Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A new phase of life

A moonlight in a dawn :)

"Uuggghhhh..... what time is it now?" 

The sky was still dark from inside my room. I turned my handphone on and headed to toilet to release.

"Hhmmm.... it's 5.38am. So fast," mumbled me.

I hid myself inside the blanket and hugged my Doraemon doll with heart shape written 'I love you' and one cupid bear shot an arrow to another.

"Relax! Breath Rima.... Relax your mind... It's still early!" talked to myself.

In a while I was awaken again, out of nothing. Well, out of something I guess, anxiousness! And time shown was 6.15am.

"Oh my.... what should I do now? Just lie there?" asked myself again.

"Hell no! Let's get up! Prepare your breakfast and write your journal!" said the other heart of mine.

"Hm... ya hor! Since it's still early and I need that!" thought me immediately.

I got up taking 2 thick but short brown books from the lamp table beside me plus my owl pencil case with wooden phallus hanging on it. I put it on the wooden table at balcony then went to the kitchen to boil water and prepare two slices of bread with Nutella spread. I poured half packet of ginger tea mixed powder into my tea cup and poured the water once it's boiled. With both hands I took the plate and cup out.

"Hoahhmmmm.... still dark!" I yawned and switched on the balcony's light from inside. Not very bright but manageable.

Journaling time :)

I sipped in the hot tea and took a bite of my bread then opened the Daily Teaching book by Rhonda Byrne (one of the thick brown book that I took out) and flipped it out.

"Aha! This one suits me!" acclaimed me.

I opened the other thick brown book, which was my journal with 'Om' Tibetan word in front, bought from Dharamsala last year October.

I copied down the quote into my journal then I continued writing my heart out. Unknowingly, I'd filled the whole 3 pages with gratitude feelings towards everything that happened into my life.

It started since the beginning of the year where I was able to meet my parents and siblings and all of us managed to fulfill our dreams to go for the siblings reunion cruise trip together.

Soon after that I received good news from my brother that there would be a job opportunity for me. It turned out to be something that I'd been looking for! Totally out from my previous industry but still related to the same thing, but different items sold. It's temp job and the perks were great! They needed me immediately too so I started it soon after I had my interview.

So things just worked and crafted beautifully as per what I wished. The Universe simply made it work, designed suitably with my situation!

"If it's yours, it's yours. And you need fate with your working place," was what I always said to my friends when they concerned about me getting my new job.

And this new job, had given me completely new experience starting from working place, transport getting there, new environment, new colleagues, and so on. Things happened awed me with no words.

I know they expected much from me (that's why the perk was not bad), but it was a little bit more than my expectation! Hahaha... :D No matter what, I accepted it with my open arms and with more time and guidance, I'll surely and slowly make it! Wish me luck!

I looked at the time on the right corner of my phone, 6.55am. Yalama!!! I closed my journal and brought them in back to my room after putting the plate and cup into the kitchen's basin. I turned the heater on and took a quick bath while listening to Kiss92 fm from my phone.

At 7.10am I walked out from my house and took elevator down. I checked the SBS Transit Iris apps to check my bus timing while walking. Oh! Arriving! I ran my heart out towards the bus stop but luckily it had not arrived yet. Ah, it's coming now! I stood there and caught my breath.

"Ugghhh.... really new experience that I have to adapt!" talked to myself. Because once I missed it, the next bus would come 9 minutes later and it meant I would miss the company shuttle bus.

Let it go.... let it go.... My phone rang. I peeked the caller's name - Lisa - my new colleague. "Uncle, deng yi xia... (means wait! )" I heard her voice speaking to our company bus driver. I looked up at my watch. Sh*t!!! It'd already 8am and the bus still crawled another one more stop to reach.

"Rima, the bus is here! Reached already!" said Lisa anxiously. I couldn't let them wait for me because there were still one more place for them to go to pick other colleagues.

"It's OK. You can go ahead. I'll take bus 990 on my own," told me calmly and surrendered to the situation. In just 2 minutes later I reached where I supposed to board the company bus. I went down and took another bus to reach the company.

So, this would be my new life for the next few months! A completely change of environment and working place changed some stage of my life. And here as I'm typing this in my phone, I'm still stuck inside the bus reaching to my new office.


Choki Gyeltshen said...

Congratulations for your new job! And Best of luck with your new job and new challenge!

Flora said...

Congratulations for new job! I am sure you will like it and have lots of new friends and good experience!

Kuenza L said...

Congratulations Rima. Life does have a beautiful way of bringing things your way. So happy for you that things worked out well. You had a great break visiting so many places and now a new job. What an exciting way to start a new year.

Sonam Choden said...

Congratulations ma'am Rima ��happy for you

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Choki, Flora, Kuenza, and Sonam for your best wishes! Actually I'm quite struggling with it hahaha... But with your prayers, support, and encouragement, I hope I can make it! :D

Ajay Pai said...


Rima Reyka said...

Thank you so much for your wishes Ajay! :)

Tashi Chenzom said...

I know you can manage your new life well. All the best.
Take care!!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you so much Tashi for your support and encouragement! I need it very much! :D

Wish you a wonderful journey to Tso Pema soon! Take care and safe journey! :)

Rekha Monger said...

How did I miss this post? Maybe because I've been hibernating a lot these days :P. Never late than sorry, Tashi Delek on your new job Rima dear.

I love this post. If it's meant to be your's, it will be yours only,no matter what. I can really resonate alot with this post after having just completed The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO. I have to thank you again, for introducing me that book. :).

Being Grateful for the everyday, for the life itself is so important which you did. And also the journaling, how it relieves us off everything in life, be it the stress and nagging thoughts which I've been doing as well off late.

I hope you really enjoy your new job. :)


Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha... You were too busy reading lots of books these days dear! ;)

Kadinche-la for your kind and sincere wishes! I appreciate it so much. It encourages me to keep going and persevere ^^

I'm glad you read that book and benefited you as well. Hope you can see changes within your life from now on :)

Have a wonderful winter and snow there! :)

Love, Rima

Mendy said...

My dearest friend !
"Jia You"
"Ajia Ajia Fighting"
"Yes, You can"

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha... Thank you very much Mendy! Missing you lah! ^^

You take care and Jia you too! OK? ;)

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