Sunday, April 24, 2016

5D4N Itinerary to Central Vietnam – Day 4: Angsana – Banyan Tree – Lang Co Resort

Back to weekdays now! The weekend had been well spent both in Hue and Hoi An! My friend got back to her duty and I had enough time for myself to enjoy :)

View from the balcony - Angsana, Hue, Vietnam 

After plenty of time spent sleeping and resting (after two full enjoyable days spent fully), I was greeted by the sun shine from my hotel’s room window. I took a bath, brushed my teeth, and packed my things.

Finally relaxing time!!! :)

My friend gave me permission to use her private swimming pool that located just outside her room. However, the weather was too hot for me :P Nevertheless, I still went there, sitting on one of the pool chairs facing the pool and the sea, listening to the music from my iPad mini, and writing out post cards and letter to my loved ones; not forgetting to munch the fresh mangoes and jackfruits that we bought the day before at the Hoi An wet market as breakfast :)

Jet Ski for lunch anyone? ;)

In the afternoon, I met up with my friend and her colleague for lunch. It was unusual lunch though, as we took Jet Ski to reach the destination ;) I sat behind and my friend started stirring it. Ouch!!! The waves, I tell you, were quite strong that day. It was my second Jet Ski experience (first one was done in Lake Toba, Medan – Indonesia, where the water was much calmer). Although we were all equipped with life-vest jacket, I was still not that willing to swim into the sea that afternoon :P So my friend tried her best to stir and ride it safely to our destination.

Lunch at the beach :)

There were huts along the beach and we went to one of them. Like usual, we sat on the small stools with our feet touching the sands and my friend’s colleague (local Vietnamese) started ordering some fresh seafood :) I really wanted to have cold beer I swear! But we still had to ride the Jet Ski back after lunch. Therefore, I had to turn the desire off and had mineral water instead ^^”

Clam with lemongrass, chili and ginger :)

First dish that came was a pot filled with clams, cooked with fresh lemongrass, chili, and ginger. Hm…. It tasted really delicious!!! With chopstick, we took the clam one by one, removed it from the shell, and munch it slowly. I scooped the fresh clam juice and slurped it slowly, felt the fresh sour and spicy taste to the fullest! I wished I could have another pot! Hahaha….. :P

BBQ Squid, Steamed Fish and Baked Oyster

Second dish was a plate of BBQ grilled squid with bowl of chili sauce and mayo. It was a little bit dry, but still nice. Third dish was another of my favorite – baked oyster topped with grated peanut and sauce. Hhhhmmmm…. Nyummy….. hehehe…. Last but not least was steamed fish Vietnamese style. I didn’t really like the last one though as they put salty vegetables with it. Altogether it cost us VND 600,000 or USD 27 for 3 of us. My friend was chatting freely with her colleague while I was listening to them and enjoying the beach scenery and air :)

Helpful Vietnamese. Thank you! :)

After lunch, we found that our Jet Skis were stuck deep inside the sand. Two women and one man would be impossible taking it out to the water. With one phone call, a group of 4 young Vietnamese men, who happened to have lunch at the same restaurant with us, plus the owner, came immediately to offer their helping hand. Wow! I was touched with their solidarity and spirit to help without expecting anything in return. Cảm ơn bạn or thank you lah everyone!!! :)

View around the island

This time I sat behind my friend’s colleague. We had a ride circling the island, gave me opportunity to take a look what existed surrounding the island, at the same time enjoying the ride :) Thank you both of you for the wonderful experience and kept me safe throughout the journey!

Both of them had to go back to work. I continued my activity. This time, accompanied by two resort’s staffs, I managed to try the Vietnamese basket boat. I saw it in Internet before and was wondering how it felt like to be inside it. The hotel had provided such facility for their guests to try and I would never miss out such an opportunity :D

Experienced the Vietnamese Basket Boat :)

One younger staff rowed and stirred the boat, while another one, whose hand was injured, helped me out taking photos throughout the journey hehehe…. The younger one saw me could not stand with the sun. He immediately removed his Vietnamese hat and passed it for me, asking me to wear it :) Oh, it was really useful lo! I felt cool and comfortable :) And it wasn’t as easy as I expected to control the boat. Without the staff around, I might have stirred it dunno where already hahahaha…. Or perhaps it ended up drowning into the lagoon :P

Cycling around Lang Co Resorts area :)

Ohh… although I felt a bit sore in my arm, it didn’t stop me from continuing the next activity, which was cycling around the Lang Co integrated resort area :D At first I wanted to cycle outside the resort area, to have a look at the real local life out there, but the timing did not suit me. So, no choice lah! Not much time left for me there. I chose one of the bicycles that were parked at the main entrance area. Guests were allowed to use it for free. So, there I went browsing the area nearby and made a visit to their new Organic farm just the opposite of the golf range.

Beautiful Banyan Tree Resort :)

In evening time, we checked in to Banyan Tree’s hotel room, which looked more like a villa to me, with a private pool and Jacuzzi in each room, facing directly to the sea. My friend booked one night for both of us to stay. After putting our stuffs into the room, we faster rode the electric buggy up to the hill, to catch the evening view and have dinner at their signature Thai restaurant – Saffron.

Great dining experience at Saffron - Banyan Tree Hue, Vietnam 

Wow!!! If you decided to stay in this hotel, I really recommended you to experience not only the delicacies, but also the service rendered by the staffs! It was really stunning!!! Many chose sitting outdoor with a direct view towards the beach and resorts, while three of us were sitting comfortably inside their beautifully decorated air-conditioned restaurant. It was my last night there in Vietnam and very grateful that I decided to have my dinner there.

After dinner, we were going back to the room. We were so full and could not sleep immediately. I asked my friend to soak ourselves inside the Jacuzzi. It was filled with warm water. Very comfortable sitting there and let the bubbles pampered our bodies. I sat and stared up there high in the sky while waiting for my friend to join me. It felt so quiet, peaceful, and wonderful. Once my friend joined in, we had chit chat too. Our conversation was like never ending. There were always topic for us to say :)

So, stomach was full. Body was pampered inside the Jacuzzi. What else? A can of beer, snack, then had a good night sleep. It’s been a wonderful day and it left me with another half day to go before heading back home. Stay tune for my last day experience in Vietnam and thank you for reading! :)


Tashi Chenzom said...

Such a beautiful place!! I am really amazed. And the jet ski, delicious lunch and the basket boat, its so tempting as I read your narration.
Waiting for the next day again!

Rima Reyka said...

Indeed Tashi! Even I was amazed! ^^ Thank you for reading and leaving your comment as always la! Wish you have a wonderful Sunday! :)

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