishes be fulfilled”.

Put in the ingredients one by one, starting with squeezing the lime into the salmon 大吉大利 (Da Ji Da Li) meaning "Good luck and smooth sailing". Then put the salmon on top of the shredded vegetables and say 年 年 有 鱼 (Nian Nian You Yu) meaning "Abundance through the year". Pepper was then dashed over in the hope of attracting more money and valuables 招财进宝 (Zhao Cai Jin Bao) meaning “Attract wealth and treasures”. Then oil was poured out, circling the ingredients and encouraging money to flow in from all direction. 一本万利 (Yi Ben Wan Li) meaning “Make 10,000 times of profit with your capital” 财源广进 Cai Yuan Guang Jin meaning “Numerous sources of wealth” Then, grated peanut were spread on top, symbolizing a household filled with gold and silver 金银满屋 (Jin Yin Man Wu) meaning “Household filled with gold and silver”. Sesame seeds were also put to symbolize a flourishing business 生意兴隆 (Sheng Yi Xing Long) meaning “Prosperity for the business”. Plum sauce was also poured out 甜甜蜜蜜 (Tian Tian Mi Mi) meaning "May sweetness enter your life". And last, the deep-fried flour crisps in the shape of golden pillows were added with wishes that literally the whole floor would be filled with gold 满地黄金 (Man Di Huang Jin).

Ready for Lo-Hei or Yu Sheng!!! :)
Once done, using our chopsticks, we then tossed all the ingredients to the top and again said our wishes, such as: good health, everything goes smoothly, good career, good bonus, good luck, win Toto, win 4D, harmony relationship, happy family, and so on. The Executive Chef who was standing beside me, tossed the ingredients to the opposite and created such a big mess.. hahaha... my other colleagues were also doing so.. It was so fun!!! We laughed and shouted hehehe... Our hand was dirty too with the ingredients, but we all enjoyed it :) We then had it and had other food from the buffet too.
Before we entered, we also filled up a piece of paper with our name and department. They have few hampers and electronic household items as prizes. And who knows, I was one of the lucky winners and won the hamper below hehe.... My GM was calling my name 'Wati' and I really didn't catch it, until he said the section where I work, then my friend told me that he was calling my name. Kekeke... Not bad la, for nothing, I brought back these item. Some can be used for steamboat this Saturday hehe... Thank you SMC!!! :)

Lucky prize to start the year :)


Anonymous said...

Sporean should come to Oz.. 10 million dollar toto is a regular one. the big one is 30-40-even 50 million dollar. So I dont dream to win 10 million but 50 million dollar.. what should I use the money for.. all already settle in my head. just wait when i win that.. hahhahaa..
esp when i cant sleep.. i will think in which should i invest, spore, oz or indo.. should i invest on resto, or property or hotel? who will help me to manage? bla bla bla.. it is so much fun.. hahhahahah

Overcome said...

Hi Sis, I think I don't need to move there since you are there now, and I know you love me very much. So when you won the 50 million dollars, you will get confuse on how to manage such big amount of money. Well, I guess, you will just give me some, then you don't have to get headache lor.... Cheers :D

Anonymous said...

of course.. 50 million can clear all of our home mortgage and be financial free for the rest of our life.. huat ahhh

Anonymous said...

Kebanyakn tidur jd mimpi.. Bangun.. Bangun.. Udh siang.

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