Friday, April 29, 2016

One day. Yes, one day...

"I want to find a volunteer work abroad. But I don't know what I'm good at. Lol! Not sure if i can make it also with my health condition. I want to try at least 6 months. At least once in my life," typed me on my handphone screen to my bestie who stayed abroad.

"Come to my place sometime. And stay free. Don't work. Just eat and sleep," replied him.

"Woahhh.. so good ah??? Hahahaha... Volunteer to cook maybe? ;)" I typed again.

"I mean it. No need to do that even," said him firmly.

"Why made you do that for me?" asked me curiously.

"Because you deserve it."

Still in my mind our conversation that night. And now, here I am, on my way to Chau, a small village at the land of the blue dragon.

After some time, I finally made my mind coming here, to make my wish realized, dreams come true, as a volunteer in an organisation that protected Vietnamese youth from being trafficked as slave, or sold as prostitute, sending kids to school or training center, providing shelter to homeless boys and girls, and so on.

I will stay here for 6 months and help them writing and promoting the organisation, to find more donors from worldwide. After all, I'm capable of writing and hope it may bring awareness to outside world. I'm sure many people out there are willing to contribute to society, if not physical work, then in monetary way.

And in this rough, stony and dusty road, my mind imagined only the best and positive thing that will happen in the next six months. They already warned me the condition of the village that I'm going to stay. Hike at least an hour to reach their so called office, limited Internet access plus poor electricity and clean water access, very humble space to live in, limited health care access, and so on. It won't deter me anyway!

One day... yes one day.... :)

And once all this over, I'll then message my bestie back and claim for his words, let myself relax - just eat and sleep - no work.

P.S. It's just my imagination. Not the real story. However, it's what I want to do in my life, at least once. Don't know when and where, let's cross my fingers that this day will finally come. One day. Yes, one day :)


Flora said...

I really thought that you really is the place you mentioned. Good imagination am I sure you will get into it as it purpose to help others any way! Good luck!

Rima Reyka said...

Hehehe... Kadinche-la Charo :)

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