Friday, October 09, 2015

Rewalsar Lake or Tso Pema Lotus Lake - A heaven on earth!!!

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the Rewalsar Lake, or also known as Tso Pema Lotus Lake, located at Mandi district - a six-hour bus drive from McLeod Ganj or an eleven-hour bus drive from New Delhi.

Feeding fish area at Rewalsar Lake, India

I strolled alone at the park that surrounded the lake, with two packs of biscuits for feeding the fish, on my hands.

Hmm... The weather was still too hot and I decided to sit on the grass just below the big tree, as to benefit the coolness from the shade, and then leaned my back on it.

The wind blew comfortably and it made me feeling sleepy. Didn't know how long I fell asleep. Only knew that I was awoken by the conversation of the not-so-young couple who were sitting side-by-side at the bench nearby.

One of the man's hands was holding the woman's shoulder and another was holding her both hands.

See the electric transmitter above the mountain? That's where the cave is located :)

"You know, I love this place sooo... much!!! I'm thinking, maybe..., just maybe..., one day, when I'm getting much older and no more weight on my shoulder, and when there is no one to worry about anymore, then I shall come and visit this beautiful place again.

The cave where Guru Rinpoche meditated :)

I've gotta live here for a while, so I can climb up the mountain slowly every morning, meditate as long as I wish, and prostrate as much as I can, inside the Guru Rinpoche's cave.

The beautiful mountain view from the above :)

I will watch the faraway snowy mountains from the stone we sat just now, and listen to the crows' sound flying across the sky. The layers of mountains and clouds that covered the small town below, are both unbelievably beautiful!!!

123-feet high Guru Rinpoche's Statue near Rewalsar Lake 

After that, I'll walk down the hill. On my way down, I'll convey my gratitude at the temple located inside the Guru Rinpoche's giant statue.

I'll have a simple and delicious Indian vegetarian meal like the one we had just now, plus a cup of hot steamed chai. 

The cave where we meditated and recited prayers :)

Then I'll take a good rest listening to the chants, getting the tranquility from the mantras, and try to memorise it. Uhhh... how I wish I know how to recite those Tibetan chants!!!

At times, I'll visit Monk Pema and 'Ong Bak' from the Zangtho Pelri that is located across the Guru Rinpoche's statue. I've already missed their chai and delicious yellow rice mixed with potatoes you know! 

With Monk Pema and 'Ong Bak' at Zangtho Pelri :)

Oh, but I hope, by then, the store keeper has already come back, so that Monk Pema won't have difficulty in opening the store's lock and can serve me the biscuit to accompany my tea! Haha... :D

When the sky turns into the dark, I'll watch the stars that you taught me about last night by lying down on top of the wooden planks at the rooftop of my rented Indian's house. I'll find yours and my star, and count the numbers of the falling stars every single night!!!" said the woman excitingly.

"And you know, by then, I hope I can find you there to accompany me, still accept me no matter how old I have become. But if you aren't there, I will understand," continued her but this time, her voice had turned much softer, in which I almost couldn't hear.

Dream bigger quote :)

"Finally a bigger dream of yours!!! May your dream come true. Of course I will be joining you. I'd love to be here again with you. And no matter how old you have become, I will always be there for you," said the man loud and excitingly!!

"You sure you will?" asked the woman unconvincingly.

"I'm sure I will! Because I'm content and glad with what you have already taught me in these past few days. Lifetime lesson within this short period? Oh my! I'll do anything for you my dear!!! 

I will be your walking stick when you climb up the mountain years or even decades later...

I will meditate and prostrate by your side inside the Guru Rinpoche's cave...

I will be sitting by your side on the stone we sat just now and offer my tiny arms - well, it may change bigger years later - so that you can hold your hands onto it while watching the snow mountains and listening to the crows' sound...

Delicious and cheap veg lunch (not completed yet) :P

I will be the person that you face while drinking chai and eating the cheap but delicious vegetarian lunch...

I will recite the chant over and over again on your ears so that you can easily memorise it...

Zangtho Pelri at night - Rewalsar Lake 

I will be clasping your hands while walking up through the stairways to heaven. Ooppss..., I mean, to the Zangtho Pelri, and ensure the storekeeper is there so you can dip the biscuit with the tea, as you like how it is to be eaten...

And at the rooftop, I will be the soft pillow over the wooden planks so that you can lean on comfortably while watching and counting the falling stars...

"Uhukk... uhuk..... uhuukkk... uhuk..." Familiar choking and coughing's sound came approaching to my side. It was Kipchu coming towards my direction. He was covering his mouth and tears were flowing from his eyes.

"So there you are Ashim??? What are you doing here? I've been looking for you for quite some time now, and those biscuits on your hands, the fishes are hungry la!!!" told him almost screaming.

Kipchu was caught happily feeding the hungry fishes ^^

"Ssshhhhh.... lower down your voice Nuchu! I was listening to the not-so-young couple's conversation who were sitting there," said me quietly while pointing my finger to the bench nearby.

The big tree that I imagined to sit underneath. Bench? What bench? :P

"Couple? What couple la Ashim? Which bench?" asked him.

"There!!! Eh... Where is the bench now? And  where is the not-so-young couple???"

Kipchu and me with the beautiful view of Rewalsar or Tso Pema Lotus Lake, India :)

Source of inspiration: Rewalsar Lake or also known as Tso Pema Lotus Lake in northern India - visited on 2nd and 3rd October 2015. The place is very beautiful. It is a "heaven on earth" as Kipchu exclaimed! ^^ Hope this post can be a great memoir from our visit! :)


Nim Dorji said...

It is really an amazing trip or i shall admit spiritual pilgrimage to Tsho Pema. Your sense of exhibiting the internal feelings of joy and solace to your mind. I could get the sense of immortality from your post. It was really memorable one i believe. I get to cherish the beautiful moments you had by empathizing your steps. Nice One Rima. Bravo!!!

Luzee said...

My friend, how I envy you!!!

Your good Karmas are making everything work as planned, and in the process you are accumulating more and more Karma!

TashiP Norbu said...

beautifully written, and yeah i guess heaven do exist on the place where true peace and tranquility born. Some places has so much of light and effect that make someone feel totally at peace.
happy days la!!!

Kipchu Kipchu said...

That was indeed heavenly heaven on earth. No wonder, you had such a fantasy; the place could make any mind play with it like you did and the beauty about both the place and your dream is that they were both within your reach.Grasp it anytime in the near future.May your dream come true! Not just my wishes but I pray.But next time, don't hide from your guide(if you happen to have one) like you did this time:) Scared the hell out of me.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Dorji for going through and leaving your comment here! It was indeed an amazing pilgrimage trip, which I wasn't really expecting to have it wonderfully, and of course, memorable and unforgettable! ^^

Rima Reyka said...

My dear, you too will realize your dream to reach this place one day! It will sure come, as long as you put your heart on it! ^^

And yes, my good karma was making everything worked as planned. I'm indeed feeling grateful for that!

Take care and see you soon! ;)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Tashi! Like you said, heaven exists in the place where true peace and tranquility born.

I indeed felt very peaceful there, especially when mediating inside the cave where Guru Rinpoche gave his Dhamma teaching to Princess Mandarava.

As for the rest, the universe conspired and made my stay a wonderful one! ^^ Wish you have a wonderful weekend la! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Yes Kipchu, certain places can make my imagination flying high. Just like someone told me, this piece is a beautiful realistic fantasy. Something that is possibly to grasp and within my reach, maybe somewhat in the near future.

Thank you for your beautiful wishes! I do really hope to go back there again one day, and who knows I can meet such a person who can fulfill my wishes the ways I described in the post above hehe.... *I wish! Or wait long long? ;D

And as for next time, I'd still choose to hide from my guide as I need time and space to wonder what should I write next on my future blog post! :P

Flora said...

I still haven''t complete reading you trip to India, you see how lazy and slow I go with readings! 😛 first thing is I am just looking to photos here and wondering abt the firends you met in ad a round the the India are Tibetan or Bhutanese? They treat you well despite being student and staying in hostel! All in all am so happy to see you being visited in most blessed and must visit holy places like dharmsala and Tsho Pema! Good on you Charo!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you for reading la! Take your time. No one hurried you Charo! ^^

All friends that I met were all Bhutanese dear! Hehe... You must be very proud with your fellow Bhutanese now, how good they treated me even outside Bhutan, just like how good you and Karma treated me in Melbourne ;)

Yes, I too felt very blessed being able to visit Dharamsala and Tsho Pema! Buddha and Guru Rinpoche protected and led me there! ^^ Have wonderful day la! :)

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