Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A Bhutan Art Exhibition - Impressions of Happiness in Singapore

Painting by Asha Karma (Pic source: Drukasia.com)

4 more days to go!!! Those who stay or have a plan to visit Singapore from 12 to 17 April 2014 will have a great opportunity to attend the Bhutan Art Exhibition - Impressions of Happiness. It will be held in Sculpture Square at Chapel Gallery, open from 11 am to 7.30 pm. The exhibition is free and open to the public. Please visit the website here for more information. 

“Impressions of Happiness is a celebration of Bhutan's rich culture, centered around the theme of happiness. 

For the artists featured in this exhibition, the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon is a great source of inspiration. After all, Bhutan evokes a land where myths and legends come alive - a place where one can find the true essence of peace and happiness. The country's picturesque sights spark the artists' creativity, enabling them to produce beautiful works of art that uplift the hearts of the beholder. 

Different sides of multi-faceted Bhutan are depicted in the exhibit. The image of the Buddha appears in many works, showing the significance of religion in the Bhutanese way of life. Dzongs stand majestic, nestled in the lush and verdant landscape. Black-necked cranes fly freely, symbols of longevity. Human figures are portrayed in colorful expressions of joyful bliss. 

Ultimately, Impressions of Happiness invites viewers to reflect on the nature of happiness and to rejoice in beauty.”  

The artists featured for this event includes Kama Wangdi or fondly known as Asha Karma, who underwent his apprenticeship with the National Fine Arts Centre and on the job training with the National Handicrafts Design Centre in Thimphu, Bhutan. He is the founder of VAST (Voluntary Artists’ Studio, Thimphu), a non-profitable and non-governmental organization (NGO) set up with the sole aim of providing an opportunity to the Bhutanese youth to participate and develop their potential talents as well as share social responsibilities through artistic explorations and other socially useful and productive work.

Riku, me and Sonam at Taj Tashi Hotel with Buddha painting by Asha Karma

The above was the photo taken when I visited Taj Tashi Hotel in Thimphu. It's said that all the paintings in Taj Tashi Hotel were drawn by him. Wow, I was actually meeting up with his art first before meeting up with the artist, which hopefully I could meet in person soon :)

Another Bhutanese artist featured is Rinchen Wangdi, popularly known as Bap Rinchen, the founder of Datog Art Gallery, Bhutan. He underwent his apprenticeship attachment with local traditional artists from the Institute of Language and Cultural Studies in Simtokha, Thimphu. He is actively engaged in coordinating art exhibitions, art camps and educational programs and active in promoting Bhutanese contemporary art.

Cherngzhi Lian painting on Paro Taktsang or Tiger's Nest (Pic source: Drukasia.com)

Cherngzhi Lian is an artist living and working in Singapore. He visited Bhutan twice in 2013 and commissioned to paint the artwork used for Drukair’s Singapore 2014 Calendar. Those who obtained the 2014 Drukair’s Calendar beginning of this year would have seen his arts on it. I have one at home :)

The History of Bhutan (Pic source: Drukasia.com)

Other than the art exhibition, there will be two events held. First, the book launch – The History of Bhutan written by Dr. Karma Phuntsho, a Bhutanese scholar, social worker and founder of the Loden Foundation on 12th April 2014 from 2 pm to 4.30 pm. The book is a comprehensive introduction to Bhutan. On that day, the author will present on site to give a presentation of the book. You will also have an opportunity to purchase an autographed copy of the book and get a copy at a special price. Click here for the detail and here for registration as registration is required.

Dr Karma Phuntsho (Pic source: Drukasia.com)

Second, the talk by Dr. Karma Phuntsho about Conservation and Happiness plus the film screenings, Forgotten Treasures on 13th April 2014 from 2 pm to 4.30 pm. Click here for the detail of the event and here for the registration, again, registration is required.

Fyi, part proceeds from the sale of the artworks is in aid of underprivileged young artists of the International Young Artists Exchange (IYAE) fund and VAST studio, Bhutan.

So, for those who never visits Bhutan but wants to know more about Bhutan, its culture, its history, and so on, immediately register yourself online for the events above (click the link provided), and visit the Gallery anytime between the dates and timing mentioned. And for Bhutanese who happens to be in Singapore during that period, have a feel ‘home sweet home’ just by attending the event and looking at the art presentations displayed. Hope you won’t miss this great opportunity!

(Note: all the info was taken from the Impressions of Happiness websites with the permission from the host/organizer)


Unknown said...

That was a great opportunity.I wish I was there and it was quite amazing to know that mam knows a lot of things about Bhutan.

Overcome Life said...

Thank you for your comment Kipchu. As mentioned, all the information above were mostly derived from Druk Asia website. But I'm glad that I learn more things about Bhutan now :)

Sangay Cholden said...

It is good news indeed. May happiness prevail everywhere. I pray.

Overcome Life said...

Thank you for your wish and prayer Sangay :)

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