Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Hazy time of the year - Singapore

Hazy cloud in Singapore - Sep 2015

Psi reading at 6pm north of Singapore for today: 105 - unhealthy range.

PSI Value       PSI Descriptor               
0 - 50Good
51 - 100Moderate
101 - 200Unhealthy
201 - 300Very unhealthy
Above 300Hazardous
 (Chart source: NEA website)

I walked out to my home's balcony, stretched my neck left and right, then up high in the sky. All showed the same view - no sun and thin layers of white smoke. I inhaled and felt the slight smoky smell. "Haiz.... another hazy day today. No more cycling today," mumbled me and walked back into the house.

This morning we had to postpone our morning walk to MacRitchie Reservoir Park, also due to the haze :( I was completely immobile against any outdoor activities these past few days. It had only given me a choice to go back to my room and lay down on my comfy bed. I took out the library book that I borrowed few days ago from my bag and started flipping the page - Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.

Book read - Attachments by Rainbow Rowell 

I was almost determined to finish the book in few hours time. However, soon after, my hubby came in and he was too tired from the painting and cleaning of the Buddha's altar at our living room. He located himself directly next to me, took his sleeping position and there he went to his dreamy world.

The sky had turned darker and I didn't want to disturb his sleep with the bedside lamp's brightness and I decided to join him to the dreamy world - since I had no where to go anyway. To my nightmare, I only woke up at 11.30 pm!!!

Relieving advice by Dalai Lama - "Sleep is the Best Meditation" ^^

Knowing that I woke up, he came to the room. "Good morning dear!" saluted him and he asked me if I wanted to join him for the supper. He would like to try the new 24-hour coffee shop located just opposite of our house block. Again, since I had nothing to do, I changed my clothes and walked together with him in the middle of the night. But too bad it was closed. So he ended up cycling to the nearby coffee shop and bought take-away bowls of noodles and we had it at home.

Hazy sky at neighbourhood area

How haze affected our lifestyle; it was indeed affected our mood as well. We were not rich enough to stay at the condominium, where the swimming pool was just within walking distance, where there was indoor billiard room, where there was tennis court, indoor table tennis room, indoor gym or even indoor karaoke room where at least we could spend our day with activities. So I could only spend my day inside the house reading, eating, and sleeping - and all this would contribute in gaining weight. He-he... 

Pic source: 

Few more days... Yeahhh... in few more days to come, I'd get out from this hazy country and would be back to busy activities again. Expecting for whole day adventure - starting early and finishing late; eating more fruits and vegetables, walking up and down - even climbing up thousand steps staircase, and so on.

This would be usually the time where we had to get out from this country, if we were lucky enough, and get out from the hazy world, which sometimes would haze our sober mind and clear conscience ;)

Happiness is goodbye haze... :)

For now, let me continue reading the Attachments. Not sure what time I would sleep again. The sleeping hours have turned topsy-turvy now. Hope it will be over soon... Haze oh haze, please go away....


Kipchu Kipchu said...

Sounds similar to the hot days here. So, it's time for more adventure; good luck and wishing you loads of happiness.

Rima Reyka said...

It's not just hot, but the smell was really disturbing. Many people would have trouble in breathing, really! Thank you for your wish la! Wish you the same too! ^^ Study well and good luck for your upcoming exams! :)

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