Monday, April 18, 2016

MacRitchie Trails Part 1 - TreeTop Walk

Morning walk had been one of activities that my besties and I preferred having lately once every weekend. We chose morning as I couldn't bask in too much sunlight and with the lately hot weather, it'd been better to avoid staying outdoor too much in the afternoon.

Lets walk! ^^

We usually walked to the national parks that we had been and/ or had never been before. One of them was MacRitchie. I'd heard about it from other friends many times before and finally I had a chance to browse the place myself :)

TreeTop Walk (Venus entrance)

One of my besties went before so she was our guide there. We met up at Bishan bus interchange and took bus number 52 or 410W and went down at Blk 454 (about 10 stops from Bishan bus interchange). We had to walk and cross the road to reach the car park  (Venus entrance). And that's where our journey begun.

MacRitchie Trails Map (Photo courtesy: National Parks)

If you see the map above, the place was quite huge. Instead of browsing the place in one day, we separated our trails into few different days. This time, our journey would be to go to the TreeTop (north part with the bridge picture on it). Fyi, TreeTop Bridge was a 250-metre suspension bridge that connects the two highest points in MacRitchie and the Jelutong Tower, a 7-deck observation tower. 

TreeTop Walk operating hours are as per follow:

- Tuesday to Friday: 9am -5pm
- Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 8.30am – 5pm

*Closed on Mondays, except on Public Holidays

MacRitchie Trails

We walked through the natural environment with small water stream with small and some bigger fishes, surrounded by big and small trees (some even bearing fruits), natural sound of the birds, insects, and be careful with the monkeys. They had very sharp eyes especially towards food inside the transparent plastic bag. My friend's son's Ribena (packed drink) was snatched away when they just entered the TreeTop Bridge and she was shocked with the sudden and fast attack.

TreeTop Bridge

It was a great walk lah! There was place to rest before or after going to TreeTop Bridge - Terentang Hut (toilet and water cooler). There was ascending road towards the direction and descending when returning back. And we had to walk back to Venus gate when returning back home.

Walking chart  (Photo courtesy: PY)

I loved the fresh air there and the natural touch of the place which I thought not many were available in Singapore. And through this route, we walked 7.21 km for 2 hours plus. I'd definitely come back for more. Loving it! :)

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