Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ba Huyen Thanh Chuan - Hotpot and Grilled Ca Keo or Goby Fish in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Ba Huyen Thanh Chuan - Hotpot and Grilled Ca Keo or Goby Fish

Last night a Vietnamese friend, Lone, brought us to try their popular local dish called Ca Keo or Goby fish at Ba Huyen Thanh Chuan located at District 3. It's a pretty big place and very crowded, with 97% filled with local. They sell mainly the Hot Pot or grilled Goby Fish.

High and low tables and chairs, air con and non air con room, indoor and outdoor. We managed to sit inside the air con room with high table and chairs - more convenient for foreigners although I prefer sitting on the low ones ^^

Một, hai, ba, vô! (pronounced mot, hi, bah, yo) means 1, 2, 3, Cheers!!! ^^

We asked Lone to order for us as the menu was all in Vietnam language with few pictures inside. After waiting for a while, finally our food arrived. Dadadada......

Fresh Goby fish

First they put a plate of various vegetables, vermicelli, and sauces. Then they will bring the portable stove to cook our Hot Pot. The fragrant soup was then put to boil. The fishes were already inside.

Lone poured the vegetables down to the pot

Lone then put the vegetables in followed by the vermicelli then covered it until it's boiled and ready for us to eat.

Grilled Goby Fish with Tamarind sauce

While waiting the grilled Goby fish arrived. We dip it into the tamarind sauces prepared separately on a small plate. Hmm.... nyummy! It smelt really great but must eat it carefully since there were lots of bones.

Non air con Ca Keo shop

Overall, it's a very good meal and very great experience. The next time you come to this city, come down and try it for yourself :)

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