Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Keep calm and go Bhutan :)

Thank you Shel for this picture! I need it to calm myself down :)
   As days are getting closer, my anxiety has become greater. Perhaps it’s been some time since I left home for such a long period of time. Some more, I will be going alone, to a place where I don’t have relatives and only have to depend on friends whom I never meet, or met once or twice before.

   These past one week, I had a feeling of contacting and communicating my loved ones (dear families and friends), either by phone or by online chatting. I had the urge of talking with them, as if it’s going to be the last time. I didn’t know why I had this kind of feeling. Of course I didn’t hope something bad would happen to me there. But we all know how fragile life is. If we don’t convey what we feel now, we may not have a chance to tell them tomorrow. This is more or less what I feel.

   I managed to talk with my father yesterday and was so glad to hear his voice. He sounded like in a very good mood after hearing my voice hehehe… He told me about his plan and wanted to include me into it, but I hadn’t thought far and might not have confidence to work on it. We’ll see ba! Who knows in 5-10 years time I decide to give up city life and go back to a more relaxed and serene place, facing the beach, listening to waves, and watching sunrise and sunset every day and night. We’ll never know right? ;)

   Last week I exchanged messages with my Mom. At the end of our conversation she wrote to me, “Love you too. Miss you.” Wow!!! I was impressed! My mom wrote in English and those were words written by her for me. I was so touched and missing her so much. I think I sound more like in ‘emo’ mode now :(

   I visited my brother and sis-in-law last week after my facial. There was an urge in me to see them although there was nothing important or particular to talk about. They have treated me very good so far and I’m so grateful of their kindness, help, and support all this while.

   Last night my “trio nyum nyum” besties had also reminded me about things to prepare for my trip. Thank you my dear friends for your support, care and concerns.

   Despite of their busy schedules, my other two besties had also expressed their intention to celebrate my upcoming birthday. However I won’t be around on that day, so we had to postpone our gathering next month after I settle down with my work and life.

   There were many friends and relatives too asking about my upcoming holiday, including many colleagues. I will definitely miss all of them, especially those who are working together with me. I have great colleagues in my team. I’m sure they can manage the work while I’m not around.

   Thank you everyone for your support and understanding! I love all of you very much!!! Muachh… :)

   Well, I think I should stop being ‘emo’ and get my positivity back. This time, I’m gonna face different kind of trip, more to last minute changes trip itinerary, depending on time and availability of many different people. Because from what I planned many months back, I had to change it many times due to last minute incident. However, from this trip, I do really hope that I will be able to meet all of my friends since I guess this will be my last trip to Bhutan. Hehe… Overcome, jia you!!!  


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip... yz

Overcome said...

Thank you yz!!!

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