Sunday, January 17, 2016

Special gift from Bhutan - Inside Kuzuzangpo la Inflight Magazine! ^^

This evening I met up with Sonam Tobgyel, a civil servant working at PMO - Cabinet Secretariat, who came to Singapore to attend the work related training program. It's a second time I met him. First time was last year May, together with Uden. We had bakuteh (peppery pork rib soup) at Clarke Quay.

First time meeting in May 2015 :)

Just like our first time, he came with many parcels from Bhutan. And when going back, again he had to bring many parcels with him hehehehe...

Lucky bag! ^^

Today, I collected my cabin bag that Luzee brought back to Bhutan during her last visit (as a result of shopping too much :P), but this time, it was full of things inside!

Chom from Bhutan!!! :D

Sonam gifted me Bhutan red rice and dried chili. Rekha gave me the Harper Lee's book - Go Set a Watchman, while the rest of the items were given by dear Luzee.

Happy Chips and Misty Peak from Bhutan. What a great combination! :P

She gave me Misty Peak (Bhutan whiskey replacing previous K5) as a New Year's gift. Two packets of Happy Chips - potato chips produced by Bhutanese farmers, (finally she found it in market - it wasn't available on my last visit there) were gifts for my dear son. The book by Sogyal Rinpoche was her gift for me, and as usual, she sent me my favourite ema (chili) and datshi (cheese). Thank you Sonam, Rekha, and Luzee for all your gifts la!

Kuzuzangpo la - Dec 15/ Jan 16 Edition

However, among all gifts, what made me surprised and awed was the article inside the above magazine! :) Kuzuzangpo la was the Bhutan Airlines inflight magazine. Inside, there was an article written by her, about our journey to east Bhutan back in July 2015. Read the details story starting from here :)

Around Bhutan in Eight Days by Lungten Zangmo - Kuzuzangpo la inflight magazine

Click the picture to read the article :)

Around Bhutan in Eight Days by Lungten Zangmo - Kuzuzangpo la inflight magazine 

She summarised our 8-day trip together in Eastern Bhutan in these full four-page article completed with photos of places that we visited. She even mentioned my name there many times in the article :D *shy shy She too never forgot mentioning the names of people who had helped us, accommodated us, throughout our journey. Indeed, it was a memorable and unforgettable journey! I could never thank her and everyone enough for everything they had done to make this trip possible.

Thank you everyone that made our journey memorable and unforgettable! :)

And yes, if you are planning for a trip to Bhutan, those are the places you should consider to visit instead of the usual Thimphu - Paro - Punakha route. This way, you are able to stay longer too, be away from your hectic and mundane life back in your home country.

The choice is in our hands :)

Get yourself closer spiritually by visiting more Chorten or temples - especially the breath-taking statue of Guru Rinpoche at Takila, Lhuentse, Gom Kora, Chorten Kora, etc.; breath fresh mountain air, feel the splash from the natural fountain and the scary feeling when driving through the Namling cliff; stay at local Bhutanese villagers house and feel their culture that are still deep implemented in their daily life, and so on. And just like Luzee wrote, it would also thank to the karmic connection that made us being there. Do you think you'll have that too???


Flora said...

Just a perfect package in this artical, the gifts from Bhutan, which I am missing a lot of things at this time! Artical contributed by luzee to the magazine is wonderful! Keep enjoying and think of me haha!

Rima Reyka said...

Sure Charo! You take care and have a wonderful time there!


Rima :)

dumcho wangdi said...

Ah... you had a lot of gifts from Bhutan. Enjoy it Rima. Happy New Year. Hope to see you again.

Luzee said...

I am glad you enjoyed receiving the package(s).

Wish we met sooner to create more memories!!!

Rima Reyka said...

Hehehe... Yes Dumcho, I'm very lucky la! :) Thank you and yes, hope to see you again too! ^^

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Luzee for everything! ^^ It's not too late that we met this time round too and we can create more and more of it! ;)

Wish you a wonderful week! Take care la!


Rima :)

Launna said...

Rima,Bhutan although a small country sounds like a place with beautiful history and the people from there sound wonderful ♡♡ xox

Rima Reyka said...

Indeed Launna! If you haven't been there yet, you should make it your next travel destination ;) Thank you for going through! ^^

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