Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Over superstitious???

When I joined the briefing yesterday outside my boss' office, they were talking about the color of the clothes that we were all wearing that morning to start our first day at work in the Wooden Horse year. The color of cloth that I was wearing seemed matching with what they said. Oopss.. I didn't know that they also believed on this!

The newspaper cut in Chinese language

A week ago my buddy sent me a scanned newspaper's cut above through what's app, which saying that by wearing a certain color of cloth to work on a particular date would give us good luck.

It was also mentioned there on which day you have to start your work in order to have a smooth work throughout the year. E.g. Goat, dog, tiger, and rooster to start work on 4th Feb; Horse, rabbit and pig zodiac to start work on 5th Feb, etc.

Today is Li Chun. People was advised to wear red, orange, yellow, gold or silver color cloth to invite good luck. Since I had red color top, no harm on just following what it had said.

So this morning, when we had a briefing again, my two Bosses, few colleagues and myself were wearing red color clothes for work. Hahaha... It looked funny though. Not only that. This evening after work, I accidentally met my best friend and her colleague who were also wearing red top clothes hahahaha.....

However, most of us couldn't follow the advise on the starting day of work since we worked at Fin dept and we had to go to work on Monday to do our month-end closing. Lolx!

Generally people here (especially Chinese race) were very superstitious. Most of us would blindly believe to do what it's said to be good for us although we were not sure who wrote that and based on what.

Today there was another interesting incident that made me even wonder, were we overly superstitious???

After having my lunch, I went out for a fresh air, like usual, sitting down next to the river listening to my songs and reading a book. When my lunch time was over, I returned back to my office. On the way there, I saw a friend posted something on Facebook, and this was what she wrote, "Today is 立春 (Li Chun). Go bank in some cash n your wealth will grow. Huat ah!!!!" ("Huat ah!" means "Wish you get rich or Be wealthy!) Then she attached the following picture below:

List of hours believed to be good or very good to bank-in your money

When I saw my Zodiac, it's said would be very good to bank-in from 1 to 2.59 pm. But my lunch time had already over so I thought of ignoring it.

Suddenly my buddy sent the list into our group chat. I told them that I wouldn't go as my lunch time had already over and my toe was hurt on Sunday when cycling so I couldn't walk far. Then my best friend said, "OC, your time hadn't over yet. You still can bank-in until 6.59pm." I still remained quiet. Then she said again, "OC, go bank-in la! So long you bank-in today." I knew she meant good. She wanted me to have good things happen in my life :) Finally I said, "Ok la," and I gave in.

After work I decided to go to the bank that located not very far from my office. On the way there I met my best friend -the one I just mentioned above, who was also wearing red top :P I came to know that she started moving to her new office today. Yayyy!!! We finally work nearby again :)

She left her colleague and decided to accompany me to the bank. (She was the same person who asked me to bank-in some money just now). We both walked there. Wow, there was quite a queue there on the deposit-cash machine. Everyone was queuing on the same machine. Wow! Again, I wasn't the only one who was superstitious!

Queue for OCBC deposit-cash machine at People's Park

I had to queue for some time before my turn came. Luckily my friend was there. We both chit chatted while waiting. Usually not many people used the deposit-cash machine as more people queued for the ATM or withdrawal machine.

After I banked-in some money, we both bought 4D at nearby stall hehehe... I was so happy to meet my friend and we both were wearing red. So why didn't we try our luck? I bought the number of rooms in her new working place ^^

Since we lived nearby, we took MRT home together. Supposedly she should drop first,  but she accompanied me until my station then took one more station back to her house so that we could chat longer hehehe...

Queue for POSB deposit-cash machine at Compass Point

Suddenly she sent me message saying that the queue for the deposit-cash machine at shopping mall nearby her house was super long! I asked her to help me taking pictures if she was still nearby the area.

POSB deposit-cash machine queue at the other side - Compass Point

Sekali she told me that she was going to queue again. Yalama! She had queued once in the afternoon leh... And now, despite the very long queue, she still wanted to bank-in some more cash? She replied me, "Cos want to make myself more "huat", tats y i decide to queue too." Oh my!

The best thing was - after queuing up for 1 hour and 15mins, she couldn't bank her money in. She said the machine had gone haywire, couldn't take her money at all. She tried many times but the slot just didn't take her money. So she gave up as behind her there were still lots of people waiting for their turn.

She said the Cisco officers even came again to collect the money from the machine there as it was too full and one of the deposit-cash machines was spoilt. I guessed due to too many transactions done in a day.

Hahaha... So many people here wished to get rich and more luck in money. Overly superstitious? They just didn't care. Just follow on what was said to be good. And I, was one of them. Lolx! :P

Click here for the best time to bank in for year 2015.


Tshewang Dorji said...

This is so over-superstitious!Sad that we people are driven into by such blind beliefs...

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you for reading and your comment Tshewang! Hahaha... For me this was fun as long as it didn't bring frustration when doing it. If you can do, do it. If you can't, then forget it. Don't have to 'die die' must do! ^^

Rekha Monger said...

Haha thats interesting. Everybody wants to grow rich :P.

I heard a belief here that if you wear something red in color while appearing your exam, you will pass. I don't know how far that's true, I didn't try it yet.

Rima Reyka said...

Yes it is. In Chinese culture, red means to bring good luck. The bright red color underwear for men were even sold here. Usually they would wear it when they went to Casino. Some actors would wear it too during Award giving event :)

Rekha Monger said...

Hahaha....ROFL....wearing red undergarment to Casinos and during award events? That's hilarious lol...

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