Saturday, January 31, 2015

Blind Date With A Book - Sengkang Library

Our visit to Sengkang Library this afternoon was rather special as we found the signage below.

Blind date with a book by Sengkang Library

There were books underneath wrapped with a beautiful gift wrapper and there was a hint on top of the wrapper to tell what kind of story the book inside filled with. It could be romance, thriller, horror, mystery, sci-fi, or fantasy.

Pick me up!!! - Blind date with a book! :)

These were what being written on the board:

"Feeling adventurous this Valentine's Day? 
Check out our new display full of wrapped 'presents' and go on a blind date with a new book! 

1. Pick the mystery 'present' that appeals to you! 
2. Borrow it (still wrapped) as usual at our borrowing stations. 
3. Unwrap and see what adult fiction novel it contains. 
4. Enjoy your blind date! :*)
5. Return via the bookdrop as usual"

Haha... It's interesting and creative, wasn't it? Very great idea!! I picked two books that I was curious about while my son followed me picking one ;)

Before :)

After!!! My blind dates for Valentine's Day ;)

Dadadada.... There they are!!! Well, let's see! Just hope that they won't disappoint me!!! ;)


Choki Gyeltshen said...

Interesting date! Nice post.

Kipchu Namgyel said...

Sounds interesting. Happy reading! and do share with us.

Amrith Subba said...

Nice story. Happy Valentine's Day with your books. A nice read. Thanks for sharing. Keep writing, Rima.

Lingi Jamtsho said...

Thanks for sharing and yes, that was a wonderful idea. I wish we had such libraries here too.

Flora said...

Of course it's really well creative, Nice way to encourage the clients to read or to attract more users in that library. Your picks seems nice and interesting titles, I am you will the book date. Have fun dating.����

Ugyen T Tenzin said...

That's so great of you for your special valentine's day. I shall also have to plan to have my blind date with my books Lol. Keep Reading. Keep Treading. Life is always beautiful with books those will get you everything by hook or by crook. Great weekend. Hope all is going well with sound in health. Regards from me. Do Great. Take Care. :)

kinleywangchuk said...

I would like to experience a blind date with a book too.....!!..:)

Rekha Monger said...

Your blind date definitely seems a great idea. So creative of the library. I gotta do the same this valentine :).

Good picks for the date. Have a awesome valentine this year with your dates, not ONE but TWO :).

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments!!! Hope all of you have a lovely date too this Valentine's Day! Take care and have a great week ahead! ;)

Lekey Choden Dorji said...

Sounds inetresting. Creative thought it is :) Enjoy the blind date. Loved your update, dearest madam. Hope you have been well. Have a great week ahead. Take Care!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Lekey! Same to you! Take care! :)

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