Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy 45th Anniversary my dear Pa and Ma

On their wedding day - The happiest day of their lives :)

Today it signifies the years they have been together. Both of them have gone through lots of ups and downs these past 45 years. Wow, almost half century!!!

My handsome Pa and beautiful Ma were born at different islands in Indonesia as all my grandparents settled at different places from mainland China many years ago. They both came from quite a big family. They met each other in the capital city, Jakarta, a place where I was born and grew up. The houses that they both stayed were located not far from each other. Called it fate? Or destiny?

On their wedding dinner :)

My father was 22 years old while my Mom was only 18 when they both got married. My brother and I followed our parents’ step of getting married early (although not as early as our Mum), as we would love to remain young by the time our children had grown up hehe… Not long after they got married, my Mom got pregnant and my eldest sis was born.

Traveling is their ways of enjoying life :)

Just like any other Chinese family, my parents hoped for having more sons in the family and they finally had my brother as a third child. But it wasn’t enough. My mom kept trying and until the last one came out, which was me, who was another baby girl. Only then they decided to stop. By that time, I was the fifth in the family.

Their romantic behavior envied us all the time

My Mom has spent most of her time as a full-time housewife. She took care of a shop before but Pa preferred her to take care of us instead. What a right step and sacrifice that my Mom took, and all because of us, the family.

Only two of them understand their jokes and Pa always makes her smile :)

Pa moved out to the capital since he was still a teenager. He had to work out and help out to develop my grandpa’s shop in the island where he was born. He had other ten siblings in the family. Although he wasn’t the eldest, he held a very big responsibility to take care of the family.

He would always bring my Mom exploring the world :)

I am very proud of him. In my eyes, he is the wisest, the most responsible father and brother, the most generous person, and the most loyal I’ve ever known. His love for my Mom is never ending. Since the day he fell for her until now.

After 45 years two of them multiplied to 19 of us :)

They both have gone through the thick and thin together, with us among their colorful life journey. We are so proud of both of you, Pa and Ma! Happy 45th Anniversary once again. Wish you both blessed with a very good health, life full of joy, love and happiness!!! Love you both always!!!


Anonymous said...

love this...

Rima Reyka said...

Me too... Hope this can be a sweet memoir to all of us :)

Rekha Monger said...

Wow such an amazing love your parents have. You're truly blessed to be born to them.
I think you have that genes of wanderlust from you parents :).

Prayers for their love to last a lifetime.
So inspiring!


Rima Reyka said...

Hi Rekha, indeed, my siblings and I were very lucky being bornt and raised by both of them. We learnt lots of things in life from them.

Many thanks for your prayers and wish! Hope you too will find your love and have a long lasting love journey ahead :)

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