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Since young, when people knew that I was born the youngest in the family, they always told me you must be spoiled a lot! And I would respond immediately and tell them that they were wrong! Because when I was that age, my parents and the rest of the siblings were busy with their own lives. When I reached teenager myself, I became the one who was busy with my own activity.

I left my country after finishing high school. I had to depend more on others since then. Then I got married not long after I graduated. So again, I had to live separately from all of them and built my own family.

But I wouldn't deny that although we grew up and lived separately, I could feel their loves even from a far. Sometimes we would visit to each other's country for a visit and holiday. There, I was really pampered!!!

They would ask me what I would love to eat, where I wanted to go, they would pay for my shopping, they would bring some gifts from their home, they would give their precious time and accompany me wherever I would love to go, etc.

Sometimes I even wondered if I had treated them equally nice whenever they came to the country where I stayed. And being the youngest, they always refused to accept my money. They would feel their responsibility as elders and gave me a treat :D

It also applied to my hubby and son. Since my dear baobei was born, I seldom bought him any clothes. Most of it was brought by my parents, siblings, and in-laws. Whenever they traveled, they would buy gift to both of them too. It's their love, thought and sincerity that touched me. They wanted to make sure that we were all happy :)

I'm blessed!!!

I have to say that I'm proud being part of this family. I'm proud with the way how our parents taught us with life's values, what were the important things to take a note between sibling's relationship, such as: sharing, helping each other, praying to each other's health, well being and happiness, supporting mentally by being an ear to listen their woes,  lighten up their burdens in mind, and many more.

We were all born with unique personality and each of us had very different characters and personalities. None of us were perfect! We sometimes fought, quarrelled too, again, due to our nature and differences. But we were back to normal very soon. We didn't hold grudges. Sometimes we even laughed at it whenever reminded of some funny fights, like pulling hair, biting hands, etc. Haha...

Now that we have all grown up, we enter into another stage of life. We become more cautious about our health. My mom and both sisters have just complained to me about their forgetfulness (fyi, I was the listener among them and they often shared their things with me). Three of them experienced the same and it made me wonder if I'd inherit the same gene as well :D

My parents often complained the way my both elder sis took their drink. E.g. they both liked to drink iced beverage, be it iced coffee, soft drink with ice, iced water, etc. Tired listening to the complain and being conscious about my own health, I decided to avoid drinking that unless once in a while when there was no choice and when I felt having it, but not regularly like them.

We are family :)

That's also why I always see how they do and decide what's right for me and keep learning from them each and everyday ^^ Hope we will keep this way though, together facing life in positive way and live with harmony :) Thank you everyone for being kind and good for me and my families! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Wish all of you are blessed with good health and stay happy always! Take care! Muachh... :)


Anonymous said...

They drink the cold one because they dont drink beer and wine like us.. huahhahaha..
but.. who likes warm beer? Only papa once asked to put beer bottle to warm water because it was from fridge.. Hubby said.. it is the first time people request for warm beer. hahhahaha uniquely papa..

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha.... uniquely truely our dad only ;P

Tashi Chenzom said...

It is very beautiful mam. Family is such important component in everyone's life. Happy us, who have been blessed with family. Even I am the youngest and it is true for me that I am pampered by my family but I have never taken the advantage of their love and care. And so I will say that I consider myself lucky to be the youngest as I have received too much from everyone.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Tashi! I'm glad you too receive the same treatment as the youngest in the family, most importantly being grateful with the love and care given :) Wish you a happy time with your family always! ^^

Anonymous said...

I know who is she sat like drinking ice beverage and complaint abt forgetfulness... For sure it's me rite.... Heheheehe....

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha..... :P

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