Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Siblings reunion - Mariner of the Seas 3-8 January 2016

Time flies. It still felt like we were still discussing about our siblings reunion last month and now, it's over in a blink of eyes! Today my second sister flew back home and tomorrow the rest would follow.

With two cute little boys :)

Still remember the last day of year 2015 when these two cute little boys were put at my home and I had to babysit them ^^ Both were shy and busying themselves with their gadgets ;D But both were behaving very well. They didn't shout or cry looking for their mom even at stranger place (my sis and families stayed in Australia and it's been two years since their last visit. The younger one was still crawling!) They took their nap quietly too until their mom and the rest came :)

Steamboat dinner at home sweet home :)

We had steamboat family dinner that night. My parents stayed at my home for few nights.

Lunch gathering on New Year's day! :)

We had New Year's lunch gathering at Tony Roma's then browsed around Suntec City Mall for some shopping :)

Garden by the Bay - Singapore

Then followed with visit to the Garden by the Bay :)

Day 1 - Mariner of the Seas :)

From 3rd to 8th January 2016 we took Mariner of the Seas cruise trip together, my first time experiencing it.

Day 2 - Mariner of the Seas - Port Klang, Malaysia

It departed from Singapore to Port Klang and Langkawi (Malaysia) plus Patong Beach at Phuket, Thailand

Day 3 - Mariner of the Seas - Langkawi, Malaysia

There were so many outshore activities to choose from and all was chargeable (all in US$). We chose more on nature and landmarks of the place like Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park, eagle feeding place, Beras Basah Beach (we dipped ourselves there in seawater) at Langkawi islands.

Day 4 - Mariner of the Seas - Phuket, Thailand 

As in Phuket, the tender brought us to Patong Beach. From there we took a coach to several places such as: Buddha Cave at Phang Nga (called Wat Tham Suwan Khuha), James Bond Island or Ko Khao Phing Kan (two of James Bond movies were taken here - The Man with the Golden Gun and Tomorrow Never Dies) - read more about the island here, kayaking area, and Koh Panyee (Muslim fish village).

Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, supper :D

The meals were all included in the fares that we paid. The above was provided almost all day around in few restaurants with buffet, semi-buffet, a la carte style (fine dining), almost all-you-can-eat style! (Fyi, I'd gained 2 kg of weight upon returning from my journey :P)

Sit back and relax! ^^

Like when you had nothing to do, you could just go to pool area, grab a book (there was a library which you could borrow the book there), a cup of coffee or tea, or perhaps if you were hungry, grab some hot dog, sandwich, and make yourself relax and comfortable ;)

Mariner of the Seas Performance on Board :)

There were lots of performance arranged too on the boat, which in fact, was held everyday! Magic show, singing and dancing, juggling show, ice skating circus, and so on. They would like to make sure that everyone (from any age categories) enjoying their stay in the cruise and would never get bored!

You could also go to their sport centre playing basket ball, tennis table, mini golf, rock climbing; arcade; spa for some massage, facial, lose weight programme; gym; sauna; entertainment room playing board games; kids could join the kids activities; ice skating; karaoke-ing; learning how to dance; playing Bingo; casino learning how to gamble; swimming; jacuzzi; and so on. Most facilities were mostly available without fee (except those spa treatment and gambling related activities)

One of my daily favorite activities! 

As for me, the above picture depicted one of my favourite activities done on board, apart from catching for sunrises and sunsets!!! Their beauties were indescribable! Plus me-time before going to sleep, let me to feel grateful and thankful for everything that I had and happened to me!

Siblings reunion - January 2016

Thank you Pa, Ma, dear siblings and cute nephews for making our trips successful and creating many beautiful and unforgettable memories! Let us treasure this and let's hope for the whole family trips in few more years to come! Let's pray together that our wishes and dreams would come true! Thank you SB for good health, wonderful meetings and gatherings, and memorable trips! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!


Luzee said...

Lovely time!!!

Thank God, mine stays in the same city...else we will be planning something like this.

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha.... Thank you for going through Luzee! Have a great day! :)

Yeesi7 said...

OH my oh my! I wish I could visit places like you. With family of course :)

Rima Reyka said...

I hope all your wishes will come true one day Yeshi! Thank you for going through! Have a great day! ^^

Flora said...

Glad to see you had a family gathering, reunion of siblings would be awesome and bringing back the tender memories that you all had. Isn't it wonderful that you all visited pretty good places within those few days? Wow! Well, looks like know one by by one is moving back to their respective places and time for you to feel empty house!

Rima Reyka said...

Dear Charo,

Thank you for going through la! :) Yeah, they have all gone back now and I'm back to usual life! Hope you are doing great la!

Xoxo, Rima :)

Sonam Choden said...

Wow seems like u really had a good time with your family.. :) :) :)wish I could do the same and visit those exotic places

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you for going through Sonam! Hope you are doing well and may your wish will come true one day! :)

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