Tuesday, April 19, 2016

MacRitchie Trails Part 2 - MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRitchie Trails Map  (Photo courtesy: National Parksl

When people mentioned MacRitchie, the MacRitchie Reservoir would pop right into my mind. As for our first walk in the area (read about it here), I thought my bestie would bring me to the Reservoir. But if you have a look at the map above, the reservoir is located at the southeast part of the area, which isn't near with TreeTop Bridge. You have to walk for another few kilometer in order to see it. That's why we came back again at another week :)

MacRitchie Trails Part 2 :)

Same place, same time. We met at Bishan bus interchange and took bus no 52 or 410W (about 10 stops) and alighted at Blk 454. We walked to the Venus car park in about 10 minutes from the stop.

My besties and I :)

So we were ready to go! ^^ This time, we walked towards southeast part of the park, to see the MacRitchie Reservoir :)

Natural beauty - MacRitchie Trails :)

Here, we walked through pristine forest. The trees protected us from the sun. Many people came here to jog. So make sure to keep left when walking or jogging there as the hiking trails weren't that wide.

Sun rays among the trees :

As the sun went up, we could catch their rays among the trees like the photo shown above. There were birds and other animal sound along our way, added the beauty of the nature that had already been beautiful! :) I walked myself down the road path, engulfed myself in the quietness, just live there at the present moment.

Finally! MacRitchie Reservoir! :)

After some time, we finally reached the Reservoir. There was park where people could do some exercise.

MacRitchie Reservoir - Singapore

Here, people could rent the kayak too! It's as serene as the forest. Again, beware of the monkeys. There were many walking freely :)

Workout details (Photo courtesy: PY)

Surprisingly we only walked that much and time taken was only 1 hour and 20 minutes. I expected longer route though ^^ Anyway, we are going to take another route and I'll cover it next time! ;) Wish you all have a great life out there! Spend your precious time wisely and most importantly, be happy! Have a great week ahead! :)


Rupa Gurung said...

Written beautifully👌👌👌 Thanks for sharing with us.
Wish you a million years of happiness^^
Take care beautiful people there 😊😊💖💖💖
Loads of love 😊

Overcome Life said...

Thank you dear Rupa! Wish you the same too! :)

Love, Rima ^^

Unknown said...

Aum Rima, you are having yet another share of your enjoyable adventure. I really envy you and your life. May you be blessed with more. Takecare

Overcome Life said...

Hehe... Your country has abundant resources of forest like this la that you can go anytime you want :) So, no need to envy la! ^^

Thank you for your comment and wish you a wonderful day la! :)

Launna said...

Rima, I liked hearing about your walk... it sounds like a great way to see some beautiful nature. I have a lovely trail by me that I've walked numerous times and I still love it ♡ xox

Overcome Life said...

Thank you Launna :) It's healing therapy to walk among the beautiful nature. And I love doing that too! Hope all is well with you! Take care!

Love, Rima :)

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