Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Appreciate life itself

"Why people must work?" - This question was raised by my ex-colleague this morning and yes, many people like him and me would also raise the same question, especially those who live here, in the world's most expensive country.

I replied, not giving him answers though, "Great question! I also think that. Why don't we strike Toto then rest for the rest of our lives?"

"Yalo... rest and play," he added.

"Rest and travel," I corrected according to my wish :P

Hmm.... it's dilemma isn't it?

Those who are working wish not to work and those who are jobless, wish to get employed. And since we know that emptiness is form, and form is emptiness, so why we still have to drag ourselves down to our working place every single morning and face any kind of challenges everyday?

At the end, most suitable answer will be - for money. If we can survive without money, I don't think people will drag themselves to work, won't they? There are only few percentage of people would work because they love to work, because they love their job, or because they love challenges and it's never enough to face challenges in their lives.

Hahaha... I'm not trying to demotivate you by saying all this guys! It's just somehow that kind of thought will pop up in our brain, especially when we are too tired and facing too much challenges in life.

Every day I always find reasons on why I should go on and I can easily find hundreds reasons to keep going, even to feel very much grateful that I have one. Although it's not really the kind of ideal job, it's still acceptable. And don't just look at the job itself. There are many other more things that I should be grateful with.

Appreciate life quote (Photo background: river life and sunset in Hoi An, central Vietnam)

For example: start my day early so I can have a daily dose of sunrise from my bus window while sitting down comfortably, instead of standing up and fighting for a space inside the over crowded MRT, shorter working hour so I can reach home early and get more time to do things I love doing (including sleep), spend traveling time on bus reading my books and writing my morning journal and sometimes typing my blog post like this, with air-con blowing comfortably ;)

And the most motivating factor is when the payslip email notification popping up from my monitor. It means it's paying day again and a sum of money will be transferred into my bank account ^^

Well, you'll know the rest of the story... hahaha... Anyway, in any moment you feel tired, fed up, angry, take some time to cool down. You can also vent your frustration out just to release and not to create trouble. After a while, find reasons why you should be grateful with all you have and you'll get back on your feet again almost immediately!

So, I wish everyone out there a great day and week ahead! Remember, life is not always a bed of roses. Thorns help you to appreciate the flowers. And hardship helps one to appreciate the beauty of life. Remember to take good care of your health too and aware on what enters into your mouth. Eat daily dose of fruits and vegetables and drink more water. Have a great life ahead! :)

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