Monday, September 02, 2013

Enjoy every moment of life :)

Despite today is Sunday, I still went to work this afternoon, from 12pm to 6.30pm. We were given a tight deadline of report submission this month, and 31st fell on Saturday, therefore we had to work in order to count all the revenue, cost, etc., to ensure we had done our job properly and would be able to submit our reports as per requested. Lots of my colleagues came back to work too, but they were seated in different level of office, so I had all the peace myself to do my work well.

I posted as many things as possible so that tomorrow there would only necessary things to be done and therefore saving our time to finish the report. So, I went home fatigue. My brain was too tense and full. I needed to release my stress and tiredness. Therefore, I decided to go for cycling.

This time I asked my hubby to join me since he was off today. Surprisingly, he was willingly to join me :) At 7pm, we departed from home and rode our bicycles away.

Just about entering the Punggol Waterway, I decided to change my usual bike with the one that he rode. The one that I usually rode, was having better quality. It was smoother and easier to ride. He was complaining the one that he rode. So we exchanged in order for me to know why he complained.

He purposely rode so fast in order for me struggling to catch him up. Since the condition of this bike was not so smooth and needed more effort to ride, I put a lot of effort and energy. I caught lots of breath and was sweating too in order to catch him. Sometimes I would shout out loud to release my breath haha..  It was so fun!!! I could feel the tension on my legs too while riding it. However, it was still manageable. I was still able to ride the slope up without having to push my bicycle up :D

We went to Punggol Park direction. After reaching sunrise bridge, we took a short break while enjoying the beautiful sky above us that was fulfilled with sparkling stars. We had sip of water before continued on. This time, we took our ride slowly.

I convinced him to ride beside me, and not behind me. He was afraid that we were taking so much space on a road as there were many other bikers and people passing by. Along the way we had a very nice chit chat and talked about many things related to our lives. The weather was very good too. The wind breeze was so cool, made it a perfect day for us :)

Sometimes, he vented his anger and frustration about his current job, but soon after he changed his mind and felt grateful getting and doing this job. Sometimes, he was reminded of his previous job before this one and he felt even grateful that he managed to let it go because otherwise he wouldn't be able to have his current job, which was obviously much better than that one. While he was talking, I would just keep quiet and listen to him.

After a while he would talk about his childhood time. He said he used to wake up so early in the morning, as early as 5am. He would listen to his favorite Chinese group singers' songs from his walkman and cycle around his neighborhood area. One day, he stopped the ritual and never went again. Why? He said, one morning, he heard weird laughter sound out of nowhere. Hahaha... He got scared as the place was too quiet, dark, and nobody around. Hahaha... I was imagining how he looked like at that time.

While he told the story, I kept watching and listening to him from sideways. I loved to see him depicting the story. He sang his favorite songs happily and even danced with the rhythm haha... so cute!  

Suddenly happiness came blanketing me. Gone were my stress and fatigue that I'd just had.But then, I felt hungry. My hubby suggested that we went to take a look at the new shop, called "Pitstop" along the riverside. So we went up and parked our bicycle in the Bicycle Bay provided next to the shop. Wow!!! That was good lah! I didn't bring the key for my bicycle lock so we sat outdoor facing the river. Anyway it was cool weather and was great ambiance to eat and have our tea there. Price were reasonable too. However the service was a bit slow. But since we didn't rush for time, we just sat down, enjoyed and relaxed while waiting.

I didn't know how long we cycled and how long we took our meal. I only knew that we reached home at 9.30pm. Hahaha... 2.5 hours of relaxed cycling trip plus tea break. The place was really great!! I will definitely go back there again. They open from 8am to 2am in the morning. They had TV too showing live foot ball match. If next time I was hungry and couldn't sleep, I know where to go now hehehe....

Ok lah, it's late now. Time to sleep. Have a great new week ahead everyone!! Wish you all be happy! :)

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