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Gourmet Trip to Melaka part 3

We had our breakfast around 7.30am in the middle part of the Baba House. Simple dishes like fried noodles, chicken curry, vegetable, bread with jam and butter, plus coffee and tea were served in buffet style. We’d planned to have a “must-eat” renowned Chicken Rice Ball that morning, and therefore, I only took a cup of hot tea for myself while my son enjoyed the full meal for himself.

Flea market on Sunday morning at Jalan Hang Lekir

The weather was cooling. We passed by the Sunday morning flea market along our way, at Jalan Hang Lekir. Local residents were selling second hand barang barang (stuffs) and some antiques, which were displayed on the roadside. Many stuff brought back our old memories. The series of laser disc reminded me of my Mom’s laser disc player that my father bought many years back. The laser disc itself was very expensive and my Mom preferred to rent it rather than to buy. That was one of the luxuries that my Mom had in 1990s. Some karaoke disc was rent and my parents would sing during night time and Chinese oldies singer like Teresa Teng were my Mom’s favorite. We didn’t buy anything though as we didn’t need those stuffs but it’s great to look around at the stuffs offered.

Kedai Kopi Chop Chung Wah - Malacca

Nearer to the destination, we had already seen long queue outside the old coffee shop, called Kedai Kopi Chung Wah. It was only 8.50am while the shop was opened at 8.30am. Alamak!!! As mentioned earlier, this place sold the well-known signature dish - Chicken Rice Ball and you couldn’t leave Malacca without trying it!!! With much patience, my sister-in-law was queuing while the rest were at nearby area taking photos and walking around.

Assorted Nyonya kueh and local delicacies - Malacca

While waiting, I saw another crowd at the opposite road. I decided to walk over and found out that the small stall was selling assorted Nyonya kueh (sweet desserts). Uhuy!!! I love eating kueh kueh. It also reminded me of those kueh made by my Mom and maid when I was still residing in Indonesia. We were actually having the similar culture and each bite brought me back to the old time memories. I bought 6 different kind of kueh kueh and it cost only RM 6!!! In Singapore, you couldn’t get it with such price! Moreover, the taste was more original and delicious. The size was slightly bigger and thicker too!!!

So, while queuing, I was biting at those kueh kueh and asking the rest to take a bite as well so my stomach wouldn’t be too full and have some space for the chicken rice ball hehe… After about half an hour, we finally could get our table. The seller brought two plates of steamed white chicken into our tables (one piece of chicken in each plate – kampong chicken, which size was much smaller), and one plate of chicken rice ball (five balls in each plate) for each of us.

Chicken Rice Balls - Malacca

The chicken rice chili matched the chicken very well, but tasted better by adding some soya sauce into it. The chicken was soft and succulent, really great taste!!! All of us enjoyed it and half an hour queue was all worth it! Hot white coffee (the famous coffee type in Malacca) gave us some caffeine boost to start our day. Each piece of chicken cost RM42 while the chicken rice ball cost RM0.30 each (or RM1.50 per plate).

We went out full of satisfaction and continued with another last round of shopping at the Jonker Street. When it was 11.30am, we passed by the Jonker 88 again. At first we thought of buying the cold dessert only, suitable for that kind of hot weather. But once we were inside, we decided to buy the Nyonya Asam Laksa and Baba Laksa one bowl each, as my Mom hadn’t fulfilled her wish to try the Asam Laksa the day before. As for cold desserts, we bought Baba Cendol, Baba Durian Cendol and Baba Durian Ice Kacang each. We bought it take away and we had it back into our hotel, sitting down at their dining area, which was cooling and comfortable. We shared all of that among 6 of us before we finally parted.

Six of them drove back to Singapore at 12.30pm while hubby and I had another 1.5 hour time before we went to find our bus at 2pm. We decided to walk around at another street that we hadn’t been through, going in to each available shop and had a look at the structure of the building, the things they were selling, and some antique shop was there opened for public. I enjoyed the walk so much and at the same time we were looking for a place to sit and drink coffee plus free Wi-Fi.

The Daily Fix Café - Malacca

We decided to sit inside The Daily Fix Café, a cozy coffee shop located hidden inside the Gift Shop. It’s decorated with olden Chinese stuffs with many different types of chair serving hot and cold beverages, pastries, pancakes, French toast, and so on. Both of us ordered the Iced White Coffee. We didn’t order any cakes at we both were still very full. We sat comfortable on its sofa. I took out my book, reading and drinking my coffee, sometimes took photos of its interior. It’s a beautiful place.


You know, the old house structure there, it reminded me of my grandparent’s old house (their first house in Jakarta). It was long type. The living room was very much deep inside and there was an open space in between where you could see the sunlight and have some trees on it. The old furniture, cabinets, chairs, displays, it was all familiar for me. Well, there is no chance now to have this kind of feeling back into our house as it’s all now modernized and tend to be simple. But that was one of the reasons on why I loved visiting Malacca. Even the kebaya, batik and clogs were similar with what we had back in Indonesia. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the whole events we were there. The food, the hotel, the souvenir, the environment, but most importantly, the time spent with my family that was priceless! Thank you everyone to make this happened! I hope all of you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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